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New characters - Haunted Hills

Posted by Cait, 24 April 2017 · 164 views

I have been continuing working on graphics for commissions, my own game "CHRONICLES OF HONOR - Age of Heroes", but I have continued my work on Haunted Hills. I have added more character types to my game, other than just women who work the streets to expand the reality of being in that situation. There are people of various levels of risk at being a vict...

Inspiration behind Haunted Hills (in depth)

Posted by Cait, 03 April 2017 · 310 views

I wanted to explain further into my inspiration of my game and go into detail. Criminal Minds is a really good show with excellent characters, interaction and had really crimes, suspects and so on. I have always been interested in crime, but Criminal minds got me interested in looking up real life inspirations behind those episodes. In each case, I hav...

Characters of Haunted Hills: The Death of Innocence

Posted by Cait, 28 March 2017 · 227 views

I wanted to have a story about characters that you wouldn't normally see in a game like a horror game and those characters are prostitutes. A lot of young women, who run away or tricked into prostitution for one reason or another, from abusive relationship, to even being tricked into thinking that they are moving to the United States legally....

Haunted Hills - The death of Innocence

Posted by Cait, 27 March 2017 · 207 views
#rpgmakermv, horror
I am taking a break from my big game, due to computer trouble and working on the problem. I won't go into that, but the problem is solved at any rate. While I am working on my commission, I am remaking a horror game that I created for a contest, and using Yanfly suggesting in her comic I am working on the traps, the database and stuff before I get to th...

Chronciles of Honor - Age of heroes

Posted by Cait, 13 March 2017 · 239 views

I've been working on my game a lot from working on graphics and such, really needed to show off my latest map. (^_^)/ Anyway, here it is. It is an ingame map, with effects added, fog and such. Now, the thing is I need graphics created and I hope to the Gods that I can find someone. You see those characters? I have a total of eight characters, two child...

IGMC original entry idea

Posted by Cait, 09 August 2015 · 489 views

Since I was moving during the start of the contest, I lost too much time and practically had very little time to do an entry properly. I wanted to share my game's original story with you, the version that I changed, because a few people had problems with it. The character had a couple of my own problems, but she wasn't me, not exactly. Yes, the story wa...

Riverhaven Academy

Posted by Cait, 02 April 2015 · 483 views

I was thinking today about a school called Riverhaven Academy that teaches how to solve crimes and other various aspect of criminology, however, there seems to be strange occurrence. It can be anything from ghosts to phantoms. It would have Professors and students, even interesting characters and you would be allowed to download the SDK, which would hav...

Development log - new background, plus new logo

Posted by Cait, in Development, Cat & Dog Gaiden 23 March 2015 · 515 views
new logo, rpg maker vx ace
I haven't dropped my other logo, but going to use that in game rather than in the title screen. This one has my finished, at least, without a couple of unforseen edits. What do you think? I am, also, running a poll on achievements, a mix of silly, serious or only one, silly or serious. I am on the fence about achievements, because I don't think they ad...

Logo study

Posted by Cait, in Logo study 12 February 2015 · 419 views

It is my attempt to study old title screens, because I thought that a lot of RPG Maker game logos had gotten too complicated. I decided to study logos and title screens from previous generation games to see what they did. They had a limit on memory, and many of them, did various things. Right now, I am studying various Nintendo title screens and will like...

Game mechanics - characters dying, sweet home and horror

Posted by Cait, in Game mechanics 10 February 2015 · 526 views

There was someone at a point, who asked about no healing in a game, but I recently was looking into an old Nintendo game called "Sweet home". If you love horror games, you will know that this is the game that Capcom was going to remake before they created "Resident Evil" and it is, also, quite a bit like the game "Corpse Party". There are differences, min...

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