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Plot, characters and more - An intro page [Unfinished]



The Crystal Crown [WIP]


"The Crystal Crown" is a RPG game that I am currently developing with RPG Maker MV. It is set in the conworld I've been working on since I was 15.

Something I'd like to point out from the beginning is that the game will be in Spanish, as that is my mother language.

Anyway, below I will explain some quick facts about the game. Later, I will continue with the plot and characters:


  • It will be a mix of a classic SNES RPG with elements such as Bethesda-like dialogs and NPCs and Souls-like item/weapons/armor descriptions.
  • The latter means that items/weapons/armors will contain some lore brackground of the world.
  • Quests won't be your typical fetch quests or things like "I lost my necklace, please go find it."
  • Quests will be complex. Some wiill have several ways to complete them, each one of it affecting the world in a noticiable way.
  • NPCs will have dialogs similar to those found in Bethesda games. I will talk more about them later on.
  • Stats. Max level: 50. Max HP: 999. Max PM: 500. Max STR, DEF etc: 99.
  • Stats names: Attack => Strength. Magic Attack => Magic. Defense => Resistance. Magic Defense => Spirit.
  • There are 9 main characters, each one with their unique Job, weapons and equipment.
  • One of the characters can be either a Druid or a Thief. The player will ultimately decide the fate of said character and if they chose Druid, another character will join as the Thief. On the other hand, if the player decides that they want the character to be a Thief, that other character will not join the party and will simply remain an important NPC.
  • There is, for now, one optional character. Whether he joins the group or not will be, again, decision of the player. I won't spoil much, but this character will be an antagonist through the game.
  • There will be Alchemists, Blacksmiths and Artificers. They will be able to improve weapons and equipment, create crystals and brew potions.
  • Characters won't be able to craft anything themselves, with the exception of the Druid, who will be able to brew potions using Alchemy.
  • The world is big and there will be a lot to explore: cities, towns, dungeons, ancient temples, forgotten ruins... inside you will find monsters, puzzles and of course, treasures.
  • There is not a single overworld map. Instead, there are several Provinces divided in a number of Regions. Each one will feature towns, places to explore and quest areas.
  • Jobs will have impact on each character. There are a set of skills only obtainable through "Job Quests", which will also grant weapons and other equipment. Players are encouraged to complete all "Job Quests". They're somewhat optional but everyone wants powerful weapons and skills, right?
  • Each character has 5 weapons, which can be improved with forge materials that can be collected through the world (mining, drops from monsters, etc). The first three weapons can be improved up to +10 and the other two up to +5.
  • The plot is not lineal: the are several branches and ways to complete the main quests. The player will have to take care of their decisions.
  • There will be romance. I'm still working on this.
  • Careful with your characters: some decisions can put their lifes in danger.


This is all for now, I will explain in deth some of these features later on. Okay, let's go with the plot and the characters.




Historical background


The Ark-Empire is going under heavy changes. Several technological discoveries such as electricity as a power source and to light the cities, machines of different purposes, etc. changed many day-to-day aspects of the Aezin society. As a consecuence, many social achievements were gained in the last years: labour unions, worker safety laws, and several other laws protecting the lower classes. All these tech and social changes affected society and a new era began: one where the old clashes with the new.





The Imperial House's power is weakening and the Great Houses are very aware of it. The Novga, the power to control and command dragons has almost completely vanished and with it, any claim over the Dragon Throne, as only the Heir of the Novga can be crowned as Emperor of the Ark-Empire. The Houses are starting to forge alliances and the shadow of a civil war is growing dire...


In the middle of all this, a conspiracy is born. A small group of four nobles of the now four pillars of society (the latter being the newest one): Justice, Faith, Magic and Technology are plotting agaisnt the Imperial House. They want an ancient artifact, something that has slipped history, a creation of a madman, but a powerful tool that could throw the balance of power. The Crystal Crown, a strange device that is supposed to mimic the power of the Novga.

Several individuals, sides and of course, our protagonists, will be looking for it. Who is right and who is wrong? What is the Novga exactly? Is the Crystal Crown real? No one knows, but no one will relinquish the artifact.




The game is divided in several chapters. The first one is named "The Hunter".




All characters have their own life, story and past, which is all resolved and dealt with in their "companion quests". If the player does not want to complete them or even start them, they can miss armor, items, weapons and of course, cutscenes, dialogs and the possibility of getting a good end with the character. Similar to what the Fallout 3 and New Vegas did with companions, at the end of the game there will be a series of cutscenes with all the characters and their fates. If the player has completed their quests and keep a positive affinity with them, they will get the best ending. Of course, if you treat a character badly, do not complete his/her quest and so on, you will get a bad ending and even a death ending. To sum up: there are 4+1 possible endings for each character: Best Ending, Good Ending, Sad Ending, Bad Ending; Death Ending.


[For now I will put a list of the group of characters]


Main characters



Job: Monster Hunter.

Narissa Fislen-Hador

Job: Priestess of Light.

Heidek Galart-Kurel

Job: Paladin.

Sherr Hirek

Job: Druid or Thief.

Asher Hirek

Job: Expert thief.

Karsten Zirak-Nakir

Job: Knight-Judge.



Job: Velaker (like sword dancers but with a scythe).


Rashana Parmak

Job: Mage.


Laani Shiref

Job: Engineer.


Secondary characters


Lairen Saalei

The Master

The Mother

Lahn Ixar








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