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Wooden Ocean entry 22: Poetry of Bronze



Well, here we are, start of a new year, and the WO's first update is now up. Details can be found here:


This update was pretty fun. Between the new Cellianna tilesets I purchased and the puzzle making, this was one of the most enjoyable updates to make. It also features twice the bug fixes than the last one, thanks to a good friend of mine Kenlan on RMN and Gamedawg, a let's player. I cut out an important scene this update. Tbh, it just wasn't needed. It was just too talky and it spelled things out too much. Kill your darlings.


My goal for this year is to bring the game up to at least 50+ hours and have at least 50% more places to go. Next month's update won't bring any new areas, but it will add more puzzles throughout the game. (I wanted this one to bring 13 new puzzles, but it only brought 9. I honestly skipped them so I could release the patch a week early to fix some major bugs) February's primary focus is to bug test and give me time to create a new trailer. The old one is out of date and was the first video I've made in ten years. I know I could do better. Even if it's a half step up, it'll be worth it in the long run.


Feb, Mar, April, and then.... that's it for the monthly updates. After that, i'll be seasonal updates which will take about 3 months each and will add a lot more content per patch. Enough so, that every seasonal update or two, can reasonably warrant another play through or reload of where you left off.


Anyways, enough of me talking. December was a good month, and so far January has been as well. Here's to Feb.

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Its cool to see you planning to continue supporting this for so long. Think you'll ever work on any other projects?

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I was originally planning on doing the sequel by now, but with what happened in Jun with it´s short lived greenlight due to a miscommunication on my part, I just didn't want to give up on it.


The great thing WO has going on is that it´s a non-linear dungeon crawler that can always be added onto, even years down the road. Tbh, there´s a 10% chance I´ll never stop working on this game, even when I´m old and grey. A lot of people misread their motivational level on their projects, but for me, that´s an accurate statement. Regardless, I´ve promised free dlc until at least Summer 2018, most likely more, but at least Summer 2018 with at least yearly updates in 2019 and 2020. I´ve only sold 4 copies on, but even if I sell zero more, I plan to deliver what I promised to those 4 customers. (and have fun making the game while I do it)

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