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Perang Cemen

Deer! (Hi there!) I have add more CG for scene like


Lexar kiss Karen Ruby when they first meet at Promo Woods, Lexar abuse action Like Hit, slap, kick and many more.

And I add some animated CG too! the first animated CG is


Lexar hold Jebraw Chidori(Lighting strike) with his hand.

There will be more animated CG, But they won't animate in Gallery (Sorry I'm not much of a Programmer)

Okay that's for now, if there something new again I'll tell you.

Bye Bye! (I'm not going anywhere, If You feel like say hello or something just PM me or leave comment down below)

Perang Cemen

Deer! (Hi there!) If you have read this text that mean you want to know what happen to my project correct?:giggle:

Well, I just add some skill, stuff, and a character from past! so there will be lots boss appear after Lexar Defeat Monster lord's, like fight boss to boss over and over.:angelnot:

right now I'm still working on those character, their sprite was Rm2k and now I need to remade them to VXAce their picture is also need to re-draw because too small.:o

plus I add more hard sub-quest, and even more confusing sub-quest, I also add some simple puzzle on dungeon too!:lol:

okay! My game might take time longer to complete, but! this is worth to raise quality of this game. :thumbup3:


(:cheers:Have you play demo? and want to give suggestion? don't shy, just put what your tough down below or PM me, I'll be gladly listen to what your tough!)


Perang Cemen

Yo there, I put this because I do lot heavy changed on devil boy quest gameplay, It can be good or no but who care!

What changed?

:DFirst! A TOOL!

this is secret but there some kind of tool that allow you to unlock secret area contain rare item. Ex: Shovel... you need talk to a tool maker at F2 of Blacksmith in Maduin.

a shovel can be used to unlock a ground passage (there one in Tsugi and other place too)

#<You may say::huh:that so common in rpg game, is that all you got?>

there are more tool, but there also consumable tool, like candle can be used to look trough dark( just add some more sight distance)

#<You may say::huh:It's so troublesome, what if I run out of it? I'll stuck in darkness and beaten by enemy, what a pain...>

I don't want to create crazy craft system because I'm so damn lazy to do it, in the end I just put that event overworld, let say you want make torch, then you need cut 10 wood then bring it to old man in Ilya village, Since torch is more longer and brighter than small candle.

#<You may say::huh:What is this? I need go back very far just to get consumable tool? oh man, It's really troublesome...>

I know that, but I make it in purpose... the lazy player might just skip make tool and just beat the game half way, yeah don't mind them as long as they enjoy it.

#<You may say::huh:aren't you are the one who lazy?>

Shut up. I don't want talk about that.


okay there dark system-

#<You may say::huh:ah that sound borin... there many game have that too>

I know, but my dark system is cool they changed everytime! like real darkness

#<You may say::huh:you just use random var or whatever is that, nothing special about it>

That's.... hurt...


Now battle system, the Mode KZL gauge is reset every battle, so It's harder to cast Limit Break Skill,

#<You may say::huh:hey! that's cruel man! I can't beat boss without that!>

shut up! if the gauge didn't reset you can charge it by fighting small fry after it full you release it at boss so you can have easy win!

I change that so player have hard time defeating bosses, make it more challenging.


Lexar ability

Uh well the main hero have too much ability there might be more coming but for now...

*Teaching! Learn enemy ability (Not all of their ability can be learned, just some of it)

*Hand Of Madun (Steal enemy stuff, from weapon, item, money, etc)

*Izanagi (Ability to life again (It's not like Life3 or rerais from Final Fantasy alike) but not at time he dead he revived, It's like zombie, he will dead for awhile then he back to life! so if three of them dead at same time it will result game over expect there one still alive)

#<You may say::huh:Is this guy superman or something? he can do whatever he want>

then I don't have tell about ability stuff, the next is co-op skill


CO-OP Skill

It's a skill that require 2 people(Lexar+other) this skill can be used when two people or more have condition, Not Death/Fallen, not under bad status that make them unable to move or seal their ability like Sleep, Stun, or Silence, have enough MP/SP, and weapon used, if this condition break then the skill will be unable to use, even after you cast it and in charge time but suddenly enemy put one of you sleep then the skill will be canceled.

#<You may say::huh:That's hard one...>


Secret in learn skill

you may know this but in l there bunch of book about skill, they located in Library in every big town but sometime they located somewhere inside castle too.

#<You may say::huh:Don't you have some better system about skill?>

Of course I have but I'm too lazy to do it, what da ya want? skill tree? based on level? learn from tome? buy it from magic shop? that borin, I more like put skill in a treasure chest and hide that treasure chest in a maze, but that just way too crazy, so I make a library contain many skill book, and you need to check it with all character you have, let say there book about Ruby Blaster that can be only used by Karen, but you need to chose who read it, if you chose Lexar then no one will get the skill beside Lexar don't like read books anyway...

#<You may say::huh:Hell there many character and many skill not only that check every book with every character?>

It's more challenging than normal skill system wasn't it?

#<You may say::huh:It's not challenging It's more sound annoying>


Learn skill trough... other way than read books.

I'm so lazy to make a party member fight each other in order to get special skill(CO-OP and alike) so I make it lika dramatic interview, you can found it in haunted PUB, it's not really haunted, actually It was fancy Pub covered by illusion that make it look like haunted, the trial is easy just say yes or no at the end, oh yeah I warn you, if your HP is low you will die and send to game over screen, but if you manage to survive, you will get lot's of damage, let say they do some inhuman training kind of it and get a CO-OP skill and alike.

#<You may say::huh:This is weird training...>

yeah I don't really care about what they do anyway...


oh well that's all for now...

(Every words after this ->:huh: is a some friend of mine thought, so don't mind it, it really useless speech, even It's make me little motivated...)



Perang Cemen

I don't feel like put stuff like feature but whatever

Devil Boy Quest might contain these...feature...

Ignore Talk: When you talk with some NPC, you don't have to wait until they done talking, you can just leave them.

Multiple Talk: When you check on something like book, people, animal etc, you will have chose who will interact with them, every actor have their own view-point like when you chose Lexar he can hear tree while other can't, but he don't like to read books.

Hidden Stuff: Be sure to check Pot, Tree, Bush, etc. because you won't know what in there.

Teaching: Lexar special ability to copy enemy possible skill.

Combo: A skill require two people or more.

Limit Break: A skill like overdrive etc, more damage when the caster low on HP.

Chance: Sometime in battle you will have chance to get double exp, money, item, or raise your atk and def.

Multiple Currency: There are 3 kind of currency used in this game. you will know it if you found Metal Chest(in Ruined Fox Village)

Mining: You can gather Gold or Silver from secret mine located in Tsugi you also need a special item too.

But there a problem, in late of the game someone with crazy ability join the party, her ability is troublesome and her combo can cut all enemy in two.

and she also have ??? skills.

???: A random skill.

Spirits: Spirit greatly raise the user ability.

those two above will make game very easy at mid part but... in the last part you will feel like hell.

there will be more and more troublesome stuff, if you have something to add leave it here, I'm might just pick it up.

Perang Cemen

Here I am, wander alone and look for my friend and ask they did they can help me or no, most of them say no since what I ask is really really sound silly, what I ask them to do? well I'm not ask Graphic or Music or script, what I ask is Humongeos(Otama Style speak mean human) voice, what voice? no it's not like saying word "Hello anybody home" no! what I ask is this kind of voice "Hya!" "Die!" "Agh!" "take this!" yeah those words used in battle, it's really hard to find person that willing help you for free, since I don't have Trees of money.

Well there are some want to help but they seems don't have spirit like "hya..." they didn't speak that very loud or they don't imagine they are in battle, oh well most of them can do is make moan like "ahh" "ohh" but when I hear it over and over, I started to think their moan is so lewd.

so here I am looking for someone, what happen to my project then? Don't worry, if I didn't find all character voice until this project done, I'll delete the rest voice and make this game has no voice. yeah so simple to say so, but there nothing I can do about this beside... no never mind!

Perang Cemen

You know I always want to make fun with the player before the game begin, at time like these I talk about reality like avoid piracy and stuff, but this was story I made long time ago, that time I still didn't know about how cruel the world, so I make fun with them by giving a trap question, if they being too rude they will send to game over screen!


whahahahaha! I really want to see their face if they do so.


Well enough of it, the begin of the game was I stole from a snes game civilization, yes a God/goddess appear and guide the player, much likely same to other heroic story.


Then fight first enemy, in Final Fantasy MQ the Hero start with fight Strong enemy like a boss enemy, same for Demon Crest, so I make enemy very powerfull in begining , I make it impossible for player alone defeat it so I let the one who guide the hero appear and give him little help, but only once, the rest enemy is also same like the first which mean the player will have game over, over and over.


after first battle I force player to looking someone for money so the player can buy new weapon if he didn't do that, he will defeated by enemy over and over.


after the player get his weapon the player still need do basic in rpg game:

1 Fight Encounter Enemy get Money and Exp

2 use money to rest at INN to recover hp to full

3 level up, go to harder place and fight stronger enemy

4 if enemy too strong buy some gear or item to recover hp

5 fight boss enemy, if too hard to defeat the boss, go and fight weak enemy to level up


first boss fight, I'm always make this kinda tricky

the first boss will attack player with two way normal and warning attack, normal might just do small damage but warning would do 5x time than normal but can be avoid/reduce by guard, the boss will warn player by charge/hold his attack in this turn if player didn't guard then the player will take lot's of damage if the player guard and wait the right time to attack, the player can defeat it(Very easy of course).


after this the game will begin to Balance from Easy to Hard.

Perang Cemen

About the World of Perang Cemen Devil Boy Quest (Year 777 G calendar)

In a world, where monsters take the forms, one boy is fated to change everything forever.

The plot starts when Lexar, hero of this story, has a dream of the god Zukan who commands him to take up arms, become a hero worthy of him and slay the legions of monster that attack humans everywhere. However, Lexar has another ideal: coexistence between human and monster, something Zukan would not approve of.