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Chronciles of Honor - Age of heroes



I've been working on my game a lot from working on graphics and such, really needed to show off my latest map. (^_^)/ Anyway, here it is. It is an ingame map, with effects added, fog and such. Now, the thing is I need graphics created and I hope to the Gods that I can find someone. You see those characters? I have a total of eight characters, two children and six characters with two characters having two forms. I am going to have a side view battle system and going to use Yami's system. I am going to use Kudai battlers. (_ _') Urgh, I've look them over and I just have no idea how I am going to go about that, because I've never edited charactersets like that. .. not that radically. (o_o#) it does make you appreciate the professionals, actually.



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I used a script, because pictures just didn't look right... the script is located here.

(^_^) Thank you for the compliment.  I just love the way the map looks.. One of my proudest moments.

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