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World of Chaos Progress and Plans VIII

Here is my progress and plans for World of Chaos.

Note: Imma do this on the 1st of every Month



Weapon stats reform

There will also be a reform for the weapons. Some are too strong and some are too weak. I also have to reform the rarity levels (Equipment set, legendary, legendary artifact, and unique (new one)).


Damage Formula Reform (Completed)

The game now uses a 1:(2/3) ratio instead of the default 1:0.5 ratio.


Equipment differentiation

I want two-handed blunts and blades to coexist, but I want them to be different somehow (atleast,t hat is how it started). The idea I have is:


Two-Handed Blunt Weapon: Ignore 15% Armor (for melee attacks only); +5% MP Cost Rate


One-Handed Blunt Weapon: Ignores 3% Armor


Two-Handed Blade Weapons: +30% Melee Resistance; + 5% MP Cost Rate


One-Handed Blades: +6% Melee Resistance


Daggers: +10% EVA


Bows: +10% CRI


Scythes (Battlemage weapon): Ignore 7.5% Armor, 7.5% Melee Resistance, -20% AGI (Or I might replace the AGI penalty with the +5% MP Cost)


Battlestaves: People who use these will be able to equip shields (Scythes still cannot). +6% Melee Resistance


Staves: -10% MP Cost Rate, -75% Cooldown (I may or may not add a +5% weakness to melee penalty)

Shields: +10% Magical/Ranged resistance.



Quest System Reform

Still have to add some quests over.


Enemy Stats Reform

Due to my damage formula reform, many enemies are doing little to no damage.



14 Quests have been finished.

No Quests are in progress.

Roughly 381 skills

Roughly 99 items

Roughly 121 Weapons

Roughly 94 Armors

Roughly 106 Enemies

Roughly 191 States

Roughly 133 Troops

Exactly 121 Custom Animations

Roughly 140 common events

17 Actors

11 Classes

Exactly 28 Elements (You need to only worry about 12)

7 Weapon types

4 Armor types

7 Skill types


My focus?

Enemy stat reform

NOTE: I have finals coming up and HW to make up so I probably won't get much done this month.

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