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Journal of the Phoenix

Entry 002: IP Hacked; Windows Drivers failing...coincidence?

Posted by PhoenixSoul, 23 May 2017 · 37 views
sabotage, power-hungry moderators and 2 more...
I had an account on RPG Maker Web a couple years back, and I had gone away for a couple weeks. Well, someone decided to hack my account, and not just that one, but several, but the point is, is that when my RMW account was hacked, whomever did it decided to sabotage my account and the staff fell for it. Guess what happened?

I got banned. Oh yeah, my IP g...

Entry 001: Summer storms and other stuff

Posted by PhoenixSoul, 18 May 2017 · 80 views

For most of the afternoon and evening where I live has been under severe weather watches and/or warnings in one form or another. Mostly, severe thunderstorm warnings and watches, but tornado watches and a few warnings as well.

Where I live, the weather has just started turning towards the nastier side, otherwise just overcast and cool.

We had a severe t...