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Classicz: Hitman Blood Money



blog-0304389001362335105.jpgOkay, I missed this one by 3 days. But we'll ignore that and pretend it's Thursday. So here we are, the third Classicz feature. This time featuring a non-RPG, stealth/action game Hitman: Blood Money (Release Date: May 30th 2006). Oh, and I almost forgot, make sure to suggest a game for the next classicz feature, as this is the third one!


Where to start on this one? I think the best way to explain this game is to say it gives you a lot of options. You kill everyone, or kill no one. You choose the method by which your target dies, all entirely up to you. I love the free-form gameplay that gives you tons of replayability. This is also my favorite of the Hitman series because I was never confused about where to go or what to do. The game guides you to where your supposed to go without making it remotely easy to get there. The others kinda just drop you there and don't give you tons of information to work with.


With that, the game also packs a pretty good story, if nothing special. The star of the show here is undoubtedly Blood Money's fantastic gameplay.


Still one of the best stealth titles I've had the joy of playing. I can't wait to try out the sequel, Absolution.






PS3 (HD Version):

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