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Update Entry

Posted by PurplePhantom in Aftermath: Gears of Hope, 29 July 2016 · 22 views
aftermath: gears of hope

Hello! It's been a while since I've been on the forums! I've been hard at work on Aftermath: Gears of Hope while I've been off the site and I felt that I've finally made enough progress to tell you guys about it without it being a small list of, like, two things.


-NPC move routes for going to lockers, then to class.
-Some voi...

Heaven's Spire

Posted by ShadowfrostZen in Decim Blog, and Other Things, 28 July 2016 · 45 views

Heaven’s Spire

Abstract: This is a side story game, and only played for bonus content of the ShadowVerse series. If you want extra story, this game is good for you.
Genre: RPG
Average Demo Time: 15+ Minutes
Game Progression: 10% Complete, Will be done by September(?)

Story: Spoilers for Ruined Future: The Bad Ending are ahead. Do not play this game...

Demo V1.2 Update

Posted by 2BitsLP in Eve of Perception [RPGMakerMV] Devlog, 27 July 2016 · 49 views
rpg maker mv, star ocean, tales and 7 more...

Fixed some minor issues with Demo V1! Demo V1.2 is being updated as we speak. Again, sorry for the lack of Mac support; I will have it up shortly.

Party Pals!

Posted by benja in Party Pals!, 26 July 2016 · 89 views
party!, party 2!, party, family and 6 more...

Hey party people!

This blog is for progress made on my super duper awesome party simulation game Party 2!
Please find the first game

The plot can be found here if you would be so kind as to check it out. We have a poll going on there too if you'd like to vote!
I recommend reading the synopsis before making any judgements.

Currently, the game is goin...

I Dream of Silhouettes :: Synopsis

Posted by Mr. Moneybags in My Ideas, 25 July 2016 · 138 views

Cold, injured, and battered, Iris lay on the side of the forests river. Iris is a young child from a lost home, sexually assaulted, beaten, and neglected had seen things no child at this age should have to see. A group of radicals had slaughtered and burned the only people she could remember, she was the only or...

Stuck in the Controversy Bog: Thoughts on Racism and Cops.

Posted by KilloZapit in KilloZapit's Magical Fairyland, 24 July 2016 · 120 views
racism, cops, police, news and 2 more...

Okay, this is a topic I am not sure I should really say anything about, because I am pretty sure a lot of what I have to say might offend people. This is an issue that most everyone in America probably new about for a long long while, and it finally really starting to boil out of control faster then anyone thought possible. So I have a few things to say a...

#1 entry for drama

Posted by RoooodWorks in Chibae's Blog, 22 July 2016 · 186 views
drama, discord, stuff happened

So this happened to me the other week : http://i.imgur.com/c4oT0mS.png http://i.imgur.com/YlRuMRF.png

It upset me cos I did nothing wrong except ping the admins because there was drama and one of the members was getting harassed and i didn't get a warn just a kick.... But now i am calmed down a bit and reentered chat.

An Introduction (Brief and kinda salty)

Posted by DJ Litez in The Hurst's Development... Thingy, 20 July 2016 · 126 views

So in my years of being on this forum I decided to make a blog. Took me long enough, I'll be documenting my RPG Making shenanigans from here on out. I have at least one major project that is slowly coming to fruition. Stay tuned in for more.

Core Crystal - new logo and general description of that world

Posted by Cadh20000 in Ramblings of a writer, 20 July 2016 · 183 views

Core Crystal - new logo and general description of that world Quite a while back I came up with a game idea and typed up the basic concept of the game world, after that I didn't touch it for a long time. However today I felt like doing up a logo for it, what do you think of it?

Anyway, this here is what I typed up about the game world when I first thought it up:

Wooden Ocean entry 15: Game will be removed for now.

Posted by lianderson in The Wooden Ocean, 17 July 2016 · 178 views
wooden ocean, rpg

Apparently, I didn't purchase a commercial license for the facesets 2 years ago, I only purchased the non-commercial license. So until then, the game will be taken down off of itch.io and Steam Greenlight. 180$ is what I need to come up with in order to put it back up. (already spent over 800$ on the game already, so another 180 isn't the end of the world...

Discord Community Group

Posted by CVincent in CVincent's Blog, 17 July 2016 · 229 views

I was going to respond to the most recently situation on the RM Central forums but our topic has been locked..

The Discord channel is intended to be used to bring people together socially, the result is a community of people who each have their own opinions, values and experiences. We expect arguments to break out at any time, the server administratio...

Project Quest Update #2:Progress as Usual

Posted by GameKirby in GameKirby's Blog, 16 July 2016 · 133 views

Today, i made alot of progress, Like a new portrait, this time of Garry's twin sister, Kym! http://i.imgur.com/p4xaaAd.png

Along with that, a Mini-Boss, The Queen Beeloon! http://i.imgur.com/RvY9LjU.png

Along with things like a Chest Sprite and a recolor of an icon, i've also started recreating the first "Level" of the game, about 1/2 of the 1st chapter!

A very Energectic Person is...

Posted by corneredcosmos in Cosmo's Development log and Process Anouncments, 11 July 2016 · 176 views

but I'm not :P

Greetings RPG maker Developers! :D A week has passed the fireworks are gone and we're only getting older!

It turns out I have a real problem with getting myself to do pixel art or any computer related art. you can make amazing piec...

The Water is Wide; the World is Big(?) Sizing Worlds in Video Games

Posted by JuJu in Tochiko Island: Juju Talks to Herself (And Others), 10 July 2016 · 196 views
game development, sizing, maps and 4 more...

I feel as though I've spoken about this before, but here it is, cropping up again:

In my game, the world is literally an island. Well, literally in that the game's world is an island. The real world is a little more than that , I'm afraid. (clears throat) Still, none of the maps of said island are what I'd call "big". But I've seen games where the maps...

I made a Cryaotic gif

Posted by TheCaliMack in TheCaliMack RPG (California Macky's Blog), 03 July 2016 · 218 views
animation, gif, cute, maybe

I made a Cryaotic gif So I made a thing.

Might make him dance next if I can find a good base to work with.

World of Chaos Progress and Plans V

Posted by Lord Vectra in Vectra Productions, 03 July 2016 · 201 views
world, of, chaos, progress, and and 2 more...

Welcome to another Update on the World of Chaos series.

I am creating a wiki for the series but it will only be released once this game has finished.

Recent Features

Default Zoom: The screen is zoomed in by 70%. It always bothered me how you can see the other side of the wall and that you had to make the walls extra thick encase you didn't want that t...

Debate about Mixed Gender violence

Posted by Lord Vectra in Intelligent Debates/feelings/conversations, 29 June 2016 · 236 views
debate, about, double, standard and 4 more...

Lately, I've been seeing a debate on facebook about whether a man have the right to hit a woman IF she hits him first.

My Mom always told me "When a woman hits a man, she hit him because she think he won't hit back." So, my Mom tells me to hit her back. My Dad, on the other hand, says to never hit women no matter what. My belief is a bit of both sides ex...

The lavish prestidigitator

Posted by Thaletos in 9 Circles Casino & Hotel, 29 June 2016 · 224 views

Name: Corazón
Nickname: Lavish Prestidigitator
Description: Ardent magician who's always ready to have fun.

Corazón's suit is hearts. It's tarot theme is "The lovers" (VI arcana) (how original right?) but, since Tarot represents the darkness element in this game, the theme will actually be "Lust", as a perverted/twisted version of love. Corazón is fu...

What is a Dragon?

Posted by chungsie in Chungsie's Dagger Thunder Poop, 25 June 2016 · 122 views

Hmm... There is a book called Black Elk Speaks, it is not a work of fiction, but a description of the visions of the Sioux's last great medicine man, Black Elk. In it, there is mention of a medicine man that works with Dragon medicine. But there is no hint as to what that is, or looks like.

So partly, I often wondered about it.

Venice beach is somewhat...

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