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About this blog

A place to do my little rants and showcase things.

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This is a minor update to those who were wanting to know progress on my End of Tides project.


I have decided to refresh the project, and as of the beginning of last year, it has become Dark Tides. The story and plot has been changed, and playable characters changed slightly. If you'd like to know more about the changes, please notify me in the comments below!


Welcome to my little Showcase area, folks! This is my place to show off playable characters, other game's characters, have some vote offs, or even just rant about something. I may post some videos on here one day, but for now, I'd rather skip to what the first entry's about.

For every other week, I'll be showcasing a character. It may be mine, or it could be from another game/story. (In which I'll provide credentials to). To start off, those who like gambling will like this week, as Lek Nisshoku will be showcased from 3/7 5:00 PM (EST) to 3/14 6:00 PM (EST).


Alrighty! Let's start with the dealing, and pass out the chips. Lek is a gambling master, able to win with a pair of 2's against a five-of-a-kind of kings. Being the king of Xoa as well, he's attained many riches, which he shares with his subjects. Comparatively, Lek has the lowest crime rate compared to anything that's populated. Why's all this tidbit important?


Well, my almost possibly sleeping friends, Lek deals with skills and cards, instead of magic. Being a normal human, his body can't process any form of magic, whether it be Reinota (Ray-no-tae), which is Scalvosian for accumulation of soul, or plain mana. However, the cards he uses makes up for his lack, and being that Lek's a crazy ninja, stunt artist, sword-bearing kind of guy, who doesn't want to whip out a few cards for the heck of it?


Lek's stats aren't the brightest, consisting of a poor curve for his defense and resistance to magic.


Lek (Scaled from 0-100. The higher the number, the better.)

HP: 56

MP: 70

Attack: 45

Defense: 32

Magic Attack: 44

Magic Defense: 30

Agility: 50

Luck: 100


For today's showcase, I'll show off his Against the Odds and Stacked Deck specials.









First up, in order of our screen shots, is Stacked Deck. This technique deals anywhere from a range of 5 to 30 damage, and hits 36 times. It's the upgrade to Against the Odds, and costs a small 20 TP to use.


Against the Odds, however, deals 1 damage per hit, with a chance of landing 3 for a critical hit. Now, seeing how it also only hits 36 times, you'd probably choose to use one over the other, but why not save TP? Besides, they both target four random enemies, so you have to hope to hit the one causing you trouble.


Any thoughts? Any Comments? Drop them below!


"This has been a slow day. I mean, what's it to those who like to sing, dance, or buy toys for children? What I live for, is to make those who cheat in life's money to break into poverty-stricken pieces and return the cash back to my fellow citizens."


Bows that Bow

Alrighty, this is for those bow lovers, like them goblins in Zelda...

You may have wanted to use a bow-based weapon in your game, whether it be for an enemy or for you. But does your bow give you an edge?

Let's look at a simple game for reference. Angry Birds used a slingshot to fling birds into structures to kill pigs. Bows can be viewed as one, and you can get very inspirational at this point. Throw some potions with a bow, or throw some swords as if they were arrows. There's countless ways to do this, and all of them can work well. Something else you could place with the bow is how many times can you attack, and if it increases your speed or not.

Bows are one of the most used weapons in many animes, games, comics, shows that use weapons, and even references (Thank you Skyrim :P).


I want to point out that you shouldn't make the bow as powerful as a physical weapon. You can make it the same strength as a magical weapon, or as powerful as you can gap close, but something works as where swords are powerful against bows in close-ranged combat, something Fire Emblem shows well. You also don't want your bow giving really any defensive bonuses, unless its made directly for that purpose.


This one isn't as long in terms of a list, but when I get to other applications, it really just would mimic the ability post. Any other things you feel pleased to add is a great idea. And don't forget, save it now, or risk doing it again.


Alrighty, folks.We know that some games have abilities that affect the tides of a battle in most scenarios, like Sturdy in Pokemon. We also know that from RPG Maker VX up, the engine gave us some static abilities, like Super Guard. But, ever think that they could be a lot worse to face or a lot better to use if there was a bit more creativity with it? Let's take Super Guard, for example.


Super Guard causes damage to be reduced by another quarter, making the guarded damage 3/4ths instead of 1/2nd. Of course, it has its own use, but what if there was a static ability that granted something on top of less damage?


Let's try it with a touch of healing shall we?

Critical Guard- While guarding, if you're hit by a critical attack, reduce the extra damage by 1/4th, and recover HP equal to the damage prevented this way.


If you wanted to go a little more physical:

Counter/Storm/Spike/etc Guard- While guarding, 1/3rd physical/magic/some form of damage is returned. Does not trigger if the target is defeated before damage is dealt.


Some other examples of abilities I've used:

Critical Endurance- If a lethal blow were to kill (insert bearer's name here), instead, remaining HP becomes 1 and damage is prevented for the rest of this round.


(Place Element Here) Guard- During battle, if your HP is 25% or less, a named element will deal reduced damage.


Now, you may be curious as to how that helps. Well, when you look at a game, hack and slash games push through because there's no real need for abilities. However, when you're playing turn-based, shooting-based, or even Stationary games and scrollers, they all have some form of abilities that make their game stand out. One Finger Death Punch has Freezing Point, which allows you to kill all enemies on one side of the map, while some like Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story have items like the Challenge Medal, which boosts foes and gives you 1.4x the profit. Static, but it stands out.


It makes sense to push your game out with the smaller things people bypass at the beginning, because later on, down the road, they'll be looking at it with awe. Now, here's another tip. You don't want to push your abilities to be game breaking. Having a low DEF person with Super Guard doesn't really seem fitting, and having a physical tank with Super Guard would make the battle dull and possibly endless. You want to focuse on the main points of the character before you decide to give them any abilities.


For Example:

Let's take my character Hope. Being the Kitsune she is, she has high speed and high evasiveness. To mark, her abilities are listed below:

Slide Guard- While active, the bearer cannot be frozen.

Holy Fur- During each turn, recover 5% of your current HP.

Shift- If an enemy shifts into a different form at anytime, inflict poison and burn.

Nine Stride- While in critical condition, normal attacks have a chance to hit up to nine times.


Of course, this could be game breaking, seeing how she has high HP, heavy skill and spell power, and can cause both poison, which drops 10% of your HP per turn, and burn, which drops 5% of your HP and drops attack power by 25%. However, Nine Stride is the one I want to look at. If any actor or enemy has the option to deal extra normal attacks with a X% chance, then it may trigger. Now, if you have it at 50%, you have one that may trigger at 50, and then a possible bonus third that may trigger at 25%.


I hope this helps those who need it! And remember kids, Riki has some fruit punch for ya while I write my Nowi/Robin fanfic... Not being perverted, but they make a great team... That, and I need to beat Undertale XD


Competition Time!

While I'm still working on my game, I have a great idea. Now, hear me out, this isn't where you suddenly own part of the game, BUT you do get to be apart of it. So...


The first part of the competition is optional weapons! You may post a weapon (following the format) and see if it's voted among others. If there's more than one posted that match, the first shall stay. Remember, this is for fun!


Weapon Name:


Effect (If any):


Stat Increases:




Weapon Class:





Next up is optional summons. Now, this one will need a picture to go along with, unless you have something that works with the basic RTP. This can range from small, basic ones to well-drawn behemoths. Now, keep in mind, everyone has a chance! (All optional summons cost 1/2 less TP than the MP cost. The max TP is 100.)


Summon Name:


Summon Cost (MP):


Summon Range:


Summon Effect:


Summon Information (Not Needed):



Finally, anyone who's interested in posting optional characters may do so. Please do not steak other ideas here.


Character Name:












Extra Information:



ALL credit will be given to used material, unless stated otherwise by the sumbiter.


So the Project Begins!

Hello folks! I'll be starting a blog for my actually WIP project, Scalvose: End of Tides. This game is the first planned game of the series, and people who work on it may change later on.


So far, the only people working on this project are:

-(Owner) Rezanta


Progress Detail: I'm currently fleshing out all 200 playable characters. Yes, you heard- er, read- that right. 200 characters. There's many different enemies, areas, weapons, armor, and even a few Easter eggs planned if I get to them.


Story Description


You, playing as Will, start in Lek's casino, which is oddly empty, save for the Kimern, a bird that guards his stuff while he's away. After looking around for any trace of Lek, you come to a conclusion that he isn't there as well. Thankfully, you can fight the Kimern anytime to help learn the basics of battle, and also learn what the powerful item, known as an insignia, does. You step outside to an interesting cut-scene where Wane's sister, Kirue, and captain Drake, are both awaiting you with some troubling news from Scalvose City. Once you arrive, you're swarmed by guards, guards, and even more guards. (Talk about a military. I thought it was chess!) This is where your first true battle will begin.

(I'll leave you with the stats and skills for now, so good luck and hope you get to play the demo soon.)


Enemy Field: Knight*2 (200 HP), Field Archer (150 HP)


Your Field: Will, (100 HP), Drake (150 HP), and Kirue (130 HP)


The battle may consist of you having to bring down the archer first, mainly if he uses Arrow

wings, which grants the Enbody status. This status will up defenses for a while, and may be stacked. You can use Drake's Break skill to remove the buff, but be warned, if you start using stat boosts, the knights have Break as well. You can also take the tank-fighting approach. Although, Will's Flara Shotgun will be your best bet in the beginning against the knights. Whether you win or lose, you gain access to the castle and can continue on to see King Victor. (More to be added soon.)


Quick Notes (Something I like to say/give when needed, otherwise there will be a N/A): Thanks to all of you who help set up most of the first steps I took! I want to also thank those who also responded to my "What do you think is a main Antagonist" and my character topics.

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