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Been getting a lot done recently. Expanded your ghost town to have another level, as well as a new building, the barracks. Essentially, the ghosts you assign there will add to your town´s military force. (which lowers the enemy tech rate and their strength during raids)


Which is another new feature, raids. If the enemy tech gets too high, they will attack towns in the game. If that town is not saved in time, then it is permanently destroyed. That said, it´s a very late game feature, and those on normal, or even decent players on hard, will be more than fine. It´s only those on nightmare that have to kind of worry about it. But even then, it´s nothing to be overly concerned with. Just more like, aware. I don´t want there to be a major time crunch of any kind. You got about 40 hours on normal until the first raid shows up, give or take performance. Hard is about 30, and nightmare is about 20. Again, you got plenty of time.


Also, I´ve redone all fights to the hollows arena, made travelling into the infinite hotel become increasly harder and harder, and I finally added a small misc questline for your ghost town bar.


Anyways, back to work. Gonna do 1 or 2 more towns attacks, and then I´m gonna start working on these enemy bases.


This September update is going to be huge.


So I checked my greenlight page this morning after a night shift, and bam, the game´s been greenlit! I honestly wasn't expecting it all, but there it was. Thanks to everyone who voted!


Also, Year 2 is out, and the is game now on Gamejolt:


Last but not least, the next update in September, Symphony of Carbon, will be having a misc new town. It´ll be located underground South of Flavor Restaurant and full of the usual educated ghosts. (and since it´s only reachable post chapter 3, it allows for some better dialogue) The area was originally a long bridge to the new and tiny Southern Island, but I figured, why not? Another town won´t hurt. And most of all, it makes sense. That chapter 3 chef needed some customers.


Anyways, I look forward to crafting this place and doing whatever after it. If you got any ideas on what I should expand on next before I start chapter 4 a month from now, let me know.


EMJ Advertising Online just offered me 150 Greenlight yes votes at the cost of $12.55, or 1000 yes votes at the cost $125.49. It´s absolutely disgusting, and I now fully understand why Greenlight has got to go. And tbh, it angers me that my game has even less chance to be greenlit because of people like this. (I was also approached on twitter by someone else doing the same thing, but with keys)


How do you guys feel about all this? Has anyone reading this ever been approached for votes?


Soon, it will be June 5th, and the second year of this potentially life long project will begin.


In celebration of its first year, the Wooden Ocean will be 25% off until June 4th. Also, I decided to raise the cost of the game from $10 to $12 instead of $10 to $15. That said, it will raise to that $15 price in either September or December. But regardless, buying it now at $7.50 is an absolute steal.


Anyways, good luck and don't die too much.


Well, they're finally here... facesets. The game was originally taken down from Greenlight back in June because of them (hence why it's not on steam) and now they're finally done. And... I love em! Thanks BluMiu!


Also, this marks the end of the monthly updates to the game. Now, it's time to get ready for Year 2 in June. (which will be seasonal instead of monthly, but will have more new content overall)


Oh, I almost forgot. A free version of the game is now available. It's the full game minus half of the side areas and 2 of the difficulties. The link can be found here, just scroll down to the bottom and you'll see it. If you haven't played the game yet, I highly recommend it. I mean, what do you have to lose? Besides time?


Anyways, good luck and don't die too much.


March update is here, and it brings a lot of plot and character development. Not only did it fix a few minor plots holes and typos, it also extended the story into what I call, legitimately good territory. More so than the Divine Tower. Granted, it takes a while to get to both, but it is what it is. Also, the prologue which falls into that category as well, especially the end part if you manage to survive it, is now a little bit easier. (still hard, but easier nonetheless)


As for the next and final monthly update, April's Tower of Reason, I've decided it will have one new area with an arena somewhere in it. While this new arena will be missing two of its three leagues at the moment, its lowest league will be the hardest in the game and will have the largest selections of random fights. More so than the other 3 leagues combined.


Last but not least, Year 2 is on the horizon and its first update will be coming in June. It'll be hands down the biggest update yet, and will be tested in early to mid May. If you're interested, feel free to send me a PM. I need all the testers I can get.


Well, that about does it. Good luck, have fun, and don't die too much.


February update is now up and, tbh, it brings little changes. While it brings no new areas, story, or enemies, it does bring a 3rd accessory slot and a potential 4th party member, as well as 5 more puzzles and some minor fixes/balancing.


Anyways, the break is now over, and it's time to get back into big updates. The next one, Ghost Road, will come in March and will bring a new area that connects the two islands to one another, It will have a focus on story and exploration, and if everything goes right, may be the biggest update yet.


After this upcoming large March update, there will be a moderate size update in April and a minor one in May, and that will conclude the first year of free DLC as well as all the monthly updates. Wooden Ocean year 2 will begin in June and I can't wait to start doing the gigantic seasonal updates I have in mind.


Well, after some long thought, I finally decided to do a Patreon to help pay for the enormous amount of free DLC that will be made in the months and years to come. The Wooden Ocean Patreon can be found here:





Also, I got a new Let's player playing the game named LittleRoits. She has very few subs, but definitely deserves more, so sub her if you can. She's currently using the most updated version of the game, and it's first video can be found here.


Speaking of updates, February's is coming along well. Many bugs have been fixed and It'll be up and ready in about week. The next update after it, Ghost Road, will be released in March and will contain the longest dungeon in the game, so I'll need all the time I can get.


Anyways, thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the game's progress so far.


Well, here we are, start of a new year, and the WO's first update is now up. Details can be found here:


This update was pretty fun. Between the new Cellianna tilesets I purchased and the puzzle making, this was one of the most enjoyable updates to make. It also features twice the bug fixes than the last one, thanks to a good friend of mine Kenlan on RMN and Gamedawg, a let's player. I cut out an important scene this update. Tbh, it just wasn't needed. It was just too talky and it spelled things out too much. Kill your darlings.


My goal for this year is to bring the game up to at least 50+ hours and have at least 50% more places to go. Next month's update won't bring any new areas, but it will add more puzzles throughout the game. (I wanted this one to bring 13 new puzzles, but it only brought 9. I honestly skipped them so I could release the patch a week early to fix some major bugs) February's primary focus is to bug test and give me time to create a new trailer. The old one is out of date and was the first video I've made in ten years. I know I could do better. Even if it's a half step up, it'll be worth it in the long run.


Feb, Mar, April, and then.... that's it for the monthly updates. After that, i'll be seasonal updates which will take about 3 months each and will add a lot more content per patch. Enough so, that every seasonal update or two, can reasonably warrant another play through or reload of where you left off.


Anyways, enough of me talking. December was a good month, and so far January has been as well. Here's to Feb.


Well, it´s finally arrived, the Island of Sand. Although it´s still in its infancy, sailing is now in the game, as well as a new prologue. Patch notes can be found here:


January´s update, Poetry of Bronze, will be puzzle focused with 3 new areas. However, the months after will be heavily dungeon and mapping focused. The WO will have twice the mapping it has now within the next year, so it´s going to be a gigantic game. Like, 50+ hours, if not more. Lots to explore with lots of stuff to do. It´ll be a lot of work, but I´m down for the challenge. Always got to push yourself.


Anyways, have fun.


v1.3.1 is here and it has more stuff than I thought it would. While there are no new areas, hence the lack of a name, it will have Spears, Rescuable Ghosts, and Pentagrams that will slow down Enemy Research when destroyed, which is the newest feature added. The enemy now slowly levels up over time (very slowly) and it's up to you to stop them. (well, more like slow them since sailing isn't in the game until December hence the extra slow tech rates they currently have)


Now, I'm gonna take a little break and brain storm some ideas for this December prologue. I plan on submitting it to the monthly challenge, but I'm sure it will take me only 1-2 weeks to make. The other 1-2 weeks will be me finishing up the Island of Sand area as well as sailing in general. January update I plan on adding a city to Psuedo Hell as well as a few more areas to explore.


Anyways, be sure to check out the game some time, and have fun with the new and future updates.


In my 5 or so years of using VX Ace, I´ve had 3 game corruptions. 2 of which were in the last 3 months. Added together and they equal a little over 2 months lost.


The 3rd one, which happened today while I was ironically backing it up onto a flash drive, costed over two weeks of work. I´m basically right back at the Divine Tower update. Anyways, I plan to push Island of Sand to December. It was the largest area in the game, and tbh, I don´t want to do it again from scratch two days after I finished it. So, November will be spears, (which I´m actually creating for the 3rd time now) and various fixes/improvements. I may add a new area west of The Divine Tower so that it´s a little easier to find. Also, I might aesthetically touch up Lower Rock as well so it doesn´t look like the padding that it is.


Update: after moving files around for an hour, I managed to salvage a few things. Not a lot, but definitely a few days worth of work.


October's update, The Divine Tower, is now up!



Wooden Ocean v1.3 Patch Notes:


New Features:

Divine Tower is now open.

Alternate ending is available.



Increased static healing from healing potions.

Increased rage timers for non-divine enemies by 1-3 turns.

Slight decrease to enemy defense and spirit.

Lowered primary holy spell damage by 10%.

Slight increase to divine enemy spirit to compensate.



Over two dozen new weapons and armor added to loot tables.

Game map updated. (new island is next month's update)

Red Orcs replaced by Normal Orcs in two sections.

Extended Divine Underground.

More facesets removed from NPCs.

Fixed multiple pathing and graphic issues.

Fixed Old Arena save point.

Fixed multiple fights rewarding you upon death.

Fixed party issue when leaving Ghost Town Mines.

Nightmare now grants game over on death.

Normal now only takes 25% gold on death.

Hard remains the same at 50% gold taken.


Next month's update, Island of Sand, will be about twice the size as this one. (hence why I'm releasing this a week early) It will contain at least three new areas on a new island, 4 more demon doors, a super boss, 50+ weapons/armor, at least one new weapon class, ship building from your Ghost Town, and of course sailing and naval combat.


Also, The Wooden Ocean is guaranteed to receive free monthly updates to at least April 2017 and is guaranteed to receive at least seasonal updates until Summer 2018. I can promise this because there will be no sequel. I will continue to build upon of what is already made. Price of the game is scheduled to increase to at least 12.99$ some time next year. So getting it now will save you a few dollars in the future.


Anyways, have fun with the new content and hopefully you don't die too much!


The WO was originally meant to have no story. It was designed to be a semi-open dungeon crawler. Well, a little over 2 years ago, that changed when I mapped Northern Katis and decided to have plot of some kind. But it was still written half heartedly. Nothing too serious. And to be honest, it showed. I fixed it up here and there, but it´s still lacking the structured storyline that many gamers love in this niche genre of ours. As well as an interesting hook that most people require, especially at the start.


Since I plan on working and improving the game for the rest of the year instead of working on the sequel, the next update I do a month from now will have a heavier emphasis on story than content. While it won´t solve the hook problem, it will add at least two new sidequest areas to explore, a new NPC that you will run into along the main questline, more books, and an alternate ending involving those two new areas.


Also, some bugs were found recently, mainly with the new game over system. V1.21 will be up tomorrow or the day after. It will fix those issues and also bring 20 new weapons and armor into the loot tables.


The Wooden Ocean is back and with many changes.



Wooden Ocean v1.2 Patch Notes:


New Features:

Town building sidequest. (in game for more details)

No more game over screen. (instead, respawn at your last save point with half gold lost)

One new dungeon beneath new town.



Large increase in Player HP in later levels to help prevent being one shotted.

Slight increase in Player MP to help cast high level spells.

Moderate increase in EXP required for leveling to balance new stat changes.

+50 AP cost to tier 1-4 spells and +250 to tier 5. (weapon techniques remain the same)

Slight decrease in enemy stats for all difficulties.

+10% additional damage dealt by raged enemies.

Slight stat reduction to mid game enemies to help exploration.

Slight stat increase to end game boss. (due to Golem party member)



Noticed a small amount of item fatigue. Not much, but enough to warrant some slight changes.

+10% increased chance to find gold for non-elite treasure chests.

+50% chance to find Resurrection Stones.

-10% loot dropped by enemies.



New facesets for Heroes.

Removed multiple facesets for NPCs.

New sprinting graphics for party.

New icons added.

14 new books added.

Lowered level checks for Alex warnings.

Health, Mana, and Stamina regenerate 10% faster when walking.

Small town added in Psuedo Hell for lore and atmosphere.

Poet of silver added inside of Dark Castle for lore and atmosphere.

Addressed multiple bug and grammar issues.


Purchase here at


Apparently, I didn't purchase a commercial license for the facesets 2 years ago, I only purchased the non-commercial license. So until then, the game will be taken down off of and Steam Greenlight. 180$ is what I need to come up with in order to put it back up. (already spent over 800$ on the game already, so another 180 isn't the end of the world)


So in about 2 months or so, the game will be re-released on steam greenlight and It will have even more content and at least another weapon class.


Until then, I'm gonna work on this sequel which I began yesterday and save up money. Wish me luck.


Well, it´s been almost two weeks now and the game now has 287 yes votes with 36% approval rating. (Most of which were in the first 48 hours) So, unless it gets some coverage or let´s plays, I´m looking at maybe a year before it gets approved.


Also, the game has been on for 1 week now at $12.99, 71 views, and only 1 copy sold. So, I decided to reduce the price of the game to a flat $10. I can now say with utmost confidence that The Wooden Ocean is well worth it´s price, especially for those who like RPG Maker games. That´s not a marketting ploy or bending of the truth. That is a one hundred honest statement from it´s creator. If you haven´t at least played the demo, do so now.


I will continue to provide updates on this game´s success and failures with the weeks, months, and maybe even years to come. As well as new content and patchnotes when more people purchase the game. Until then, check it out, have fun, leave feedback if you can, and wish me luck as I continue to brainstorm the sequel.


After countless hours, after countless testing, after countless hours of countless testing from countless testers countlessly testing my countless patience... (jk, my testers were awesome. I just wanted to write a cool sentence) The game is now done! She is complete! The beast has been slain! All teh base now belong to us! I now got a game under my belt! I've conquered my first poke gym! (take that Brock! Charmander don't care if you're rock type. I burn through you anways! No shortcuts here! Metapod exp for life!)


Ahem, well, enough about that. If you want to check out the game and/or support me. (I love ramen, but I'm trying to move up to ramen+vegetables) Be sure to check it out on


And thank you all for reading my stupid blogs for the last 2 years! (barely responding, but reading nonetheless. And for that, I'm thankful.)


So, at it´s 2 day mark on Steam Greenlight, the WO received 274 votes, 15 followers, and is 34% of the way to the top 100 with 36% approval rate. While these are not great stats for an initial submission, they´re not terrible either. The game still has a heartbeat. Especially since there are still many sites to go to for it´s publicity.


I´m going to revamp the game´s page on another RPG maker site today or tomorrow, and since I´m going to add even more content as I wait.


Anyways, I´ll will keep you guys posted on my experience as I go. Wish me luck!


Greenlight page:


Had to use my friend's card to pay the 100$ steam fee. (mine was 14$ short. Buying celliana's tilesets a few days earlier killed my broke ass. I paid him back in cash immediately, so no biggie)


Anyways, Game is now on Greenlight!


If you like the game, or at least find it interesting, be sure to support it by voting yes! (or no if you think it's a terrible abomination that shouldn't see the light of day)


I want to thank the beta testers Ashm, Magic2345, BlackLiquidSrw and Aletheos for the help! (Aleotheos went in on the bug/typo finding. That guy is on a different level.)


This expansion will include 4 new side areas, more monsters and items, and a more coherent storyline.


New areas are:

Undead Castle (30)

Jahan Dungeon (35)

Angel Harp (50)

Lightning Cave (20)


Location of the Undead Castle will be on the game map while the lightning cave will be underground in the southwest.


Progress is currently 10%.


Well, the day is finally here. The Wooden Ocean is now complete, and despite coming here for multiple years, I just got done making my first thread on this here website about it.


If you're into old school RPGs with an emphasis on builds and tactics, be sure to check it out and have some fun.


Here's the link.


Good luck.

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