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Max Payne 3 Impressionz

Posted by Novem, in Initial Impressionz 06 March 2013 · 863 views

Max Payne 3 Impressionz Been playing Max Payne 3 for a bit now, and here's what I think of it so far!


- James McCaffrey delivers an excellent performance as Max.

- Great script.

- Great writing.

- Simple but fun gameplay with awesome shoot-dodging and bullet-time.

- Difficult.

- Plenty of environmental variety.

- Game can look gorgeous at times, but is at least good at all times.


- Depending on your tastes, the cutscene heavy tale may not be for you.

- The film effects such as chromatic shifts and scan lines and be overwhelming at times.

- The game can be a tad overly difficult at certain points.

- Some missing third-person mechanics (such as cover-swap and the ability to move while aiming from behind cover) can make the game a bit frustrating.


It's been one fantastic ride so far, it should be at least an 8 from me.

Haven't played Max Payne since the 2nd one. I guess this will be something to watch out for. It sounds like the comic-book style from the 2nd Max Payne isn't implemented, which I found to be a particularly redeeming aspect for the game.



Yea, the game doesn't have the comic panels anymore. It does however have frequent nods to them, freeze-framing parts inside of comic-panel-like moments.


Either way, comic-book panel cut-scenes have been present since the first one, :P

I enjoyed this game a lot, although I got some very strange bugs... like the comic frames sometimes showed up graphically glitched frames of previous missions haha. That was disappointing but not enough so that I didn't enjoy it.

Who doesn't like bullet time? :D