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Character Showcase and Other Things

End of Tides has Been Redone!

Posted by Rezanta, 13 March 2017 · 187 views
game change
This is a minor update to those who were wanting to know progress on my End of Tides project.

I have decided to refresh the project, and as of the beginning of last year, it has become Dark Tides. The story and plot has been changed, and playable characters changed slightly. If you'd like to know more about the changes, please notify me in the comments b...

Character Showcase: Lek's Skills with the Deck

Posted by Rezanta, 07 March 2016 · 231 views
lek, cards, random
Welcome to my little Showcase area, folks! This is my place to show off playable characters, other game's characters, have some vote offs, or even just rant about something. I may post some videos on here one day, but for now, I'd rather skip to what the first entry's about.
For every other week, I'll be showcasing a character. It may be mine, or it co...

Bows that Bow

Posted by Rezanta, 09 January 2016 · 274 views
weapons, ranged
Alrighty, this is for those bow lovers, like them goblins in Zelda...
You may have wanted to use a bow-based weapon in your game, whether it be for an enemy or for you. But does your bow give you an edge?
Let's look at a simple game for reference. Angry Birds used a slingshot to fling birds into structures to kill pigs. Bows can be viewed as one, and you...

Common Abilities with some Paint

Posted by Rezanta, 28 December 2015 · 403 views

Alrighty, folks.We know that some games have abilities that affect the tides of a battle in most scenarios, like Sturdy in Pokemon. We also know that from RPG Maker VX up, the engine gave us some static abilities, like Super Guard. But, ever think that they could be a lot worse to face or a lot better to use if there was a bit more creativity with it? Let...

Competition Time!

Posted by Rezanta, 29 October 2015 · 310 views
oh boy, contest day!
While I'm still working on my game, I have a great idea. Now, hear me out, this isn't where you suddenly own part of the game, BUT you do get to be apart of it. So...

The first part of the competition is optional weapons! You may post a weapon (following the format) and see if it's voted among others. If there's more than one posted that match, the first...

So the Project Begins!

Posted by Rezanta, 26 October 2015 · 288 views
possible spoilers, ace+mv, wip
Hello folks! I'll be starting a blog for my actually WIP project, Scalvose: End of Tides. This game is the first planned game of the series, and people who work on it may change later on.

So far, the only people working on this project are:
-(Owner) Rezanta

Progress Detail: I'm currently fleshing out all 200 playable characters. Yes, you heard- er, rea...

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