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RGSS3 Rumbles

Weapon Powers

Posted by oichidan, 29 May 2017 · 120 views
Alright, so... I know there are many scripts about weapon powers out there, but I wrote something for use within my project. Please feel free to use it the way you'd like to.

A new parameter: Weapon Power (WP). Define each weapon and armor's 'weapon power' by note-tagging in the database.
Rewrite performance considerations by factoring the weap...

A Small Reminder about Array Iteration

Posted by oichidan, 29 May 2017 · 98 views

Alright, let this post remind me at times I forget this thing.

I've been developing an RPG project lately. At present I wanted to modify the equip screen. I've added a new equip slot (ammunition) using Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine. By the time the user selects a projectile weapon, I want them to select an ammunition from their inventory list.

The ammunit...

Documentation of in-game classes

Posted by oichidan, 18 May 2017 · 138 views
I noticed recently that there hasn't been any documentation made on the in-game classes, such as Cache, DataManager, BattleManager... I had to move back and forth at the script editor, and print out their instance variables via Yanfly's debug script as well as printing them via a line of code for many purposes.

It might have been really, really convenien...

8.times versus for i in 1..8

Posted by oichidan, 18 May 2017 · 132 views
rgss3, looping
I've recently came across a code excerpt that piqued my interest.# Taken from Ace Equip Engine, Yanfly Engine Ace# All credits and copyrights where they due.8.times {|i| draw_item(0, line_height * i, i) }
The syntax above essentially repeats the instructions in the block given after the times method call as much as 8 times. If we define this code using a...

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