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  2. Hello! I'm hoping someone help me create a cutesy golem sprite for my project?Resource Type: Overworld Character SpriteMaker Format: VxAce (although MV is fine too)Art Style: RTP (Chibi) styleDescription: I'm hoping to create a magical-looking golem, something that looks kinda rugged/worn down, but still kinda cutesy. I have an image below to base it on.References: I'm looking to have the golem based on this little guy:Very cute indeed!~Thank you!
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  5. Guys, I have a confession. I'm a transguy.

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    2. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      Thank you all so much! <3 This really means a lot to me.

    3. Crescent


      @Purple Phantom I kinda know that feel ^^ so I totally support you from my truest heart :)

      love yourself <3

    4. Purple Phantom
  6. Deer! do you know where we wait for train?


    Hint: it started with 'S'


  7. If you talking about anime I don't know since there are so many of them. (Beside they all looks similar anyway...) If you talking about game I don't know either.
  8. Thank you.
  9. Hum, I apologize?
  10. Thanks for the warning.
  11. Please don't say that kind of stuff about me. It hurts my feelings.
  12. Exactly why I'm telling people about this. Constant vigilance will win the day. That and a razor sharp sword.
  13. No matter how much security you put on a forum (IPB has an odd tendency for this, experience talking), people always find ways to build bots around it, that make accounts for spam, usually utilizing adult themes on their posts, yes. These things aren't targeted like that, nor people. Just automatic stuff. All it can be done about it is delete posts & threads & account and move on until IPB gets even more security... but it will be bypassed eventually as usual.
  14. We either have someone using multiple accounts and/or someone has hacked accounts here, and are sending ridiculous spam messages to people. We must stay aware of this, keep on top of it. If you see anything that looks suspicious, notify the admin, hit that report button, and if you believe you may of been hacked, change your passwords, call your banks, do whatever you feel necessary to remain as safe as possible. This is the internet, and it is unsafe, soon to be even less safe if the FCC has a say in it... I've got my eyes out for these spammers, and it seems that 'Viagra' is a recurring spam theme, but don't be fooled. They may go other routes, far less subversive than that. They may even go after the underage users here. If they do, report it to local law enforcement. That is all. Stay safe, and stay armed.
  15. Almost ready to fly to Great Britain for a real-life job related thing...but still working on my new game idea :)


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    2. Macbeth


      Thanks :D warm welcome indeed! Can't wait to eat some sausages & mash :D


    3. Takeo212


      I welcome ya if your ever in Scotland :P

      Word of advice: GB never has nice weather. If we do have it - it's an omen that the world will end XD

    4. Macbeth


      Oh i would love to visit Scotland :D and don't worry about weather: i LOVE rainy and cold places :D

  16. Greetings everyone, i'm looking for someone who can transform some 16x16 generic tiles (not made for RPG Maker MV) into 48x48 RPG Maker MV tiles usable into the tool. Of course auto-tiles (like water, water borders and similar stuff) must work into the tool. If interested, PM me and we can discuss the job
  17. I need honest opinions...
    Steam Wishlist

    Am I hoping for too much here??

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    2. Kayzee


      To me it's just it just feels like people are taking advantage of your lack of art skills or time, but it's your money. I know I rather spend mine on food or even a game rather then some art assets I might never use, especially since I can get some fun games for peanuts during sales.

    3. Rikifive


      Well, making resources takes time and getting the skill to make these takes even more time, so in my book it all is balanced. If resources are good then probably they're worth the price.

      To be honest that's how the world works - everybody takes advantage when they have skills, that the others don't have. Somebody can cook really good- they'll use that to make food for the others (do it yourself- it'll be cheaper). Some people make technology stuff- like PC's - they also use that as an opportunity if you look at it;, nobody said you can't make the whole PC from absolutely nothing if you have skills and time. Craft your own components and build your fully custom PC! You'll just need =36x Scrap Metal= =1x Tools= =1x Battery=  and crafting raised to level 24.


      You're of course right, but that's a normal thing. :P

      Sure there are priorities, but it's always about money. :P  

    4. Rezanta


      I like how that entire list only has a few things I can actually get myself XD

  18. What kind of resources do you think are still missing fpr RMMV?

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    2. Crescent


      @PhoenixSoul same thing for me - well it can RUN in my PC but it's really slow that it's not comfy to use.

      I'll just stick with VX Ace :)

    3. Ronja


      Well MV has less resources and more current users, so it's more the thing I am working with

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Well, MV is on my Steam Wishlist...(as well as every other engine that I don't have)

      So, eventually I'll have it that way but...


  19. Meanwhile, the admin are absent...

    @Rikifive @Tsarmina @Seriel

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I'm more worried about if the hacker/s decide to go after an ACTIVE user...

    3. Seriel
    4. PhoenixSoul


      Like, myself, or you, or anyone who is active here, and use their account to spam people.

  20. counting game

    Ugh, I HATE toothaches...makes everything so much harder... four hundred and thirty-eight
  21. So, I've played around with MP reducing/increasing damage, and HP doing the same. Is there a quick formula to do the same with stats in a regard to buffing/debuffing before applying the damage?

    1. PhoenixSoul
















    2. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      don't miss this too!:lol:Gwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!







    3. Rezanta


      Yeah, I know those, but I'm talking about the stat being changed before applying damage.

      Much like how a.hp-b.hp changes with the more damage you do, I want something around a.atk changing before the attack actually connects, for example. (Also, idk if MV runs exp as something.)

  22. nevermind I figured it out... idk how to end this topic or whatever...
  23. About to go live with some Persona 4 and then voter's choice~

  24. I feel like this image was an altered fairy tail image....maybe it is just similar?
  25. This is in the tileset A1 section of the "Asset Standards" page. Can someone explain what the heck this is meant to mean?
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  27. counting game

    437 Many are left behind but are already far away ...
  28. Synopsis Very simple plugin that allows armor to have the ability to passively heal a party member while walking. Requested by a user. Plugin: Download RegenerativeArmor.js How to Use: In your Armor notetag add <Regen:x> where x is true or false, if x is true then when this armor is equipped it will passively heal while the actor is walking next add <RegenSteps:x> where x is the amount of steps needed for the armor to heal. i.e. if x is 10 when the player walks 10 steps they will heal. finally, add <RegenAmount:x> where x is the amount of healing that will be done after the RegenSteps amount is met Example screenshot: Parameters: None Free to use in commercial and not commercial projects, credit is not necessary but appreciated.
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