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A Retrospective on SMT4: Apocalypse

Posted by Yuugami in A World On Fire, 28 September 2016 · 29 views
havent done this in a while


“No longer human. Not angel, not demon. He is my puppet.”

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse

“First Impressions” Retrospective

It wasn’t too much of a secret that I was really excited for this game when it was first announced. When the release date for the U.S. approached, I saved up as much as I could, and sp...

Can't go to homecoming

Posted by Lord Vectra in Vectra's Rants, 28 September 2016 · 25 views
cant, go, to, homecoming, rant and 4 more...

Homecoming is coming up, and I'm a lil peeved, and imma tell ya why.

Homecoming is a very important event for me because I love dancing, and it is the only school event I go to because I don't like sports. I tell my Mom I'm gonna go.

She then says "Okay, you can't wear your suit though."

It puzzled me because you can't go to homecoming with no suit. Th...

My Game Dev Playlist

Posted by PurplePhantom in PurplePhantom's Haunted Corner, 22 September 2016 · 123 views

Purple Phantom’s Game Dev Playlist (put on shuffle for best results)
WARNING: Not all songs are kid friendly! Some of them have swearing!

Novocaine – Fall Out Boy
Irresistible – Fall Out Boy
Centuries – Fall Out Boy
The Phoenix – Fall out Boy
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark – Fall Out Boy
Teenagers – My Chemical Romance
Welcome to the Black Parade...

World of Zulavin: Vallenfell Regions pt.1

Posted by LordSquirrel in The Thoughts of a Squirrel King, 19 September 2016 · 180 views
world, building, lore, regions and 6 more...

Welcome to the first post of a new series: World of Zulavin(zoo-lah-veen), the series where I blabber about all the random stuff I've written down for my game that I can't find a place for inside of said game. The game in question being Legend of Amara.

In this opening we will be going over regions on the continent known as Vallenfell, the homeland of th...

aggressive behaviour

Posted by RoooodWorks in Chibae's Blog, 19 September 2016 · 213 views
real life, stuff, neighbour and 2 more...

So I have been living alone for like 3 years or so now. Ever since I moved in my **** Neighbor has been complaining of talking, flushing toilets, washing hands, making tea, slamming doors etc. But yesterday it got really bad, when my mum was leaving she confronted her and told her to not come back as she don't live here saying she shouldn't be woken up at...

Wooden Ocean entry 17: Lore.

Posted by lianderson in The Wooden Ocean, 16 September 2016 · 254 views
wooden ocean, rpg

The WO was originally meant to have no story. It was designed to be a semi-open dungeon crawler. Well, a little over 2 years ago, that changed when I mapped Northern Katis and decided to have plot of some kind. But it was still written half heartedly. Nothing too serious. And to be honest, it showed. I fixed it up here and there, but it´s still lacking th...

Hacking in Aftermath: Gears of Hope

Posted by PurplePhantom in Aftermath: Gears of Hope, 16 September 2016 · 202 views

So, after some thinking and discussion (seen here ), I have made some decisions about how hacking is actually going to work. I'm going back to my "original" plan. (Keep in mind I've been planning this game for around 5 or 6 years and my plans have changed. What I'm saying is my "original" plan is the first one I thought was good, but scrapped for a specif...

Project Quest Update 3: A confession & A cancellation

Posted by GameKirby in GameKirby's Blog, 13 September 2016 · 256 views

Hello! G.K. here with some pretty bad news involving PQ, It's cancelled until further notice.

And I know what some of you would say, "WHY?" Well, really, I dont think it's fun, to play or to work on, since I have to drag myself to work at a complete standstill of balancing, and for the demo, or well the stillborn game that could be called a demo, it's ju...

"Uncanny Valley" Steam Key Giveaway!

Posted by Alphys Hedge in Alphys Hedge's Blog, 12 September 2016 · 299 views

(Quick note: I did not make this game, I simply have the key leftover from a humble bundle I bought. Sorry if I caused any confusion .-.)

[s]I have decided to give away a Steam Key for the game "Uncanny Valley ". I will contact the winner through this website via PM (this will be an RPG Maker Central Forums only giveaway).

Contest starts on September 1...

Mechanics and Features

Posted by Saturnity in Cryptic: Project Journal, 11 September 2016 · 283 views
cryptic, features, gameplay and 1 more...

Heya Folks, Saturn here!
I'm going to be using this entry as a record of gameplay features that may or may not be implemented as I progress with my project. This will include anything from combat and looting systems to enemy and NPC interactions and so forth. Keep checking back as I will be consistently updating this list with more features.


Iniquitous: What has been happening?

Posted by Ragnos in Project Iniquitous, 09 September 2016 · 256 views

The Iniquitous Project is still coming along well with quite a few quests in the works and many mechanics now in play in the game. Recently the one that has the most interest so far in the quests catagory is a quest involving Beowulf's sword Hrunting that the player can engage in a quest to retrieve the legendary weapon, however there is no mention of Beo...

Trucking along...

Posted by charlesthehurst in The Hurst's Development... Thingy, 08 September 2016 · 210 views

So if you seen my Sneak Peek Entry, you know my project in the works is centered around zombies.
Also it happens to be using the awesome POP! Horror City style.

I'm anxious to share more details with you all, but I'll restrain myself. Please feel free to prod me for any questions.

In the meantime enjoy this massive custom piece of pixel art I've made f...


Posted by Necromedes in Necromedes' Blog, 08 September 2016 · 233 views
copyright, game theory, fan game

This video of Game Theory was just recently released and this sheds a lot of light on what many people on this forum are doing, which is making fan games.
Everyone here needs to watch this because things may end up taking a turn for the worse when it comes to the subject.

The Uphill Battle

Posted by TrogdorBurn in Chungsie's Dagger Thunder Poop, 06 September 2016 · 196 views

So there are some issues with modernity and medicine, for one, some believe it to be a cure all for anything, and others know it only treats a symptom. I did hear on the radio some new age guy claiming to be able to identify exactly in the nervous system all health issues, and provide plans for helping solve them. But you know, I don't think I care.

I ap...

Tuesday? Already?

Posted by philteredkhaos in Khaos' Kavern, 06 September 2016 · 174 views
chaotic development plans and 3 more...

Holy cow... I guess Progress took a 7 day hiatus...(Damn you, Steam! Damn you!)

But seriously, I have no one but myself to blame. :blush: I got caught up in the awesomeness of all my unplayed steam titles. I started poking around and found a bunch that would run on my comp and...well, I beat a couple games...

I did do a LITTLE bit of work, mostly for...

My Feelings on Rules.

Posted by KilloZapit in KilloZapit's Magical Fairyland, 05 September 2016 · 161 views
rules, law

All this mess surrounding YouTube and it's rules lately makes me want to exposit about my feelings on rules in general. Rules are tricky things. Not very many people like them very much in truth but most are still comforted and grateful for their existence in a way. Now I have many times called myself an anarchist, but what that actually means is a bit co...

Character BIO #4 Captain

Posted by freakytapir in Tempest of Souls, 29 August 2016 · 150 views

After missing a week, here is another character Bio. As always , comments are welcome.



Age: 50
Gender : Male
Homeworld: Adventure

A no nonsense drill-sergeant, who recently resumed field service, way below his official rank.
While he is not cruel,he does not tolerate weakness in his cadets, and is a stickler for the chain of command.

The surly esoteric

Posted by Thaletos in 9 Circles Casino & Hotel, 29 August 2016 · 203 views

Name: Trébol
Nickname: Surly Esoteric
Description: Bad tempered magician of strong principles.

Trébol's suit is clubs. Its tarot theme is "Strength" (XI arcana), "Wrath" in its perverted version. For this reason, Trébol easily looses her temper and anyone who provokes her instantly regrets it. She's of strong character and will fight to the end for w...

Demo V.2 Delay

Posted by 2BitsLP in Eve of Perception [RPGMakerMV] Devlog, 28 August 2016 · 130 views

So... my laptop decided to die on me. ;___; I should be replacing it this week, so hopefully I will be back up and running! Thank you all for the support and patience!

My reaction to this post

Posted by Lord Vectra in Intelligent Debates/feelings/conversations, 27 August 2016 · 193 views
my, reaction, to, this, post

I want to say why this post is not good.

For one, this is jealousy and insecurity speaking. "I trust him, but not them." That is dumb; you have to trust him 100%. If you only trust him as far as you can see him, that is not trust, just verification.

Second, don't dictate what friends your BF/GF can be with because y...

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