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The Future of the Future (or Aftermath: Gears of Hope and you)

For those of you who don't know, Aftermath: Gears of Hope is the ambitious first installment of a three-part series. I've had this idea in my head for a world in which cyborgs are the minority for some time, now. However, the original theme, backdrop, etc. of the game have all changed drastically. In this post, I will explain the origins of the idea, how it has changed and what you can do to help me make this game a reality.


How it all began and how it has changed

Many years ago, I was thinking to myself, "What about a world where the cyborgs were a minority?" This idea sat for a while, before I started making some kind of concept. I, of course, started with the history (which has changed since those days). Funnily enough, the original concept was simultaneously bigger and smaller than what I'm making, today - it only had one ending, but it took place in a large futuristic city. It eventually turned into a town, then a single building and finally, a small campus town. I ironed out the story, as well. I remember when I first brought the idea to the forum - you were a cyborg, you attended a school, nobody liked cyborgs, save for one person who would help you, so don't get found out. Good luck. Since then, I've come up with multiple endings, very detailed characters and several in-world truths you can discover about each and every character - including the MC. What you could call the final concept for the game actually came around last year - about the time I posted the game's post in Games In Progress.


How you can help

In my experience, not many people are really willing to help somebody with a project of this size for just getting their name in the credits and getting a full copy of the game on the release date of the demo. I've offered my own services and people still say no. I've come to the conclusion that I need to actually pay people to help. I know I won't be getting this game done any time soon. I can also see that the interest in the game is beginning to fade. I've even been accused of abandoning the project altogether. this isn't the case - it's just that the project is so overwhelming that one person simply couldn't pull it off. However, I don't have much money. I can't just pay people money I don't have. So, instead of taking ten years to make a game, I'm going to try a different approach. I'm going to open art commissions to make money to pay people to help me out with the game. Originally, I was going to do this for the sole purpose of getting money to buy myself a new computer and help my Mum out with bills, but I've realized that I simply can't make this game without the help of others and others won't help me unless I pay them. When I get my art references done, I'll get the commission shop started. There's absolutely no guarantee I'll get money, but it's all I've got at this point.



Eventing - This is more or less what needs the most work, so I'll need the most people in this category.

Mapping - My maps are dull and uninteresting. I need help with that.

Background Artist - I can draw people like nobody's business. I can't draw backgrounds. Since I'll only be able to have one art style, I'll need at least one person to help me out with this. The more the better, so that if somebody quits for some reason or another, I'll have people on backup.

Move Routes - More or less, I don't like designing long move routes. Not a necessary position, but I'd like someone to help.

Testers - This is the position I expect won't have any trouble being filled. Everybody here loves playing games (or why else would you be making them?).


Where we go from here

Without making the game less than I'd like, the game certainly won't be out by Christmas of this year, like I had planned. In the mean time, I do plan on working not only on Aftermath, but other projects to keep you entertained while you wait. I want to keep the game alive while it's made and its release is anticipated.



Videos explaining various parts of the game.

Smaller games (often within the Aftermath universe).

Short stories and small (written) views into the cutscenes.

Character and character concept art.


In the mean time, thank you for following the development of Aftermath: Gears of Hope.

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To be fair, I'm in the same boat as you, but at this point in life I plan to mainly do everything by hand.


Anyway, I'm here incase there's some event questions and such or actual event help. :3

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At this particular point, I'm going to need to give people access to the fully updated version of the game so we can team up and really work on all of this.

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Honestly, in regard to maps/events/move routes, most of what I heard about Aftermath sounds like it would work better as a sort of visual novel thing then a top down RPG anyway, though I assume you are going for something a bit more Persona-ish.


I am tempting to help out with eventing/move routes at least, maybe. Though Isn't eventing and move routes sort of the same thing? Whatever. Personally for move routes I have taken to using small scripts to let me do stuff like place zones for NPCs to follow. It makes some complex movements much much easier. Though I guess it depends on what you are trying to do. I don't really think I have the kind of drive or health to deal with long term projects though, maybe not even short term ones.

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Rather than work for money to buy work why not cut out the middleman?

If someone asks you for a commission and they can do work you require to a level that you appreciate, how about trading your skill for theirs?


Aside from that, I'd really recommend not diverting your resources (principally, time) away from your main project. A side project for the whimsy with no commitments is one thing but it sounds like you're just adding to your workload.

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