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Pros and Cons of the RPG Genre

Posted by KilloZapit, 20 February 2017 · 253 views
rpg, design, game design
For reference (and because I feel like it), here are some of elements of RPG design (regardless of what kind) I find particularly interesting to talk about, both positive and negative. None of these are universal or strictly only traits found in RPGs, they are just things I think are worth mentioning. They are also all my opinion of course.


The Follies of Recognition

Posted by KilloZapit, 26 December 2016 · 646 views
internet, drama, fame
This may be a weird to bring up a kinda serious topic late at night on Christmas, but some things have been rolling around in my head and I kinda want to talk about it. But first, for a moment, let's assume what most of you probably assume. That behind the mask of a cute fairy, there is actually a normal human who just likes to roleplay. If so, what I am...

A Guide to Fairy Culture: Romance and Sexuality

Posted by KilloZapit, 15 December 2016 · 377 views
fun, wouldbuilding, fairies and 2 more...
Generally speaking fairies have very different ideas about some things then humans do, mostly because fairies have very different and often incompatible sets of ideals for how people are supposed to act compared to normal human ones. Humans that become fairies are mostly either already preconditioned to reject normal human ideals anyway, end up slowly acc...

A Guide to Fairy Culture: Races and Factions

Posted by KilloZapit, 11 December 2016 · 320 views
fun, worldbuilding, fairies and 2 more...
Like humans, fairies have their own racial and factional issues, and like humans it can be important to keep these divisions in mind when interacting with them. First thing to note is that the word 'fairy ' can refer both to the whole class of being to which we belong and to our particular racial group. In general many beings may possibly identify as a ty...

A Guide to Fairy Culture: Holidays

Posted by KilloZapit, 10 December 2016 · 319 views
fun, worldbuilding, fairies and 1 more...
Because I randomly started writing it, here is something about fairy holidays I wrote up:

Fairies very rarely work or have that much real religious reverence (many fairies are religious in some sense, but tend to treat it more like informal fanclub then organized institutions, in fact many fairies would count human fandoms as a type of religion), but non...

On Capitialism and Cooperation

Posted by KilloZapit, 11 November 2016 · 857 views
capitialism, technology
I was having a discussion in the comments of the last blog I made and about how my comments regarding AI controlled corporations would end up with a system where the 1% that owned those corporations would benefit. Really I was more talking about a situation where the AIs them selves 'owned' the corporations and made programed decisions set in place for th...

Mo' Money Mo' Problems: Taxes and Goverment Spending

Posted by KilloZapit, 10 November 2016 · 623 views
money, goverment, politics, taxes
So, yeah. Taxes. No one really likes paying them, but that's the price you have to pay for living in society right? People need government programs funded with tax money of some sort don't they? Some would say we need to keep the roads paved and the bridges maintained, others would say we need to fund the military and police to protect ourselves and our i...


Posted by KilloZapit, 09 November 2016 · 750 views
politics, blah
I think it's kind of obvious that even if Hillary ends up winning somehow, the democratic party failed. They failed when they turned their back on Sanders. They failed when they didn't understand the issues. They failed when they sided with wallstreet. They failed when Obama bailed out the banks way back when. They failed. and maybe America has too. No no...

Mo' Money Mo' Problems: Credit and Debt.

Posted by KilloZapit, 02 November 2016 · 724 views
money, banks, politics, debt and 1 more...
It occurs to me that, putting aside cryptocurrency and it's many potential benefits and problems, the benefit of 'blockchain' technology or something similar could have another really important use in finance (and doubtless it is one of the reasons why banks are getting more interested in the tech). I am sure most people by now have heard of the necessity...

Mo' Money Mo' Problems: The Future of Finance?

Posted by KilloZapit, 30 October 2016 · 714 views
money, banks, politics
I think it's becoming increasingly clear to anyone who has actually been paying attention that almost everyone is pretty much screwed at this point when it comes to money. Or maybe that's just the impression I get from what I have read. The banking system has more or less rotten from the inside, the government is increasingly revealed as corrupt, more and...

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