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It's been quite some time I ever left something in our Touhou Project x3 Well, let's get back to it shall we?


*Ahem* Hullo hullo everyone~ Welcome back to another entry of Minerva's Touhou Diary :) This entry we're just going to talk about our very old project and what's going to happen to it in the future. I haven't left any updates in our project in a while up to the point where it was inactive xD But fear not, We're not abandoning this project, all the work and effort that we put into it so far will not go to waste for all you Touhou people out there!


A lot of things has happened with me and my partner in crime over the last few months so our progression towards the Touhou project grinded into a halt. We didn't have much to show as well since it's just mapping and creating the proper assets over the past few months, pretty much we've been trying to get some good ideas implemented into it :3 So hopefully with the New Year of 2017, we can get something actually going~ So just to summarize, this project is quietly being worked on. I'm really sorry to everyone who has waited so long for at least a demo, I did promise a demo over the past 2 years or so but as we learn the fundamentals of RPG-making, we had to change our ways to where we needed to learn what game making was all about. I'll admit, when I wanted to get the demo out as soon as possible when I released the game page (which was like since 2012 xD), I was not thinking of the important aspects and I did rushed a bit with the project. With so many positive promises from many people, it was really heart warming to see what I've been doing before was making people happy to see it, I was like "I'm going to do better!" So here I am along with my personal pixel artist who offered her kitty services to me to speed up the project progression, we're really trying our best to make a good Touhou fanmade project x3


In all honesty, I really can't say for sure when and if we'll ever get a demo out for you guys to try since we're constantly learning, not to mention life has hit us with school and work so we're busy at the moment :3 I just hope that those who saw this project since the very beginning, hopefully you guys are still waiting x3 All the time and effort will not be wasted, I promise to you :) Sadly I wish I have something update worthy to tell to our supporters, but for now, we're going to work on it quietly and keep the suspense in all due time xD But once we do, I'm going to open the project page once again and it'll be back to the life it has since those very 4 years~


That will be it for this diary page of my book, the Touhou project will not be abandoned, we will spend our time and effort for a very long time to give out our very first project for you guys to enjoy ^~^ So once again, see you guys on a very later entry of my diary! :) If you have any questions regarding the future of Touhou Tales, you can always leave something here xD


Hello everyone!~ Welcome to a small Developer's blog of the Touhou Project!~ I won't say much since it is very explanatory but there are some key points (well one point in this entry) I'm willing to go with this project. :3 So let's start shall we? ;) It's probably a long time anyone has seen anything moving in my project hehe~ So here we go!~


So like I said in my project post or anywhere it matters, this game will be a little heavy on story wise so the eventing here is a little bit important. :) I'm taking my time on writing out the events in a more specific fashion... Here I'll include a little sample video of a little event in the demo as of now. This is just me messing around- okay more like experimenting a little feature that I want to try out. You see, I like to make everything almost as custom as possible, which also includes the message dialogue boxes. Some of you seen it in some of the project screenies where you have the character bust, but also a custom design background. Most scripts like Galv's Bust and Message background will do the trick to make your dialogues look more appealing. But for me, it was still not what I was looking for because it was a little buggy when I tried them... T-T So here I am thinking how can I have the message boxes the way I like them to be So that is when a thought came to my mind and it sparked. :3 I was tinkering with the event commands a little bit and I found out that you can do something with those message boxes with a little bit of pictures... It's probably done already but trying this myself without looking at any references; you have to give me credit though no? ^-^


But that will be a later entry (maybe by demand~ xD) on how I do it, so it's all secretive here ahaha~ ^-^ So sadly, that's all I have to say but this little video will show the feature I'm trying to do. So to summarize, the custom message dialogue boxes is done using common events with pictures and whatnot. So below is the video of the small results I had from that little eventing so I hope you enjoy!~ I'm still learning these concepts so if there is anything you like to say, please do~ :)


(Uh-oh I made a spelling mistake... T-T I must fix it!! xD)


I'll probably explain how to do this in a tutorial, but be warned that it's a tad complicated than what it sounds, but if you're really up for this style; then maybe I can show you the secret plans. But for now, that's it for this little small entry and I'll see you in the next status update~ ^-^


Hello Hello Everyone~! ^-^ Welcome to another entry of the Touhou Diary~ My quill will be writing about some plans and features that I'll might be implementing into the upcoming demo. I'm planning to have my demo somewhere around the Summer time, or at the end of August; I know you have to wait for a while but I said this before and a major amount of times; I'm being really careful at what I put things~ (My first entry will talk about why). There are some features that I'm currently try to test out too so that is another delay~ :3 Anyway,this entry will be a little up to date to what I have in store for the Touhou Project than the entries I had waaaaay before. Alrighty, without further delays, here are some features that I'm going to plan to put into the demo~


Here is a little music or the game soundtrack just to get into the setting. :3


The Story - This project will be a little heavily on story wise because there are many things that the player will need to understand. Even for those who don't know Touhou at all, I will be putting things such as character introductions and a little History of the places you will be in, etc. just to get an idea of what Touhou is, so don't worry if you're not a Touhou person at all ahaha~ As you know in my Project that my storyline is a little vague; I hardly mention what is about. That's because everything; from what the incident is, to how everything started started in the first place (even the history) is all spoilers and build-ups to the main storyline, which is remain confidential~ It's a little hard to explain what this kind of storyline falls into, but in the future, I'll probably show you my story scripts I wrote in my notebook just to give you a detailed (let's say book) of what my project is about. Like my Title sort of gives it away, but question is, do you know what it is? That's for you to find out ahaha~


The World of Gensokyo - The living world as I'll call it will be the place where the incident will mostly happen. But of course this is one of the areas that the player will explore. Here is a little default look of what Gensokyo looks like as of now. Unfortunately, I will be putting a quick map travel kind of world for now until I have the creativity to parallax a large 200 x 200 map ahaha~ xD






For now I know it looks small. but however, this isn't the only realm the player will explore. In fact, the little "incident" will affect 5 realms which the 5th one will be a secret and will be featured at the very end of the project~ Yup, the Touhou world (exluding the 5th realm) has 4 main areas the player can explore and do whatever they like. I'll give them a brief introduction on the following points below but what they hold though is for you to find out~ :3


Gensokyo (Overworld) - The main world, and to where I'll introduce to you the characters, the locations and whatnot.

The Underworld (Hell) - This realm actually has 2 parts, The Former Hell where certain characters live in and the actual Hell itself, the place where you don't want to stay for too long... xD

The Heaven Realm - The upper world above Gensokyo; not much as it sounds, but there is only one place you have to go to to access the Heaven Realm~

Makai (The Demon World) - Where every light, there is a shadow, and this place certainly is all about shadows...


Sorry If I didn't tell you a lot about the main areas, but they too are confidential. You see, every location is unique in Gensokyo and they do hold something special for the player to find out. What is in this project is not the kind you see in an RPG game in general (such as the random forests and villages people create everyday). So for now, The locations will be kept secret for now hehe~ I'll touch more about it later in another entry about what these locations are...


The Battle System - So out of the many screenies that I posted in this forums, they don't actually tell everything about the plans I have in mind for the battle system. :3 I'm always constantly changing it to make it unique and a hopefully fun experience for the player. Even though most of you guys have experience with RPG Maker battle systems, there a lot of things that I want to do to make my battle system unique, despite with me using the common scripts for battle systems. But of course, I have never posted anything related to my battle system though, since I tend to solve my problems first before asking questions~ Even the videos I have in my project is but a fragment of the what I'm trying to do... Anyway, I did have a little Theory and Dev a while back about some aspects that I like to do and I want to hear about some opinions. So here are the things that I might be changing:


First off, I was thinking of removing defense permanently in my project. Because, what I like to do is to get rid of overpowered situations in battles (not eventual overpowered situations though). I like the idea that no matter where you are and no matter what battle you're in, you'll always be in danger of wiping out. So in other words, I like to balance both the enemy party and the party of your characters. So even if you're like 5 levels higher than the enemy party, you'll still be hit for the same amount of damage, the only thing that differs you from them is the Life you have (HP), your attack power, and your strategy~


So with that in mind, I do plan to make the battles as hard as possible (but not too hard) because I want to add a little realism into the game (which I'll touch on in a later entry). And I'm sorry to those who like fast battles, but thing is, Fast battles aren't just right and they do take some of the game away. Plus Touhou is not meant to be easy~ Even though my project is not a complete danmaku game, there still has to be some things in the game that defines Touhou. :3


Crowd Control - Since I have an Active Time Battle, I was thinking of adding this concept in my project~ Crowd Control is a term to describe skills or attacks that push, pull, knockback, or knockdown. Another factor is that, this will interrupt anything on the target, whether they are casting a spell, tossing an item, etc. Certain Spell cards/Skill cards of certain characters , will have the ability to control their enemy and interrupting their actions. But be warned, enemies will do this to you too so be careful~!! Study your enemies before you attack them ahaha~


Unique Sprites - So one thing I'm really looking forward to is the sprites that will be in the project. What I want to do is to make the events in this project a little more indulging than the kinds where you just see them in one place with switching dialogues. For my first RPG Maker project, I want to avoid that little turnover and here I am working on the events with a touch of storyline to it. You probably won't believe me but I have the whole storyline planned out by having a notebook with the dialogues hehe~ You see, I'm one of those people who likes to plan out everything first before doing it, so that's why I have a notebook, it helps me write down my thoughts and how the main storyline will go in the Touhou project. With that, I just need a few Touhou sprites to help make this come true, but sadly there weren't sprites around that could fulfil this concept. So that's when I met a person in the forums who wishes to do these sprites. It's still a long way, but I'm really happy that I met her, now I could make my events the way I like them too~ ^-^ and they really look very very beautiful~ and nope, it isn't the sprite on the screenie above this blog, it's something so lovely that it isn't worth it to see on the project yet ahaha~ xD I'm pretty everyone knows who I'm talking about right? Kotori-chan , I'm really happy and grateful for your sprites and I can't wait to use them in the project~ Words cannot express my emotions on the sprites you have right now~ <3


Unfortunately I'm out of time writing this entry and I only explained 4 points of what to expect in the demo, once I get home or a little later in the week, I'll post more key points in the demo in this entry or another entry depending on how this goes. So once again I hope everyone can wait and I hope to bring a really nice demo for everyone to experience. With that said, I'll see you in the next entry of my Diary~ ^-^


Welcome, Welcome everyone to my little diary~! ^-^ Now what is this little new entry about?

Well for those who know, I had a blog earlier about some little features I was going to have for the Touhou Project. But thing is, everything there was really outdated (since I was constantly changing my style and certain things). and let's be honest, nobody likes information in the past right? So to put everyone's mind at rest; I deleted the blog, and right now I'm willing to start things fresh~ with this new little diary of every Touhou adventure I've come through~ xD


Now enough about that and let's get to the page 1 of my diary shall we? Let's start with a little music to get into the mood~ (Trust me it's better with music on~!! xD)





I joined this forum on the very late days of Feb 2014, and at that point I had nothing to give but my sense of me lurking around~ xD I bought RPG Maker VX Ace on Steam a very few weeks before I joined the forums and at that time, I had no idea how to use the game editor in my life, yup my very very first time... :c Close to the days of March to April, I started to show my little self around the forums a bit, but still not keen on what was I was going to expect~ :3 Trust me, what I am today is not what I was a year ago hehehe~ xD I was completely clueless as to what RPG Maker was. The only thing I did at that time was getting to know the experts and people I meet everyday~ :3


About close to the start of Spring... I delve myself into getting to know the game editor... and it's people. At that point I didn't have an idea of whether I wanted to show a game out to the whole audience I was aiming for, so very much it was just me experimenting everything alone... :c At that time I was introduce to a whole bunch of resources RPG Maker had to offer... Tilesets, Scripts, Audio and Music, etc. That point I started to learn bit by bit what each are capable of, but I was still not ready to showcase anything~ xD


Close to the summer time, I decided to start my new project with the gathering but still pending knowledge I picked up from the forums and other tutorials alike, and of course; this was the start of the Touhou fanmade project~ yaaaaaaay~ ^-^ However, at that time I still was learning new things everyday and everything was so ummm... basic back then~ xD Trust me you guys, The Touhou project did not look anything I have right now. In fact I still have screenies of the very earliest stages of the Touhou Project. and to be honest, I have no shame in showing it to you guys since it was me just fooling around with RPG Maker while I created the Touhou project~ :3 I'll post them at the end of this entry.


Anyway, August 20, 2014 was the day I showed my little project from what I've learned so far, and with the many positive reviews I had, I was really keen on releasing the demo earlier on. But at that time as well I was exploring around the forums and other sister forums, just to get me comfortable with what I'm dealing with. But as I was reading and studying, I realize there were so many other awesome projects around and not to mention the audience I was looking at too~ There were articles that talk about the things in RPG Maker you have to be careful about... and that point, something sparked and clicked in my mind. Whenever I look at other works, a flow of inspiration comes into me and I'm like "I can do something so much better right now!!" So around December to the present is the days I revamp my project into something more colourful than what it was at the day I officially showcased it~ ^-^


So I made a bunch of excuses saying I'm going to delay my project and the demo for whatever reasons, but it was me saying "I'm going to do better guys, so I hope you'll wait~ :3" and here we go~! I decided to get my hands on the more advance stuff like designing and parallax mapping (which I was grateful I did~) I'll post screenies of what my project is now. Compare both the outdated and the future screenies and you'll notice that I've come a long way~! xD Like a reeeaaaallly long way~ Anywho, that is very much my timeline of events from the beginning to what I am now~ This is more than just a project right now and I'm determined to get a first great demo out there for everyone enjoy, even though it's just a fanmade Touhou project. The workload is huge but I'm willing to get the impossible into possible!


Alrighty, here are the screenies for the oudated alpha, I warn you that they are nothing like today~ xD So be careful!!!














and now to what it is today~ hehehe~ ^-^
















So that's it for this entry~! This was very much shows how much inspiration can do to people like me, maybe not a lot but at least some right? I've come a long way so I'm not going to stop there. I hope to get a great demo out there and if not, oh well at least I tried.. :3 Next entry will talk about the things you'll expect in the demo, So be ready for that and I'll see you in the next entry~ (^-~)