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So I actually need your guys' help.

Posted by Radiant Arin in Local Woman Creates Blog: Users React in a Rampage, 24 February 2017 · 15 views


I'm kind of at a loss as to what I should do for an In Depth Review next. I have a lot of different games on Steam that I have played but not actually finished that would be great to review. What would you guys be interested in seeing an In Depth review on? Please comment below and remember to vote in the straw poll to s...

Eventing 'vs.' Scripting

Posted by Tarq in Thought-crime and Other Misdemeanours, 24 February 2017 · 55 views
game making

Hey RMers,

I was motivated to write this post and drudge up this old argument after viewing some script requests on the forum that ask, starry-eyed, for something to be done better via scripting than it could be done via eventing.
And, in some regards, this is not inaccurate view; scripting can be infinitely more flexible. However, something made via sc...

Pros and Cons of the RPG Genre

Posted by KilloZapit in KilloZapit's Magical Fairyland, 20 February 2017 · 121 views
rpg, design, game design

For reference (and because I feel like it), here are some of elements of RPG design (regardless of what kind) I find particularly interesting to talk about, both positive and negative. None of these are universal or strictly only traits found in RPGs, they are just things I think are worth mentioning. They are also all my opinion of course.


Not dead, promise!

Posted by 2BitsLP in Eve of Perception [RPGMakerMV] Devlog, 16 February 2017 · 102 views

Hey all.
Just giving an update again. I've almost got my V1 Demo re-completed. So many things have changed since my last version. Currently finishing up mapping and NPCs before moving onto battle balancing and plot.

I hope you're all looking forward to it!

Possible Setting Change Part 2

Posted by Purple Phantom in Aftermath: Gears of Hope, 13 February 2017 · 185 views
aftermath: gears of hope

A few days ago, I made a blog post about an idea I had about moving the setting of Aftermath: Gears of Hope from a high school to a college. Overwhelmingly, people wanted it kept at a high school level mainly because, from what I understand, my reasoning for not wanting to attract too young of an audience really isn't a big enough reason to make such a l...

TOD The ("Nobody cares") grim ("Shut up!") Reaper ("Boo!") Series ("Thumbs down") Update... ("Boo!")

Posted by ShinNessTen in You walked into Shin's Room, 09 February 2017 · 269 views
tod, the, grim, reaper

If you've been wondering what happened to me and my Soul Effect Project that i published a million years ago... well i kinda gave up on it and worked on a little game Series called TOD the Grim Reaper.

Basically i gave each game (except for the 3rd Game) 1 Week to get finished and published. The Results, as you would figure, went catastrophic and nobody...

My latest fangame...

Posted by StormyAmethyst in A Spark of Inspiration, 06 February 2017 · 250 views

So...my latest attempt at a Pokemon fangame is inspired by Sun and Moon and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, with a bit of Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Tales of thrown in.

The basic premise:

In Chiron, a fantastic Pokeworld far from the Pokeworld we know today, magic comes from a mystical substance known as Aether. For the most part, Aether is seen as helpf...

Wooden Ocean entry 24: February update

Posted by lianderson in The Wooden Ocean, 05 February 2017 · 242 views
wooden ocean, february

February update is now up and, tbh, it brings little changes. While it brings no new areas, story, or enemies, it does bring a 3rd accessory slot and a potential 4th party member, as well as 5 more puzzles and some minor fixes/balancing.

Anyways, the break is now over, and it's time to get back into big updates. The next one, Ghost Road, will come in Mar...

RPG Maker and Project Centennial

Posted by AceOfAces_Mod in Firehawk Labs, 03 February 2017 · 282 views

(I've originally posted this on the RPG Maker Web Forums in 16th of September 2016)

Project Centennial (Desktop App Converter) is a Windows Bridge. This is a tool to bring Win32 and .NET apps to the Universal Windows Platform (and to the Windows Store if you want to).

Why would I want to bring my RPG Maker project to UWP with this?
Right now, you would...

Let's Make a Party! or holy shit it's been awhile

Posted by charlesthehurst in The Hurst's Development... Thingy, 02 February 2017 · 290 views

After a much needed mental hiatus I am back on track with my Zombie Survival Project that I've mentioned in previous entries.

The game is set within Eden City, a once beautiful town that has become a zombie filled hellhole. Now you the player must take command over a group of survivors to find hope in these dark times.

The player will get to design the...

The Touhou Project - What Shall Happen to it?

Posted by LadyMinerva in Minerva's Touhou Diary, 07 January 2017 · 696 views
touhou tales and 2 more...

The Touhou Project - What Shall Happen to it? It's been quite some time I ever left something in our Touhou Project x3 Well, let's get back to it shall we?

*Ahem* Hullo hullo everyone~ Welcome back to another entry of Minerva's Touhou Diary :) This entry we're just going to talk about our very old project and what's going to happen to it in the future. I haven't left any updates in our project in a...

My Project's Development so Far

Posted by Green With It in Green With It's Freedom-Land Field Guide, 04 January 2017 · 628 views

Since i've joined this amazing community I have received a lot of advice and tips regarding how a dungeon should be made, and such. I've also received a lot of support from you guys here as well as a small circle of people who I discuss this project with. Non the less i'm not here to list all the praise I am getting, i'm here to discuss the direction my g...

Back From Boot and Making A New Game

Posted by LewisDruid in LewisDruid's Gaming Corner, 22 December 2016 · 452 views
boot camp, navy, games, making and 2 more...

So I made it through boot camp and am now in the United States Navy! It sucked... a lot. But I made it through and can now get back to making games in my free time! Now that I'm not free 24/7, I don't think I'll be able to burn myself out on this new project. That being said, I've finished, for the most part, making my characters! Their designs may change...

CAW: Oritah (Right Now)

Posted by TrogdorBurn in CAW Series, 19 December 2016 · 436 views
rpg, series, aztec

So the biggest issue with my really large project Classical Age World (CAW) is the level of research required to actually make the game. So I have been debating things about it for some time, and after much discussion among myself and a few friends, I have decided to make a series to be released before the large project, which will help me in developing...

Sanctum Star Fantasia: Hollowed

Posted by Commander Vox in Official Works, 16 December 2016 · 438 views

It had been a few months since Dia rejoined the Hedon Era Recon, or HER, and things settled back down to somewhat, yet surprisingly, normal ever since the fall of the Daedalus Order Syndicates. They were able to keep a limited press blackout without too many details leaking about the Puppeteer, and their real identity. After all, nobody was really knew...

Sogekihei Mirai

Posted by Commander Vox in Characters And Such, 15 December 2016 · 346 views

Sogekihei Mirai

Origin: Baldir Android Assembly Inc.
Race: Dead-Eye Droid
Affiliation: Daedalus Order Syndicates(Formally)
HER (Currently)
Occupation: Stealth Support (Formerly)
Freelance Assassin/Sniper (Currently)
Threat Level: Keter

Sogekihei, or Soge, is a rogue AI in the form of a Dead-Eye Droid that joins Di...

Chungsie Logic

Posted by TrogdorBurn in Chungsie's Dagger Thunder Poop, 12 December 2016 · 362 views

First start with posing yourself the following question: "Would you rather live happily ever after, only you were in eternal misery and everyone you knew was happy, or eat dog shit and throw up in a bowl of cereal?"

That's the kind of thing you have to ask yourself constantly if you want to think like Chungsie.

It really is important as to what you deci...

What a year!

Posted by Nirwanda in Nirwanda's Corner, 30 November 2016 · 388 views
year, restrospective, nirwanda

My first game: Sasha and Sir Plutarch's Fabulous RMventure has reached 200 downloads at rmn, and to celebrate it, I made a blog post I copy below.

And it all started with this game. Well, to be fair it all started with The messenger and the cursed one .
I had entered RMW's birthday game jam and for the first time I was actually making an effort in progre...

Poetry by Purple Phantom

Posted by Purple Phantom in PurplePhantom's Haunted Corner, 11 November 2016 · 669 views

So, uhm... I write poetry, sometimes. If you wanna, you can read it. Please read it with an open mind, however. Not all of it can viewed at a single depth. Some of it has multiple meanings. Also, none of these are directed towards anyone and the only one actually about me is Natural Makeup. (Yes, I know about some grammatical errors and poor word usage, b...

Happy Day's Are Here Again!

Posted by philteredkhaos in Khaos' Kavern, 29 October 2016 · 467 views
woot! its happening! justice

Happy Days Are Here Again!

The FBI reopened their investigation into Hillary Clinton because her CLOSEST AIDE had classified materials on her HOME COMPUTER! Huma Abedeen's (Hillary Clinton's closest aide) husband is being investigated for sending sexually explicit messages to a 15 year old girl with full knowledge that she is in High School. The DA who...

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