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As one can see, I'm a very fragile individual, capable of going to pieces at the slightest provocation.


There really is no cure or treatment for this short of immaculate and constant love and affection, which is a harem-based fairytale that is unrealistic, so I'll likely never heal, but I'll be damned if Joe Jackass Motherfucking Cuntwipe Hackershithead gets to win because he was able to screw myself and someone else through their mischief.


This debacle has scarred me, and since there is no chance of healing it...


This broken doll is going away.


This won't be a long, drawn out entry.


It seems that my IP address is no longer banned on RMW or RMN (but from what I was able to gather it never was on RMW).


I did create a new account on RMW some time back, though I had to use a proxy to get in. Well, it has been since May 10, and I can't even make a fucking introductory post (oh yes, familiar and brutally UNFAIR TERRITORY HERE).


So, I'm asking for someone from here to go speak with a fair admin over on RMW, please, for heaven's sake.


Of course, I don't know of anyone here that has an account on RMW, well, except one unless she moved from there to here, that being Amysaurus.


But seriously, please, help me. I'd try to contact one of the admins myself, but I do not like the idea of pleading an IP Hack case to people that are potentially partial.


I only ask, because I'd do the same for anyone else. Thank you in advance.


Oh, my account name? We'll discuss it not in public if you decide to assist me.


One more thing. It may help if the person who does assist me is both an admin here and on RMW.


I had an account on RPG Maker Web a couple years back, and I had gone away for a couple weeks. Well, someone decided to hack my account, and not just that one, but several, but the point is, is that when my RMW account was hacked, whomever did it decided to sabotage my account and the staff fell for it. Guess what happened?


I got banned. Oh yeah, my IP got banned. No, emailing the administrators doesn't work, like ever, because I tried for a week, and got no fucking response. At the time, I lived elsewhere, and after the move, I thought about starting up another, only to find that someone had not only hacked my IP, but also, my computer, and had used someone else's account through my computer to do some really lewd things...


Now my IP has been banned on both RMW and RMN.


This all coincides with core Windows drivers failing, at least for the second time I got hacked. So I'm wondering if the hack actually caused this problem.


Of course, I did a re-install of Windows using the disc (the anytime upgrade option so as to not lose all my files), and the drivers were restored, as was the firewall.


But I beg to ask, why me? Why this person, whomever they might of been. Just, why?


Well...other than that and life being unrealistically unfair, nothing more to say...


Other than...


Top40 music is not music, and anyone who says otherwise has no taste at all.


Amyrakunejo, signing off...


For most of the afternoon and evening where I live has been under severe weather watches and/or warnings in one form or another. Mostly, severe thunderstorm warnings and watches, but tornado watches and a few warnings as well.


Where I live, the weather has just started turning towards the nastier side, otherwise just overcast and cool.


We had a severe thunderstorm warning briefly not too long ago, said related storm raced through the area like a Ferrari on the Audobahn and was here and gone in five minutes tops.


But in other areas, heavy rain, strong winds, straight line winds, large hail and rotation with and without associated wall clouds were a huge part of a two-hundred mile length thunderstorm chain. That chain was never near my area though...


There were some reports of tornadoes, funnel clouds and the like, but any damage reports were related to the strong winds, one report which was actually shown on live coverage was of an old tree completely uprooted from the ground, a sad sight indeed. :(


Right now, there's some thunder rumbling, birds chirping, perhaps some light drizzle, but nothing severe at the moment.


Yeah, the location I have on my profile is where I am from, not where I live currently.


That's right, I live in Tornado Alley, and though I didn't want to move here...that's for another story, another time.


Amyrakunejo, signing off...

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