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Main Page: Plot, FAQ, and Progress



Welcome to my new project, Scalvose: Demons and Dragons. This project is aimed at the general audience, though it is technically PG13. Ratings aside, the whole project is aimed to be around 47 hours of gameplay, excluding additional chapters and the ending. With 2 chapters (Prologue and chapter 1 for the beginning project) per game planned, I'm hoping to get as much done within the next 4-5 years as possible. Otherwise, let's begin with the plot.



It's been extremely calm on Scalvose lately. After Xerian's defeat and the return of peace, it seemed the whole world was taking a breather from the destruction caused. Sacred Leaf, a band of friends and heros bent on protecting Scalvose, split up to enjoy the summer and repair damages dealt. Wane Kurriro, the leader, left to nurture the forests belonging to Veryll. Crystal returned to her caverns, lazily enjoying the silence with the snow around her. Darkness left to be the pervert he was, hitting on as many girls as he could, hoping to land a date or two. Lek Nisshoku, king of Xoa, returned to his land, helping his people recover from the destruction of the war.

In Rya Ruins, however, Will had plans to find a secret treasure pertaining to the history of Scalvose. It wouldn't be easy, considering Rya always shifts, with nothing to see or predict below. Will ends up running into another person who's trying to acquire the artifact as well, and with natural rivalry and hatred towards another, they end up fighting. Meanwhile, Xex Nisshoku, Lek's brother and cruel experimenter, is working on finding alternate dimensions when he ends up opening a portal to the demon's homeworld.

Migrol, referred to as the leader, enters, attacking him and begins to attempt to enslave Scalvose, while another extreme threat opens up to destroy it. However, it's not all as it seems, as Migrol is experimenting on a kid and her child in hopes of opening another portal back to his homeworld to bring more of his kind to his side. Sacred Leaf, Xex, Xerian, and others will have to fight against three different threats. Can they defeat Migrol, protect Scalvose, and prevent the portal from being opened? Or will they be too late?




Game Production Progress

  • Sprites- 1%
  • Artwork- 4%
  • Mapping/Eventing- 22%
  • Animations (Battle)- 3%
  • Story Progress- 10%
  • Database for Items and Equipment- 30%
  • Characters -79%
  • Tilesets- 0%
  • Voice Acting- 0%
  • Plugins- 100%
  • Overall Progress- 15%

I plan on seeing if anybody is wanting to work on some parts of the game with me, although broke due to college, but until then, any feedback, suggestions, questions, and so on are highly appreciated!



Q: Why is this blank?

A: There isn't any question asked repeatedly, yet!

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