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Entry 001: Summer storms and other stuff



For most of the afternoon and evening where I live has been under severe weather watches and/or warnings in one form or another. Mostly, severe thunderstorm warnings and watches, but tornado watches and a few warnings as well.


Where I live, the weather has just started turning towards the nastier side, otherwise just overcast and cool.


We had a severe thunderstorm warning briefly not too long ago, said related storm raced through the area like a Ferrari on the Audobahn and was here and gone in five minutes tops.


But in other areas, heavy rain, strong winds, straight line winds, large hail and rotation with and without associated wall clouds were a huge part of a two-hundred mile length thunderstorm chain. That chain was never near my area though...


There were some reports of tornadoes, funnel clouds and the like, but any damage reports were related to the strong winds, one report which was actually shown on live coverage was of an old tree completely uprooted from the ground, a sad sight indeed. :(


Right now, there's some thunder rumbling, birds chirping, perhaps some light drizzle, but nothing severe at the moment.


Yeah, the location I have on my profile is where I am from, not where I live currently.


That's right, I live in Tornado Alley, and though I didn't want to move here...that's for another story, another time.


Amyrakunejo, signing off...

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Ah so you've had hail, too? A work for a collision repair shop so I'm painfully familiar with hail storms. We've had crappy weather in Chicago too. It's in the high 40's right now in mid May. Clearly this is Obama's fault. 

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So, you believe in what the Republicans say? Anything that is said with money Greed is never truthful.

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Yep. Climate change is a myth. Everything wrong with the country is Obama's fault. Healthcare is a product. Rape is a preexisting condition. Gay people shouldn't be allowed to marry. Jesus is great. 


I have a hard time believing how anyone can buy into their crap. At least with the healthcare issues, their grand half baked plan blew up in their faces, and they had to answer to a lot of very angry constituents. 


Wasn't this topic about weather or something? o_O Still crappy here. Still blame Obama =p

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As a fairy, I am kinda in touch with nature enough to think I have some authority to talk about what is going on with the human world, but I would never presume to know everything. Still, here are my observations:


First of all, you need to understand nature is never really your friend even in the best of times. It's a wild chaotic thing that follows it's own rules. There is a reason things are called 'forces of nature' ya know? Weather is part of that. You humans multiply everywhere in your world and there are just times and places that are safer to live and ones that are worse, even when things are at their most optimal.


But humans really do make it much worse for themselves. They multiply and migrate around, following whatever economic fortunes that lead them to their idea of prosperity regardless of where they end up or how difficult it is to survive there. They blatantly build everything according to there own styles and whims regardless of how well it goes with the environment. They will even go so far as to brute force their environment to suit their needs by blasting though hills, draining swamps, clearing forests, diverting rivers, anything they can to make things just a little more pleasant for themselves without thinking or caring about the costs.


And all that is without even mentioning the careless overconsumption which leaves waste everywhere, of the attitude of making so much that is simply disposable and so much that is actively harmful or useless. You humans just have so much trash! Piles and piles of 'stuff' as far as the eye can see, and your focus seems always to be making more of it! And honestly I like tons of human stuff, but there has to be a middle ground doesn't there?


So yeah, all of that kinda ends up really messing with the balance of forces and all that. I mean the thing is, even if you can't tame nature most humans don't even try to appease it that much. They are getting better about that though, and honestly it is not quite a big of a problem as you humans might think. I mean, humans are part of nature too. They are another piece of the grand puzzle, so to speak. It's kind of arrogant of humans to assume the world will live or die by only their will. Humans are just another of natures experiments. The question is, will they live up to their potential or are they just another dead end like so many others?


Well, I believe in you humans! *sprinkles fairy dust on as many as she can* :3

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