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#95227 Cait's Graphical World

Posted by Cait on 27 March 2013 - 07:48 PM


It's been some time since I started this topic and I admit it has been a learning process, as I learn to organize everything in a manner that everyone can find. I hope to get everything moved and the topic prettied up in the next couple of days, though, shopping day is fast approaching (Thursday), so whatever I don't have done will have to wait until Saturday. I hope to get it done today and even more added, so let's hope. P.S. Let me know if these topic headers are too big, as this is the first time "I" created any.

COMMON SENSE RULE: If you can't use something commercial, I will tell you that you can only use it in a free game. If the pattern or tile I use is only in rpg maker vx ace, you can only use it in rpg maker vx ace. Otherwise, all tiles have the ability to be used in a commercial or free game. I don't do this for money as it is something I enjoy, but if you do create a commercial game, could I have a free copy? Hey, I am a gamer and a girl, we look for bargains any place we can.


ZIP FILE: https://www.dropbox....raphics.7z?dl=0









Simple edits:



TERMS OF USE: Unless stated, everything is available for use in Commercial and noncommercial games. The Red stairs are for free only, which I left accidentally in the floor section. (aka Celianna's graphic) The only reason, you will not be able to use "X" commercially if the original author said 'no', which often, I don't edit others art to begin with. At least, none that I've put up. The paintings in the rich set are for free only.

Mack and Blue (FSM) - for handles
Pandamaru - (o.o;)
Square-Enix *inspiration credit*
Celianna in the floor tile is her carpet, I forgot was in there and I would upload that rug...but not sure if I would be able... I did create rugs for each section.
Konami *Inspiration credit*
Bloody beds: I used tiles that we credit to Recife, only the artist wants to be credited as C.H.E. but there is no mention of commercial. I can not speak for others, unless they state it in their own rules, I suggest free or creating your own bloody beds.

#200384 Sugar Sweet

Posted by Tsarmina on 16 December 2014 - 05:40 PM


unreasonably proudly presents....




Story: 95%

Characters: 90%
: 20%
Eventing: 02%
Databasing: 30%

Mapping: 30%
Overall progress: Getting tougher :< 



Welcome, welcome! :D I’m Tsarmina, resident redhead and confuzzled game designer. Sugar Sweet is meant to be a short, cute, and completely adorabilus game! And of course, it’ll be sweet. ;)

As always, tankyas for supporting me in my endeavour! I love you all! XOXOXOXO

"There’s a tale from a long, long time ago. Yes, it’s one of those ancient tales that people think never happened."



"May I see your IDs?"



"Look look look! It’s beautiful!"



"These boxes full of…um…prawn-a teeth. What are these??"


"You have to understand the connection."


"A spoon full of sugar…brightens my day!"





"You're making me blush! Stop it!"




"…Thank you."





Support me (and Spec hehe) and Sugar Sweet! Here's a fair share of support bars which you can pick from. (Or you can pick ALL of them!) Just highlight, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V into your signature.

XqnfQh1.png J3s8N1C.png RCEko8r.png 7lGjVIl.png

2hUumgS.png  9TA37JO.png oVz8AQG.png 7ykOXQU.png R5awyqk.gif

#185651 Touhou Tales: Spirit of Dark Memory

Posted by LadyMinerva on 21 August 2014 - 11:33 PM


"When one Memory is tainted... it corrupts another... creating nothing but an never-ending Nightmare... "


AliceBanner_zpsc97c95d3.png   t174ykA.png MarisaBanner_zps25ea3bfb.png






       Gensokyo; (dubbed as the Land of Illusions or Land of Fantasy) is a large Island surrounded by many mountainous regions. Home to different populations, Rabbits and Humans make up a small part while the rest are populated with many different forms of Youkai; including spirits as well. With the creation of the Great Hakurei Border, very little people of the Outside world would know the location of Gensokyo as it stands in a veil after the Great War that met it's end... cutting off any forms of contact with this form of society. Even with the Great Hakurei Border, some Youkai and Humans would leave or accidentally come here without knowing it is there, many of the human population are because of people who were captured during the war; those who have fought in the war; and those who come to seek shelter and escape from many influences of the Outside world. Because of it's isolation, many of Gensokyo's culture are little influence of modern Japan, many of the spiritual practices, certain items such as tea leaves; and old style food items in Gensokyo would show that old and traditional Japan still lingers here... despite the modern technology era slowly coming into Gensokyo. Today, Gensokyo is still cut off from almost many influences, maintaining it's traditional arts and style to the coming years ahead.



       Many months have passed since the Incidents of the Cherry Blossom and that of the Scarlet Mist... Today marks the first day of Spring and the whole land of Gensokyo would soon bloom back to it's former self. Many of the residents of Gensokyo would rest and relax, knowing that it would be a peaceful day to start a new year. However many of them still are careful; as the war between the Humans and the Youkai still lingers, even when the Great Hakurei Border was created. The tension still grows, but it remains docile as many wish to run their lives normally. Reimu Hakurei; the maiden of the Hakurei Shrine would prepare an upcoming festivity later in the day to mark the first day of Spring in Gensokyo. It was not long after that Reimu and eventually that many others experience a strange aura of uneasiness around Gensokyo... Something was wrong... It wouldn't be soon that this will spread throughout... On the night of the festivity, nearly everyone attends, despite the restless aura, everyone continues to have a good time to celebrate the first day of spring. Later on, many people have come to terms that something was not right, the feeling of dread spreads within the Shrine, without knowing that they will meet something... that Gensokyo will never forget....



       Tensions still linger between the Youkai and Humans over the past 1,200 years as countless battles/wars between the two ravages the land of Gensokyo and that of the Outside World. Many years before 1885 A.D., The Youkai have invaded the very borders of Japan; destroying many Human settlements to hurting many of the citizens of the Outside World. The Humans retaliated however, defeating many of the Youkai that invaded their land. But the Youkai were relentless.... many have come back; raiding many settlements before destroying them for food and supplies; and the Humans alike. It was not long until the Japan military was able to pinpoint the location of where the Youkai have come from.... Many planes flew to Gensokyo, sending down airstrikes hoping to weaken the strength of the aggressive Youkai. But it didn't... it made things a lot worse. The Youkai began using their prisoners as a shield to warn the borders of Japan. Many have been killed during the airstrikes while the Youkai are able to replenish their forces. The Humans would counter this by sending many people to Gensokyo to exorcise and exterminate them. While this has been affecting the Outside world, other than the Youkai, many of the local residents in Gensokyo are also in danger of getting killed... As countless wars continue to ravage between the lands, it was not until the final battle where rumours of an item in Gensokyo that grants immortality would bring the war to a nightmarish end... 1885 A.D. The Great Hakurei Border was created to stop the Humans from marching further and to also stop many of the Youkai from invading, as an attempt to stop the tensions between the Humans and Youkai... The Hakurei Border would create a veil to isolate itself from the Outside world; to never let them find Gensokyo ever again, trapping anything that was within Gensokyo.... Has the war ended? For now.... as this marks Year 0....



       These are the current characters you'll be teaming up in the World of Gensokyo. As the project progresses, more and more characters will be added to this page and unlocked to increase your party's power and toward Victory! Each character have unique attacks and personalities that allows many opportunities in battle! Read the descriptions left to right to the corresponding character.


tDL9RqD.png qOrfrgM.png


akGAtkJ.png doc4Day.png


90ufivW.png OT5u5Iy.png


Zod9c4e.png bffVDw9.png


oOU8ZFY.png p3F6UrS.png


Yr13Lcv.png z30BbP1.png


7PCThlS.pngReimu Hakurei -

Age: At least 15 years-old Abilities: Manipulation of Auras, High Intuition, Fighting, Summoning Godly powers;

Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine; located very far east of Gensokyo near a mountainous region. Being the sole shrine maiden other than Sanae, Reimu is often called upon many times to investigate activities and incidents that happens throughout Gensokyo. Reimu is described as an easy-going, optimistic, dutiful, and curious person; sometimes to a larger extent. Se's often sympathetic to other people, sometimes her rivals. The Hakurei Shrine today is the popular locale for many residents of Gensokyo.


7PCThlS.pngMarisa Kirisame 

Age: At least 16 years-old Abilities: High-level Magic

A Human Magician and a very close friend of Reimu. She is often described as a straight-forward and a very self-confident person who often loves to get into trouble just of curiosity. Despite that, Marisa is a very determined hard worker; trying to equal her magic skills similar to that of Reimu's. You will often see Reimu and Marisa together throughout their times together.


7PCThlS.pngAlice Margatroid 

Age: Unknown, Possibly young as a Youkai Abilities: Magic, Puppetry Proficiency

A Magician capable of using dolls to aid her in battle. Alice lives alongside with Marisa as neighbours in the Forest of Magic. However, she spends most of her time alone making dolls as a hobby; which limits her relationship to mostly Marisa and Reimu (though Alice harbours more feelings to Marisa). Alice relies on her dolls to attack for her, which makes her to be more strategic than relying on full power magic or danmaku.


7PCThlS.pngAya Shameimaru 

Age: Over 1000 years-old, possibly around the same age as Yukari Abilities: Sharp Vision and hearing from great distances, Manipulation of Wind

A Crow Tengu who is very known as Gensokyo's local Newspaper writer who often writes news story with exaggerating details. Despite that, Aya is very strong with her abilities, stronger than she realizes, most of the time she would "accidentally win" when she tries to find a news story. Aya calls her local newspaper to many of the residents of Gensokyo; Bunbunmaru Newspaper.


7PCThlS.pngHong Meiling 

Age: Unknown Abilities: Chinese Martial Arts, Manipulation of Qi

A Youkai, part gatekeeper and gardener who patrols the gate of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She is very known for her mastery in the martial arts. Despite her skills, The Scarlet Devil Mansion is often quiet without incident; in which most cases she would fall asleep and let many residents of Gensokyo pass without worry. Very little info is found about her origin.


7PCThlS.pngSakuya Izayoi 

Age: Appears to be around 16-20 years-old Abilities: Manipulation of Time and Space, Knife Proficiency

Chief Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion who works for her mistress, Remilia Scarlet. Her true power is manipulating time. She would throw knives mid-air as time stops which then aims and flies directly at her targets. She would often stop time to finish cleaning many of the areas of the Scarlet Devil Mansion; despite having fairy maids around to work.


7PCThlS.pngPatchouli Knowledge 

Age: Around 100 years-old Abilities: Magic, highly skilled in Elemental Magic

A very smart magician from the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Patchouli spends most of her time in the Voile Library (main library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion) reading and writing out many magic books. Her skill in elemental magic makes her capable of casting powerful magic in multiples. However, her poor health along with Asthma, Anemia, there are chances she may not be able to recite spells at times.


7PCThlS.pngRemilia Scarlet -

 Age: Around to be 500 years-old Abilities: Manipulation of Fate

Owner and Head of the Scarlet Devil Mansion; Mistress of Sakuya and Meiling; and the older sister and guardian of Flandre Scarlet. Though her appearance is often childlike and her behaviour as well, her fearsome magical attacks are known throughout Gensokyo as the "Scarlet Devil" . Like many vampires she is very sensitive to light and weakens if she is exposed, to which most of the time she stays inside the mansion that has few windows.


7PCThlS.pngYuyuko Saigyouji 

Age: Deceased but Immortal (Existed for at least 1,000 years) Abilities: Manipulation of Death,  Ability to control Departed souls

The Ghost princess of Hakugyokurou, but was once a human being. Her death from suicide would let her body to place a seal on the Saigyou Ayakashi, a dangerous youkai cherry blossom tree that would kill innocent humans. Despite this, Yuyuko's personality is very friendly and good-humoured among many residents of Gensokyo who knows her. Unlike many ghosts, her spirit resembles a human body of which she can freely move around Gensokyo.


7PCThlS.pngYoumu Konpaku 

Age: Possibly to be under 60 years-old Abilities: Sword-fighting, concentration, super-speed

A person with a mixed breed of part Human, part phantom who attends the gardens of Hakugyokurou. Youmu has a straightforward and focused personality, which compliments her very skills in sword-fighting; learned from her former teacher and former gardener, Youki Konpaku. She works and follow orders from Yuyuko Saigyouji as best as she can; mostly spending her time in the garden tending them with care.


7PCThlS.pngYukari Yakumo 

Age: 1,200 years-old, possibly older than Gensokyo's history Abilities: Manipulation of Boundaries

Yukari Yakumo is a youkai of boundaries. One of the most powerful Youkai to live in Gensokyo; along with others (Suika and Yuyuko). Most of the time, she spends at her home sleeping all day and enjoy most of her life there. Although she rarely leaves home, she is often acquainted with Suika and Yuyuko including those who maintain the border of Gensokyo; mainly Reimu. Though she is often flaky and unreliable all the time, when the safety or security of Gensokyo is at stake, she will do whatever it takes to get involved.



Age: Implied to be 60 years, however childish in Youkai terms Abilities: Manipulation of anything that is cold

Cirno is a Youkai Ice fairy who mostly spends her time in the Misty Lake. Comparing to average fairies that live throughout Gensokyo, she is considered to be the strongest of them all with her ice attacks and skills. Often, she loses to those she challenges to the residents of Gensokyo. Cirno's personality is childish, rather incompetent, and aggressive; attacking anyone who she thinks as an enemy without thinking twice of the odds.



Here are some screenies of the project! It's not much but many many more will be added once the demo progresses!




Screenshot (4).png Screenshot (301).png Screenshot (291).png Screenshot (15).png Screenshot (302).png Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (2).png Screenshot (1).png Screenshot (13).png Screenshot (14).png Screenshot (303).png Screenshot (284).png



       For now these are test videos for now just to show we're getting some things done. But it's better than screenies no? We'll include some very soundtracks used in the Touhou project that you will not find anywhere, it took some time to find the very ones that are fitting to the story and battle. More to come after a few works!






Explore the open world of Gensokyo anytime anywhere! As you venture through your story, many challenges are ahead to test your skills, These challenges include story-changing sub scenarios, quests, finding vistas, and testing your battle skills against formidable foes in many skill challenges hidden around Gensokyo, from land sea, and air... including the underworld....


Don't always rely on pure power to defeat your foes! The Enemies in Gensokyo are relentless, they will do whatever it takes to get you into tough situations. Enemies will also remain strong as you get stronger, be careful not to let your guard down at all costs, you won't turn back once it's done!


The ultimate difficulty of Touhou, unlocked after the main story which unlocks extra content for you to finish up! More locations are revealed, Time won't stop in battle, enemies gain new skills, and nothing will stop these new enemies to try to take you down. Nothing is safe, nothing will be easy, survival and strategy is the only key to victory....


If you like being a berserker that relies on heavy damage, a tank that can take damages for your allies, or a healer that can help your allies survive. You can build the stats of your characters any you like. Instead of weapons and armor granting you stats, you will be getting Jewels; upgrade components that grant bonus stats to your characters, in which you can remove them anytime you want. To achieve the jewels you would like, you can find them hidden around Gensokyo, or... create them by crafting them!


No random encounters, enemies will freely roam around the areas where you cross, but they won't stand there all the time! Unique map encounter AI will make sure that you are careful at all times. From disappearing to appearing, while some chase you if you get within their range, and some... do nothing at all but just walk or stand!


The primary sources of power and the main form of attacks of the Touhou Realm. Every character have unique powerful Spell and Skill cards to use in their time of need. Each have different effects and abilities that can turn the tide in battle to ensure your advantage or your victory. Be sure to use them at the right time however or else face the long cooldowns!


We did our best to make this Touhou project as custom as possible! From RTP Parallax mapping, custom Touhou portraits, to custom Touhou menus and UI, We hope to give you players a different experience to our first time fanmade Touhou RPG project!



We thank the following people below! Without their scripts and resources, we wouldn't have this project!





Donate your free support to Reimu Hakurei and the Touhou project! We don't accept money, we accept free hugs though~ If you like to support us, use this banner below! Even though this project is still in a work in progress, the amount of support we can get from you will help us keep going no matter what~ Even so, we'll do our best to give you guys a great experience~ :) Thank you for your time to look at our project, we'll see you next time on the next update~ ^-^




#34134 Pirate Rush

Posted by Galv on 13 May 2012 - 09:50 AM


Welcome to my under-construction-for-fun project development page. I thought I'd take advantage of this section as everyone has been, so people can see what I've been up to and to get some feedback to see if I'm on the right track.






How I make my maps - a rushed example:

Download:(Updated 24th November 2012)
So I had trouble with file hosting, but found rpgmaker.net would host it.
If you would like to try it, go to my game profile and download from there:

#72879 RGSS3 Scripting Tutorial Videos

Posted by DP3 on 19 December 2012 - 01:57 PM

Only a week and a half into my holidays and I'm up to the point where I'm trying to find more productive ways to procrastinate.
So here is my latest scheme. It is my hope to start from the very beginning and go all the way up to RegEXP (as that was my ultimate goal when I started scripting).
Edit: Not on holidays anymore, but still continue when I can...

Tut 01 ~ Variables
Tut 02 ~ Variable Types and IF Statements
Tut 03 ~ Methods & Functions
Tut 04 ~ Method Arguments
Tut 05 ~ Boolean Operators
Tut 06 ~ The 'Return' Keyword
Tut 07 ~ Playing Audio (BGM, BGS, ME, SE)
Tut 08 ~ Arrays
Tut 09 ~ Classes
Tut 10 ~ The 'New' Keyword
Tut 11 ~ A little on Instance Variables and some more on 'New'
Tut 12 ~ Class Inheritance
Tut 13 ~ More on Class Inheritance
Tut 14 ~ The 'Super' Keyword
Tut 15 ~ Hierachy of Classes and Methods
Tut 16 ~ Aliasing Methods
Tut 17 ~ First Script: Collision Sound
Tut 18 ~ 'If', 'Unless', and the 'Case' keyword
Tut 19 ~ Loops
Tut 20 ~ More Loops and the 'Break' Keyword
Tut 21 ~ Concatenating Strings
Tut 22 ~ Gsub (Replacing Text)
Tut 23 ~ Modules
Tut 24 ~ Module Methods
Tut 25 ~ Some Altenate 'If' Statement Code and .is_a?
Tut 26 ~ Going Through the Workings of the Default Scripts
Tut 27 ~ Ternary Operators
Tut 28 ~ Second Script: Play SE on Balloon Pop-Up
Tut 29 ~ Aliasing Module Methods
Tut 30 ~ Creating Command Window Options
Tut 31 ~ Creating a Window and Drawing Text
Tut 32 ~ Using Script Calls in Events
Tut 33 ~ Creating a Custom Scene
Tut 34 ~ Using Sprites and Textures
Tut 35 ~ attr_reader, attr_writer, attr_accessor and Saving Variables in a Save File
Tut 36 ~ Writing a Basic Word-Wrapper
Tut 37 ~ Finishing the Synopsis Scene
Tut 38 ~ Writing Script Instructions
Tut 39 ~ Accessing Pre-Made/Internal Data
Tut 40 ~ 2D|3D Arrays
Tut 41 ~ Hash
Tut 42 ~ Horizontal Commands, Animated Sprites, Window Entrances
Tut 43 ~ Scrolling Text in a Window
Tut 44 ~ Third Script: Sound Test Scene (Part One)
Tut 45 ~ Third Script: Sound Test Scene (Part Two)
Tut 46 ~ Third Script: Sound Test Scene (Part Three)
Tut 47 ~ Third Script: Sound Test Scene (Part Four)
Tut 48 ~ Third Script: Sound Test Scene (Final)
Tut 49 ~ Structs
Tut 50 ~ Getting Access to the Contents of Noteboxes
Tut 51 ~ Regular Expressions
Tut 52 ~ Getting Multiple Regex Matches
Tut 53 ~ Event Commands and Comment Tags
Tut 54 ~ Creating a Core Script
Tut 55 ~ Fiber.new { explain_me() }

#12224 Khas Awesome Light Effects

Posted by Khas on 19 January 2012 - 12:15 PM

Awesome Light Effects 1.0
by Khas Arcthunder

- Introduction:
Hello there! This is an advanced Light Effects script, which provides realistic effects. You can setup your own effects (static light sources) and create a lantern (dynamic light source).

- Features:
Realistic Light
Light does not pass over walls, blocks and roofs
Static Light Sources
Dynamic Light Sources (like a player's lantern)
Multiple effects
Easy to use (comments)

- How to use:
All the instructions are on the Awesome Light Effects demo.
Please read them carefully.

- Video:

- Screenshots:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

- Links:
Terms of Use: English - Read before use
Download: English - Latest version at the end of the post
Donations: Click here!

- Credits:
Created by Khas Arcthunder

#132388 Tsarmina's Laboratory

Posted by Tsarmina on 19 October 2013 - 07:57 AM


Good morning! Good night! Good anything-in-between!


Now that I've gotten smart enough to resolve issues with photo uploading, I've decided to start a resource showcase! Though, as you may see, it's a laboratory rather than a resource showcase...mostly because I'm experimenting and you have to understand that some of the mad scientist's experiments are going to go boom.


Just a heads-up. 


gabriel33.gifPage One (You are here)   gabriel33.gif Page Two (Third reply)  gabriel33.gif












Closed for now.

Requesting rules below~




Page One (You are here)   gabriel33.gif Page Two (Third reply)  

So, I'm guessing this is why you came here; to look at the resources experiments! Some of them go kaboom, and some of them turn out to cure cancer, but whichever way, the mad scientist is posting them for you. 


~All-in-One Downloads~





























































Page One (You are here)   gabriel33.gif Page Two (Third reply)  













-RESTAFF: Toadette


-Sughayyer's Isis




-Jeff-Andonuts's Eunike





-Jeff-Andonuts's Xander (10 and 18 years versions)

-Sughayyer's Lucy




-RESTAFF: Thetis (see matching Battler)














-Tina (aka Red Riding Hood)


-Esthetique (Esther)


-Otaku's Misaka Mikoto








-Tsarie-version RTP Actor Mira


-Li-Ying "Diana" Yang




-Noel who-you-could-also-use-as-a-Tsarmina-cameo :P




-Soizelle Ravenscar


-RESTAFFMiku Hatsune


-Apple Portrait


-Veronique LeMarjiette i3dI1hw.png


-Nadeshiko (Diana Edit)






-Elsa (Frozen)


-Anna (Frozen)


















-Lady Finnghers


-Queen Cinnamon


-Brie V2


-Ralph (RTP Actor)


-Pyrrha Nikos (RWBY)


-Teal Girli3dI1hw.png


-RESTAFF: Diao Chan












-Miss White Buni3dI1hw.png








-NowakSotto's Roman


-NowakSotto's Layken






-RESTAFF: Raspberry




















-RESTAFF: Sports Dude


-RESTAFF: School Idol


-RESTAFF: Lab Nerd





Page One (You are here)   gabriel33.gif Page Two (Third reply)  

-mrmilkman's Koko Island Title Screen


-RESTAFF: Frosted Windows Set


-Big Fat Mantis's Title Screen


-RESTAFF: Class Award Cuties ^^


-RESTAFF: Autumn Trees~


-Wood Surface


-Metal Surface


-Blue Sky with Clouds


-Wood Surface 2


-Radial Grass (courtesy of Photoshop)


-Night Sky with Stars


-Brickbusterx's Title Screen


-RESTAFF: Garden CGs


-ZoroarX's Mountain CG


-RESTAFF: Sci-fi Cockpit


-RESTAFF: Gears-Theme Game Over


-Citrus Orange Letters Title


-KIWI Title Screen (3 versions)


-Angel Sky Title Screen (3 versions)


-Sunset Screen


-Game Overs (2 versions) Inverted Achromatics


-Target Game Over


-RESTAFF: Hogwarts Castle


-Light Overlays (544x416)


-Fog Overlay (544x416)


-Leaf Overlays (2000x2000)


-Looping Leaf Overlay


-Tsarmina Close-Up <3


-Abstract Design Swatches Set I


-Flower Title2


-RESTAFF: Blue Water


-Wooden Board Background







Page One (You are here)   gabriel33.gif Page Two (Third reply)  



Wanna support my Laboratory? (You might not want to--it's hazardous! Nah, I'm just kidding.) Just highlight the bar and copy-paste into your signature!

6LOfEM3.png Put this in your sig to show support and spread the love (and art)!


2hUumgS.png My game, Sugar Sweet, using my content!


Support me!

#56427 Word Wrapping Message Boxes

Posted by KilloZapit on 11 September 2012 - 02:18 AM

Has anyone ever found it annoying to manually break up text to fit in the message boxes, especially if you start tweaking with the game resolution or the text box sizes? Well, I sure have. It's rather annoying to me that simple word wrapping is beyond the capability of the vx ace engine... but no more for I bring ye, yonder script to solve yon problem! It also adds a few new escape sequences and a optional HTML-like whitespace mode that converts linebreaks to spaces. More features (like possibly a option to get rid of leading/trailing spaces for a line) may come in the future.


Edit: Now up to version SEVEN! Six is afraid of it!)

#69748 Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 update

Posted by Falcao on 02 December 2012 - 03:12 PM


Here my last rpg maker VX ACE creation, its is a very powerful REAL TIME BATTLE SYTEM. the main purpose of this system is not only give some tools and defeat enemies. this script has extraordinary game play. including an unique party system.

This script is so damn easy to use (probably a lot of peoples gonna love for this), it has a Universal tool graphical presentation which means any character from your database or from the character generator can use the tools(swords, bows, axes masos, orbs, staffs, polearns, etc.

Also a realistic tool using pose is displayed without graphics requirements.


Pearl v3 change log


- Injected Pearl abs path
- Fixed dead posses issue
- Implemented respawn timer for enemies
- Fixed vehicle issue
- Enemies cannot longer attack you while in vehicle
- fixed stuck issue when borading a a vehicle while a follower is deadposing
- added low hp switches for enemies
- Added item quantity to enemy drops
- Fixed enemy touch damage issue
- Fixed custom graphics display issue


## New Notetags!##


** Enemies

Enemy Respawn Seconds = x - Time in seconds the enemy can respawn
Enemy Respawn Animation = x - Respawn animation id
Enemy Knockback Disable = true - Make enemy unable to be knocked back
Enemy Lowhp 75% Switch = x - when enemy hp is below 75% turn on switch id x
Enemy Lowhp 50% Switch = x - when enemy hp is below 50% turn on switch id x
Enemy Lowhp 25% Switch = x - when enemy hp is below 25% turn on switch id x
Enemy Lowhp 10% Switch = x - when enemy hp is below 10% turn on switch id x


# Enemies characters notetags
now you set up more than one tool at the time for enemies. this will make the
enemies less repetitive, this simple commands work as follows. it pick up one
random tool id from the list each time the command is executed. the list can be


rand_skill(x,x,x) ramdom skill ids the enemy going to use
rand_item(x,x,x) ramdom item ids the enemy going to use
rand_weapon(x,x,x) ramdom weapon ids the enemy going to use
rand_armor(x,x,x) ramdom armor ids the enemy going to use


* Item notetags
Exclude From Tool Menu = true - Exclude item from tool selection menu
Drop Quantity = x - Enemy drop item quantity (item, weapon, armor)


Liquid V2 change log and features
- Anime speed Enchanted
- New dead poses for actors and enemies
- Combo feature now support infinite combo chains (rather than 2)
- Added compatibility with bigger characters actors,
- New Universal molde provided for bigger characters and normal ones
- added more configuration to the modules
- Hp and Mp bars now has the option to display pictures instead script drawing
- New single player option (disable the M Key and K is used to call tool menu)
- Added TP display to the damage pop mechanism
- Fixed minor bug when allowing tool usage while using the shield
- Added new note tag for actors and enemies, Hit Voices = se, se, se
- Added new note tag to avoid battler voices when using specific skills
- added new notetag for enemies, Enemy Dead Pose = true , use it if you want
the enemy to show the knockdown pattern when die rather than erase it
- Hidden note tags revealed (read the documentation manual ^^)
- Added new stage Falcao son (just to show up how to create debasting tools)

Here the main features

- Full and easy to use ABS engine
- Create any tool from your imagination most easy than ever
- Universal anime graphics, any character can use the graphics including enemies
- Advance Projectile system
- Knockdown feature enable (you give the tool a chance to knockdown a target)
- Tool casting time enabled
- Tool Cooldown enable (the time you have to wait before use the tool again)
- Cooldown coutdown displayed on the toolbar
- Ammo system
- Tool special movements (able to load a moveroute from a common event)
- Tool multiprojectiles enable, you can load upto 8 projectiles at the time
- Bombs, axes, hooshots, magis, shields, boomerangs, anything can be created
- States animation enable (up to 5 icons displayed on map)
- Buffs and debuffs enable (up to 5 icons displayed on map)
- You can assign up to 8 tools to the skillbar (overpowered dont?)
- Input module, default keys are no used by this system
- Area, ranged, spin attacks, target selection enabled
- Invoke skills for weapon and armors enabled
- Interactive enemies with knockdown, sensor enabled
- Enemies use any tool that the player or follower does
- Enemy battler enabled, so you decide if you want display the battler graphic
- Enemies are able to heal themselves, have allies enemies etc
- Enemy die commands, collapse animations etc.
- Party system! your followers have a command to start fighting
- Followers are able to heal allies, player etc
- Smart targeting system, followers choose an individual enemy to attack
- Agro system, followers and player have a chance to get the agro of the enemy
- Token system (you tag any event to start when was hit by a tool)
- Tool targeting system, autotarget, etc
- Player selection scene enabled
- Quick skill bar enabled
- Item pop up enabled
- Antilag enabled
- Lag free
- Summon system. you can command the tool to use tools by using a common event
move route as manager action.
- Enemies states, buff and debuff display
- Combo system for the tools ( you can create an epic combo chain)
- Mouse support! you can trigger tools by clinking the skill bar icons!


The script comes with a full documentation. read it.

Terms and license

- Do credit me Falcao as the creator of this ABS system
- You can modify anything you want
- You are allowed to distribute this material in any webpage
- Do not remove the header of any scripT shelf
- You are free to use this script in non-comercial projects, for comercial
projects contact me falmc99@gmail.com

Credits and thanks

Script created by Falcao



Resources and Add-Ons (optionals)

Here and add-on for displaying the followers Hp and Mp on the screen

,Resource pack, it contains swords, staffs, magics, military graphics etc.


Here a video of the Liquid v2 Falcao son showing some debasting tools

Here a video of the game play

Here some pictures, i took few pictures because i already provide two videos


Pearl V3 Pictures


Enemy low hp feature



Enemy Respawn



Tool samples

Tp skill Lighburst that destroy everything

New dead poses for followers and enemies

a party battle

Buff states and debuffs display

Enemy buff states display check below the HP bar

Tool selection

Player selection

#16020 Omega Lunar Map Editor

Posted by Omegas7 on 18 February 2012 - 08:34 PM

Posted Image

Posted Image
Hello everyone. One year ago, I had this little idea floating around, but never had the chance to develop it too much until recently. Codenamed Lunar Crystal, this Windows application is a map editor. Head to the F.A.Q below to understand why was this created - for now, let us focus on what this is.

You can make excellent maps with this, but do note, this is not for newbies. If you are interested in creating detailed maps with some advanced features and utilities, this application may interest you. It DOES consume more time than normal, but this isn't about time. This is about quality mapping. These are rather early stages of development, and there is so much more we can add/improve. Your comments are welcome. Read the F.A.Q.

Posted Image
  • Unlimited tilesets
    • Each tileset follows VX's format: 512x512
  • Unlimited layers
    • Make organized, detailed maps with all layers you want.
  • Pixel-precision object placement
    • Choose the graphic you wish, and put it anywhere on the map. You are not limited by any grid at all - just like parallax mapping.
  • Pixel-precision collision editor
    • Given you can put anything anywhere, the player will also be able to move anywhere (pixel-precise), so now you can quickly tell the passable areas right in the editor! (see guidemap for more explanation).
  • Animated objects
    • Animate your own objects with any size and frames and speed you wish.
  • Real-time preview of animated objects
    • While creating your map, see your animated objects already with life right in the application!
  • Fill floor with tiles
    • Need to make some ground quickly? Just choose your tile(s), click a button, and instantly fill the layer with it!
  • Chain placement
    • You may create perfectly aligned rows/columns of a certain object with this powerful feature!
  • Export to raw data, interpret in many ways
    • Lunar can export to simple, text info. VX, Ace, and even other game engines can read the data and compress it in their own way. (VX will have a script to convert to secure data, for instance).
  • Run-time map generation during gameplay
    • Lunar doesn't create a huge image for you to use in parallax mapping - instead, Lunar's data is used to build the map during the game - saving valuable disk space!
  • Quickly save/load Lunar files.
  • Nearly infinite undo/redo.
  • Preview screen tint color right in Lunar.
  • Quickly edit lighting spots within Lunar to produce lighting in your game.
    • Existing lighting scripts can be used along with such spots.
  • So much more, and suggestions always welcome!
Posted Image
A simple and quick overview. It lacks some information, but it is good to get a basic idea of Lunar.

Posted Image
Some people I'd like to thank due to their support in some way toward this project (whether they knew about it or not):
Catcat helped me arrange some of Celianna's wall tilesets for usage with Lunar.
Celianna gave me permission to use her tiles for Lunar testing and distribution.
Xiie (Reisen) and Zadorain are into beta testing sometime soon.
Buju made some animated water tiles (actually, he made them in exchange for that Barter script thing...). Unfortunately, I will not be using them. However, he did made an 8-directional Aluxes character too which I might actually use.

Posted Image
Lunar is a new project under early development stages. There are many ways you can help us:
  • Post, comment, give feedback, etc. Be active with us, let us know your ideas, and let other people know about Lunar.
  • Are you an artist? Have you ever made tiles? Post or PM me along with the graphics giving me permission to distribute them along with Lunar - so Lunar can start off with a large graphic base immediately! We can also keep using your talents, so just let us know.
Posted Image
Will it support VX and Ace?
We're focusing on VX. If things go right, Ace support should be available soon as well.
When will this be ready?
I have other projects, some similar to this, and also school. It is not possible to state an accurate release date - and I don't dare to make a guess.
So will this support pixel-movement?
It should give the option to both use pixel-movement mode (with a separate script) or tiled mode (VX default). If you choose to use pixel-movement for player/events, you'll have to set collision properties with Lunar.
What will Lunar actually "produce"? A large image? Data?
When you are comfortable with your map, Lunar can export to a generic, plain text file. From that point, you can use a script made for VX that will convert such text data into actual rvdata, which will be used for generating the maps in your game. Lunar produces no images - saving nice disk space.
How will I edit events?
I haven't touched that area much. There are many proposals: perhaps Lunar can also export a big image version of the map so you can use as a reference when placing events in the game. Or maybe Lunar will setup "spots" that can be associated with your events, so it is just a matter of positioning the spots in Lunar, and editing the event's content on VX.
Is this better than parallax mapping?
It has some advantages. Aside from saving disk space, it can also set collision rectangles for pixel movement rather easily. If planned properly, it may be optimized enough to run smoothly. It is quite a matter of what you actually need for your game. This is debatable, but this is not the place for such.
Is Lunar free for commercial usage?
Yes, just remember to credit me through [Omegas7, J.V Wong, or www.omega-dev.net/forums]
However, the graphics you used to create the maps have their own usage terms and you will have to contact their respective artists about them.

Posted Image

18/02/12 - Introduced Lunar to community

20/02/12 - Improved object select/copy/paste/moving features for multiple objects at the same time

27/02/12 - Preview screen tint color

Currently: .PNG export feature.

#112313 Charlesthehurst's Resources

Posted by charlesthehurst on 26 June 2013 - 01:04 PM



Home to the best resources...that I can make.


I will try to maintain this thread and keep it updated with all of my images. 

Certain images may be re-releases of content I have previously uploaded on this site.

Terms of Use
     Credit to either Charlesthehurst, charlesthehurst or Charles Hurst.
     Credit also to Enterbrain for the VX Ace RTP or Kadowaka for the MV 'RTP'.
     Credit any other artist noted.  That artist's rules for commercial and non commercial override mine unless stated otherwise.

Suggestions are always welcome.
Constructive feedback is appreciated.

 Terms of Use
Non-commercial projects: Free to use.
Commercial projects:  Free to use, but must contact me so I know where my editing is being used.  
Do Not Redistribute these elsewhere.  Instead, please link to this thread.


Event Graphics

Tileset pieces
Character Portraits and Faces
Character Sprites  


Battle Backgrounds/Pictures

Restaff Releases I've been in

MV Resources  **New 5/19/17**




Charles' World Map Maker
Charlesthehurst's Mechanics Demo

Do you want to support me?
Then use this.  Just highlight and copy this image.


#163856 Theolized Sideview Battle System (Version 1.4 + Patch!)

Posted by TheoAllen on 23 April 2014 - 07:24 PM

Theolized Sideview Battle System

(Or if you prefer, you may call it Theo Animated Battle)


Original Post : Theolized Sideview BS
Version : 1.3c (Stable) / 1.4 (Open Beta)
Type : Battle System / Battle Engine
Opening :
This is my first battle system script and my masterpiece script so far. At first, I made this script for my own personal use. Back then when Ace was released, I always wanted an English version of Tankentai. But I heard nothing about the translation. I thought it was impossible tankentai to be translated to English. Moreover, it has bad compatibility to other scripts. Then I looked at avalaible battle scripts, and not even a single script I like. I just don't get the idea of those scripts. Then, hence my ambition started. 
Introduction :
This script was greatly inspired from Tankentai VX version and Eremidia : Dungeon! game. It's mainly aimed for free sequence animated battle without standard. I mean, there is no such a thing like "play all frames in row x" (the reason why I did this is because I hate standards). You can pick any grid in your spriteset. You can even use unorganized spriteset if you're too lazy to make one. As long as the format is consistent.
To be noted that this script is not avalaible in English version yet. But you can try my sample game before you decided to wait for translate version or not.
Translation done! Enjoy now! :D
Features :

  • Animated battle of course
  • Free battler sequence
  • Free format battler sprite. You can even use unorganized spriteset as long as the format is consistent
  • Built-in damage counter
  • The rest are written in script ... and my sample game ...

Screenshots (Taken from old version) :


Video :
video for version 1.3 (also trailer for the sample game)

video for version 1.4

video for setup demonstration

You can look at my playlist if you want more
Scripts :
Scripts Download = github repository (old version, havent update it yet)
Demo = Sample Game
Version 1.4 (Beta) : Click here | Mirror
Animation Samples / Alternative demo : Click here | Mirror
Note :
If you want to download in solidfiles. Here is the way

IMPORTANT! Patch for version 1.4 - Last updated: 04.02.2015
Just various bugfixes. Most likely going to stable version
https://github.com/t...1.4 Bugfixes.rb
How to patch? Simply put it below implementation
Newly Released addon :

Questions and Answers :


Terms of Use :

Special Thanks :

Author notes :

  • I use in script editor to make sequence movement instead of too many notetags as Symphony and Victor's do. It because there're already many script that uses notetags and notebox itself has no scroll.
  • As you know, I'm not so good at English. So I'm sorry in advance if there's any unclear informations. Feel free to ask

Version 1.4 Release note :

  • My aim is to make it compatible with Luna Engine without extra patch. However, I haven't tested it with the latest version of TSBS.
  • It's still beta version. In other word, it may have many issues. You may test the script, but if you're going into real development, I suggest you to use the stable version 1.3c instead.
  • I haven't update the github at the moment. Considering it's still beta. Script must be taken by download the demo.
  • I changed the config 1 and config 2 parts. So, you need to update them as well.
  • Battle backdrop decoration addon is not translated yet. There're too many instructions that I can't really handle right now. Perhaps, sometimes. Also, it has a little glitch which I currently dunno how to fix. if you use Alarm Tone, in next battle that not use alarm tone, there 1 frame glitch where the screen blended with a wrong tone.
  • Sorry if the demo looks so messed up. I don't have the will to clear that up "OTL
  • TSBS version 1.4 will not updated. If you reported a bug, I will likely to make the patch instead.
  • Battle music taken from Dragonic Symphony if you wonder.
  • I added extra showcase of my scripts like animated portrait and hover notif :P
  • Want to use the map BGM? That's mine, go ahead if you want to use. And you need to credit me as well.
  • After these hardworks, I will likely to take a very long break and will not touch anything complex related with the battle system (unless I choose to). But I will still provide the support for TSBS as long as I'm avalaible.

#14164 Mapping in five easy steps - Indra's quick and practical method

Posted by Indra on 31 January 2012 - 05:11 PM

So, since lately I’ve been doing nothing but mapping (what with the writing muses being on vacation). I’ve mapped and mapped and mapped, and not for myself (to me it’s harder to laze about when it’s something for other people) and I’ve grown somewhat confident in my mapping skills. Some people asked me the typical “How do you do it?” or commented “You’re fast”.

The answer is being practical, using the editor, and practice. My mapping style is not pretty. I’m not a parallaxer. I use the editor and a 100% RTP tileset. I’ll summarize my usual methods below. I’ll be assuming you know the mechanics of the editor (shift clicking, the shadow tool, etc). While I use the ACE engine and the RTP for the examples, any engine that uses an editor and a tileset should be the same (heck, you can probably apply this to parallaxing too).

Step 1: Setting
Take a piece of paper. Or the editor. Whatever works. What are you going to be mapping? A city, a dungeon, fields? Each work differently, so it’s important you set on that first.
Now, what’s the point of the area? Is it a plot scenario? Is it only a glorified corridor to transfer to the next area? Is it a place where a secret npc/item/monster shows up? Does it NEED to have certain equipment/features?
If it’s a complex area (more than one map) you’ll want to think of a rough idea of how they are connected. You can later modify this as needed, but it helps to know how to organize the maps and what direction to map towards.

With that in mind, set down a barebones of how the rooms are distributed and what is in each room. Depending on the map, plan on other floors too.

For the sake of this tutorial, I’ll make an interior map, a temple. We’ll make it a wide building with two floors and the central area longer than the rest. (I will only fullt map one room, but this way you can see the room distribution and planning).

Posted Image

Step 2: Barebones and structure
With a rough idea of the distribution, it’s time to make an outline of the actual map. Take the ground tile and make the shape of the room, then add the walls and limits.
Does it look to big/small for the setting you want? Adjust as needed. You can plop down temporary tiles in the map to see how it fills out and if it needs more space or less. It’s also the time to do a rough division of the maps. If one map has different areas, you can use walls or a different floor tile to make the map more compact and interesting.
For now what tiles you use exactly is not a concern. Just focus on distribution and space.
Also set the connections to other maps (if you have them).

For the example, we’ll map the main room in the first floor of the temple. On the far top of the map we’ll put the altar with the statues, and at the sides we’ll put a couple of counters and shops (because it’s selling its talismans, or whatever).

Posted Image

Step 3: Style and primary items
Time to choose what to use. What tiles are you going to be using for the walls and floor? Do they match? Do they fit the setting?
You wouldn’t put a fancy rug in a very poor house, and you wouldn’t use a ragged stone wall on a posh palace. Same goes for furniture. Try to keep in mind what the map is FOR. It makes no sense to put cupboards full of bread and wine in a smithy, and a bar won’t be displaying jewellery.
If you find you’re lacking specific resources, you can get them now or use a placeholder and find them later (say you need a certain style of statue/column/furniture you don’t have on the tileset).
When you’ve placed your A tiles (walls and floors) place the focus points of each area. Counters and a few items in a shop, beds in a room, statues, etc. Whatever is important.

Posted Image

Also settle on your mapping style. What sort of wall height do you use? Two tiles, one tile, three? Do the lower limits of the wall display the outer wall? Do you use a cut-off floor tile? How do you map exits and transfers?

Here are some common styles (of course, these are not the only ones that exist)
Posted Image

Step 4: Details
With the basic map done, it’s time to go crazy and fill out the rest. With the core items in place, the rest is dressing the map up.
Unless the point of the map calls for it, what you want is for it to be neither empty not cluttered. More than the actual contents, it’s a matter of distracting the player’s eyes.
Keep in mind where the player is supposed to WALK, and let their path free of obstacles. Around that path, add decorations, not occupying every single tile or being too symmetrical; try to be random. Also keep in mind where the tiles are designed to be used. Some are clearly made to sit on flat surfaces like counters or the floor, others are mounted on the walls.

Posted Image

Step 5: Finishing touches and revision
How does the map look? Do you like the effect? Now that it’s done, do you dislike the walls, or the floors? Go and change them. Did you need some tiles you didn’t have available and used placeholders? Go and import the correct ones. Fix everything that needs fixing.

It’s also the time to apply the final shadows. Since any use of the shadow tool tends to snap back to the default if you touch it during mapping, you should wait for the last phase to add them. Remember to keep a fixed style. If you paint shadows over walls, do it always the same way.
Also remember to apply shadows to add depth (for example in bridges, overhanging areas and such.

Posted Image

When everything’s done, step back and revise the result. Did you miss some shift-click mapping? Are all the shadows correct? No cut-off mapping errors? If so, you’re done!

Things to remember:
-Keep a constant style. If you decide to shade over walls, do it all the time. If you use a cut-off floor style, keep it. If at any point you decide to change your style, revise everything and change it.

-Remember to leave clear routes for the player to navigate and always playtest your maps when they’re ready to see if there are any passability errors.

-Keep a consistent and reasonable setting. If a city is poor, it won’t have many niceties like paintings in the houses or fancy furniture. A town in the snow will usually have fireplaces and fires to fight the cold; hot tropical settings don’t have much use for them. Remember to decorate all maps according to their setting.

-With VX Ace you can make as many tilesets as you want. Sometimes it may be a matter of simply adding things to an existing tileset, which is only a matter of making a copy of the tileset (so you don’t have to manually input all the passabilities again) and adding an extra tile sheet with what you need. Remember Ace has split the tiles over five tilesets; what you need for a dungeon may simply be under Interiors.

Tips and tricks:
-Interior areas: it’s a good tactic to make interiors vary from simple squares by editing the base shape.

Posted Image

You can also create a nice visual effect by splitting the space with walls into lesser rooms. You will have to watch out, though, walls take a lot of vertical space depending on how high you do the walls, so this setup will quickly eat up space (this is actually a good thing if you have areas with nothing interesting to add).

Posted Image

-Exterior areas: Grass, dirt roads and elevation are your friends. Patches of grass and dirt roads (or differently colored grounds) divert the attention of the player nicely. Roads are especially useful to give a sense of direction to the player. Remember to randomize them a bit so they’re not completely straight lines.

Posted Image

-Dungeons: It’s especially important to remember what you’re supposed to do in each map. If there’s a puzzle in there, don’t clutter up the place and let the player roam comfortably. If it’s only a decorative hallway to another map, make sure there’s some direction as to where the player is supposed to go.

Posted Image

-Simple edits and recolors: Everyone can do this, and it helps a lot to create ambience. You may find that repeating, for example, the same weeds and flowers in fields over and over across the world gets old. It’s simple enough to recolor the flowers or make a simple cut/paste job to come up with new items. Small obejects like flowers and single tile decorations are usually simple to cut and combine.
There’s also recoloring. The same grassy tiles can become a different map just by changing the colors (making the coloring greyer, more vibrant, a different tone, whatever) same goes for walls and floors.
So if you ever feel like those trees, caves and stones are looking boring, crack open a graphics editor and mess with the tiles a bit.

To finish, here's an example of the five steps for examples in interior (the same we just did above) exterior and dungeon areas.

Interior: Temple
Posted Image

Exterior: Forest
Posted Image

Dungeon: Ice Castle
Posted Image


And that's all! I hope you find this helpful. If you have any questions or feel some areas lack explanation, tell me and I'll work on it.

#30223 Basic Game Time + Night/Day

Posted by Vlue on 27 April 2012 - 08:18 PM

Basic Game Time + Night/Day v1.6
by V.M.


Provides a series of functions to set and recall a new variable known as game time, as well custom tints based on current game time to give the appearance of night and day.

- Game Time, complete with unfancy little clock
- Night and Day cycle with custom tints and timing


How to Use
Plug and play and customize if needed

Convenient Pastebin: Here
Click here instead if you want to go that extra mile: Here

None at the moment

Credit and Thanks
- By V.M.
- Free to use in any project with credit given

Author's Notes
Hopefully nothing explodes

V1.6: Added function to hide and show clock with script call
V1.5: Added functions to stop time or tinting
V1.4: Fixed bug where toggling game clock with it unused would crash game

#146753 Toby's Island

Posted by Galv on 15 January 2014 - 01:25 AM

NOTE: This is the old project thread. To find current one under new management please go to:


Welcome to Toby’s Island - a commercial game being developed by Ben Chambers (Galv) and Matt Beer (erm… Matt Beer).

Toby’s Island is a 2D RPG adventure involving monster-raising, town-building and exploration - enhanced by a blend of randomized and controlled story events!

You play as a young boy with a heavy burden unknowingly forced upon him - to fulfill the task set by his ancestor of removing evil from the island. To do so you will explore the island meeting new spirit companions, raising monsters from eggs to fight alongside you and gathering resources for building and crafting - all while facing an assortment of beneficial or dangerous (both random and planned) challenges.

This project is currently in early stages of development and looking for critique on how we are doing so far.
If you find it interesting please support us by following our twitter or facebook!










Project Support
If you'd like to support this project please follow our social networks:
ti_facebook_zps8c73061d.png ti_twitter_zps4376adb8.png

Toby's Island is in Steam Greenlight doing quite well, so if you would like to see this project on steam, please vote for it

Thank you everyone for reading and for the support, we look forward to adding more updates as our project progresses!

#114313 GubiD's Tactical Battle System v2.4 for VX Ace

Posted by GubiD on 08 July 2013 - 09:43 PM

GTBSv2.4 for VX Ace!  

GTBS has been a side project of mine for many years. After deciding to learn scripting all the way back in 2006 so that I could create a game with it. The system is now completely functional in RPG Maker VX Ace. The system boast a number of features including:

  • Tactical/Grid based Battle
  • Smart/Configurable AI
  • Note Tag Configuration of MOST options
  • Animated Battler System (Now supports Holder/Minkoff as well as GTBS animated sprites)
  • Action List - A list of actions(movement, icons, screen etc) that should be played when a skill is used
  • Mini Side View Battle Integration 
  • Summons
  • Configurable skill/weapon ranges
  • MGC Layy Meta Engine (3d Isometric) support
  • Many many more!

If you have any questions regarding setup or advanced functions, please start at the FAQ page on the Wiki

If you still cannot find the answer your looking for please visit the Forums to post your question. You can also create new bug reports from the New Issues tab to report it as a bug in GTBS.


Change Log:

v2.4 - Release Notes



Download from my Dev Website


How to Install



Also contained within the download zip file:

The script contained herein known as GTBS is the work of GubiD and a few other contributes, namely MGC/Cowlol.  This script can be used free of charge for all users, including commercial game creators.  This Script(GTBS) requires only that you show credits within the game to GubiD.  If you do plan on selling commercially then it is recommended that you at least donate to the GubiD Scripting Service on Paypal
NOTE: There are other scripts included in this one that may require Commercial Licenses.  Specifically Victor Saints Pop Damage script.  It is required for GTBS to function.
The using of this script in your game is at your own risk.
This script is not without error, but it is has been through months of testing from over 300 users to ensure it is.  If an error is encountered, please post it on my development website under the GTBS project.  There other users or myself can provide answers/solutions to the problems.  Bugs may or may not be fixed when reported. 
Do not post direct links to the downloads files, instead link the page on my website that contain it.  This is the best way to ensure not only that people are receiving the most current copy.  Plus it is courteous to send the traffic my way. 


Known Issues

See the Issues Tab for known or pending reported issues.  You can also use this section to request new features or browse what others have requested. 


Final Notes

Thank you everyone whom helped. The work you have done and assistance you have provided was invaluable. You have helped make this project a success. But have no fear, this is not the end for GTBS. It is merely but another starting point.

Please help Support the project by btn_donate_SM.gif 'ing.


Don't forget to visit the GTBS forums and wiki for installation and other help in regards to GTBS.



Issues reported on this thread will be ignored.  If you want to my attention to the issue, please search and post the issue on my dev website mentioned above in the download link.

#113744 Godra Region - Pokémon RPG

Posted by GregWilder on 05 July 2013 - 01:07 PM




Abstract: The first choice driven Pokémon RPG.
Genre: RPG
Game Progression: Total progress: Demos are up!
FINAL 1.0: https://www.mediafir...56g7a5ff5e1750b



Please report any bugs or problems here in this topic, or on our Wiki page under Known Bugs!



September 13th - Beta Version 1.7

November 9th - Beta Version 1.8

February 15th - Beta Version 1.9
June 28th - Final Game 1.0

Final Game 1.1


Character Bios:



EDIT: Pokémon Godra gameplay trailer!


Known Game Crashing Bugs:

Tired of cancelled Pokémon Fangames? This is the game to watch!!![/b]

#260632 Jubilee Royale

Posted by Whiona on 11 February 2016 - 05:10 PM






Jubilee Royale is a fantasy/romance RPG about Princess Cybil's quest to save her kingdom.

Check the headings below for more information about the project!











Want to help support this project?

Just pop this banner in your signature and link it back to this topic!




Thank you so much for your interest in Jubilee Royale!! <3

#193041 RTP - Chibified!

Posted by Amysaurus on 21 October 2014 - 10:37 PM



Hey everyone! :)  I'm working on turning the whole RTP into chibis! I'll update as I finish each sheet, so enjoy!  :whistling:

 Dropbox download link (includes all completed sheets): Here

New Style 
Actor 1:





Actor 2:






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Actor 4:










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#15457 Sapphire Action System IV

Posted by Khas on 13 February 2012 - 07:59 AM

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- Introduction:
An ABS, plus a Pixel Movement and a Particle Engine. The result? SAS IV.

- Features:
Full Pixel Movement
Khas Particle Engine powered
Realistic Collisions
Awesome Gameplay
High customization
Weapon icon
Easy to use
Lag free
Damage PopUp
Optimized HUD
And more...

- Add-ons:
Optimized HUD with HP, MP, EXP and Skill
Damage PopUp script
Heal player when Level Up

- Instructions:
All the instructions are on the SAS IV demo.
Please read them carefully.


- Screenshots:
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Posted Image
Posted Image
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- Links:
Terms of Use: English - Read before use
Download: English - Latest version at the end of the post
Donations: Click here!

- Credits:
Created by Khas Arcthunder.
A special thanks to OmTsTM for testing SAS and recording the video.