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PurplePhantom's Haunted Corner

Writing Snippet (WARNING: Violence)

Posted by Purple Phantom, 26 February 2017 · 434 views

So, I wrote something and would like some critique! I'll warn you now, there is violence.

Backstory for this: Our MC, here, is trying to show the world how truly evil his father and his father's company is. In this scene, he gets caught in the act by his father, who proves that even his own child is not too precious to feel pain.

If you are uncomfortabl...

Poetry by Purple Phantom

Posted by Purple Phantom, 11 November 2016 · 743 views

So, uhm... I write poetry, sometimes. If you wanna, you can read it. Please read it with an open mind, however. Not all of it can viewed at a single depth. Some of it has multiple meanings. Also, none of these are directed towards anyone and the only one actually about me is Natural Makeup. (Yes, I know about some grammatical errors and poor word usage, b...

My Game Dev Playlist

Posted by Purple Phantom, 22 September 2016 · 471 views

Purple Phantom’s Game Dev Playlist (put on shuffle for best results)
WARNING: Not all songs are kid friendly! Some of them have swearing!

Novocaine – Fall Out Boy
Irresistible – Fall Out Boy
Centuries – Fall Out Boy
The Phoenix – Fall out Boy
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark – Fall Out Boy
Teenagers – My Chemical Romance
Welcome to the Black Parade...

Boss Battles

Posted by Purple Phantom, 30 April 2016 · 208 views

From gigantic demons and deadly duos to vengeful skeletons and mutated zombie freaks , boss battles have been one of the staples in games with combat. We've all seen them - the amazing boss battle that you can't wait to fight. But what makes us want to fight that boss? When we fight that boss, what makes the fight fun and the victory rewarding?


Spooky Themes

Posted by Purple Phantom, 25 April 2016 · 246 views

In my games, I have a lot of rather spooky themes. In Otherworld , it's basially everything to do with the Nox-class... Well... Anything. In Aftermath: Gears of Hope , you have the Hidden Underground and Abandoned Ruins to fully spooky you, once you've been unsettled by that fact that you're living in a post-apocalyptic, war-torn, post-distopic society. I...

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