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Thought-crime and Other Misdemeanours

Eventing 'vs.' Scripting

Posted by Tarq, 24 February 2017 · 316 views
game making
Hey RMers,

I was motivated to write this post and drudge up this old argument after viewing some script requests on the forum that ask, starry-eyed, for something to be done better via scripting than it could be done via eventing.
And, in some regards, this is not inaccurate view; scripting can be infinitely more flexible. However, something made via sc...

A Killozapian Entry

Posted by Tarq, 11 January 2017 · 954 views
brexit, nationalism
I'm going to apologize in advance for the following post as its often considered poor ettiquette to hold a conversation covering sensitive subjects. And I'm sorry that I should have to be sorry as these are the things that are often most deserving of discussion (but, no, the last thing you ate is juuust as interesting and beneficial -_-).

I feel it will...

IBN Entry: Highscore Dump

Posted by Tarq, 16 October 2016 · 435 views
indie by night, prizes
Hey all,
This is just an area where people who play my IBN entry can show off their highscores (game found here: http://www.rpgmakerc...night/?p=278306 ) Just take a screeny of your final score and I'll PM whoever has the highest at the end of IBN's judging period with a list of Steam keys and they can pick one. You can post...

Why RM Is Bad

Posted by Tarq, 07 December 2015 · 581 views
game design, game production
So I'm going to spend this last precious hour before bed writing an article everyone's going to hate. Why do I do these things? D:

I love RM. You can cite me in several sources saying that making games is a pursuit that I actively enjoy performing. More so, probably, than actually playing games themselves. And RM happens to be the main tool that affords...

Idle Games

Posted by Tarq, 25 November 2015 · 512 views
gameses, ...or not gameses?
Well, there wasn't much outcry (or even attention ;.; ) from my last entry so I guess there's no harm in another.

During a Sm4sh session a little while back a friend asked ~"Clicker Heroes?! How can you even play that!"
The response was "I don't" (followed by a JC bomb to fair). And its true; Sure, I open it up most days but I don't play it. I don't thin...

Gameplay Vs. Graphics

Posted by Tarq, 21 November 2015 · 495 views
game design, popular debate
Good afternoon class. Please, take a seat.

I wanted to talk a little today about the importance of direction in design and, specifically, the age-old argument of graphics vs. gameplay.

Before we get all analytical and historical and all the 'cals', I want to make my position clear; As someone who is slightly older than the average user of this forum I'v...

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