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  3. So, fairies lay eggs, have wings, and Fairies Wear Boots (lol I couldn't resist). The fairies that are the most frightening are the ones who can call upon the trembling tectonic power of shifting land. Those are scary as all Hell...
  4. counting game

    Hungry...tired...stressed and strained and what am I doing? Fooling around here when I should be in gamedev, but inspiration is absent again... three hundred and fifty
  5. Yes you can! A simple event will do it. Create an event, and choose the unlit torch as the Graphic. Make sure the priority is Same as Character and triggered by Action Button. You only need one command: Self Switch A: ON Now make a second event page with the same parameters as above. On the left side check the Self Switch box and select A from the drop down. Make the Graphic the lit torch. Pro tip: Check Stepping Animation and the flame will flicker!
  6. But we have! 349.
  7. Fairies are sort of somewhere between a true mortal and a true immortal, beings of both base flesh and unbound spirit, both of the world and beyond it. Personally I think we have the best of both worlds in many ways, but that's just my opinion. We can feel and experience sensation as mortals do, but our bodies can be molded to our will. It's not hard to just make ourselves ignore pain if we wish, or even experience pain as pleasure. We can even muck about with our own brains. It can be dangerous, but our strong spirits can keep us at least somewhat safe most of the time. If our bodies die, we can exist as pure spirit and come back as long as we still possess the will to live. The problem is we need new bodies to come back. We can't breed like mortals do, but we can lay eggs to use as spare bodies. Eggs we lay or 'fertilize' ourselves we can enter right away no matter how far away they are. They are already sympathetically 'part of us' as far as magic is concerned. There are also places in fairyland where many fairies will gather a lot of eggs for anyone who comes by. Fairies can sprinkle a bit of fairy dust, which is made up of dead scales that fake off from our wings when we fly and therefore also sympathetically 'part of us', and then we will be able to find them as a spirit. Other eggs we would need to wander as a lost spirit until we stumble on. It's often really hard to describe what being a spirit is like and it doesn't help that it's often hard to remember anything as a spirit, everything we do as one feels kind of like a dream. because a pure spirit is unbound from any particular place and can exist in many places at once (mostly any place we have a strong magical presence in, find personally important, or have parts of our body around) and at the same time nowhere at all. Time is also really wonky as a spirit. It passes, but not in any easily understandable way. Though some fairies have learned to project their spirit into the material world as a wisp, temporarily focusing themselves to one time and place. We can do it sometimes when we are dreaming too, kind of like a form of astral projection. That's one reason why fairies are often depicted as glowing balls. We can even learn to shape our wisp form and often give it wings or even make them look like little glowing people. Of course we could also make ourselves into little glowing people in our physical bodies too. The only downside is that our spirits can't really think that well on their own and the longer we spend as one the more we tend to revert to a more childlike or even animallike mentality. It's not much of a problem if we are just projecting in our sleep, but if we don't have a body it can be much worse. When we have a body again we can recover, but sometimes if we stay dead to long we can forget things for a while and act loopy. We don't tend to talk much as wisps, and when we do it's often random childish nonsense. Some fairies can learn to project themselves really well though, keeping most of their wits about them and can use projections for scouting or exploring or delivering messages. We can actually use any egg to form a new body not just ones laid by a fairy, but using an animal egg (particularly a fertilized one) can sometimes cause a bit of 'blending'. This is usually harmless, causing some easily reversible mutations and a few short lived impulses or urges, and sometimes fairies will even purposefully do it to experiment or gain some kind of power. In fact, this might be how fairies got wings in the first place. I am honestly not too sure about that one. Or even how the whole egg thing got started. Pretty sure fairies weren't always like this. Anyway it's probobly not a good idea to try it with any being's egg that has a strong spirit of their own like a dragon, as it can cause weird effects and even can cause soul fusions. We can also sometimes gain powers when we come back depending on what happened to our body. As we are still connected in part to our bodies for a bit sympathetically even after death, we can sometimes draw on power from where we died when we come back. Usually this is kind of useless, but in theory a fairy who is, say, killed by being thrown into a volcano might be able to come back with more powerful fire magic or as a fire fairy. One who died of freezing to death in the arctic or in the dead of winter might come back with more powerful ice magic or as an ice fairy. It only really works if something in the environment caused the death.
  8. I want to load in a few characters in my map and have one of them be the trigger for a quest; The quest I want is something simple I can practice with, and I thought about maybe a quest to light a monument; As ive noticed monument pieces for the map have unlit, lit, and snow variants and figured maybe i can do that by just using an action? If this is possible could someone please give me a run down on how I could make a quest work that way? P.s. I havent yet reached a tutorial for the quest making yet as I cannot find a decent one. I am using RPG MAker VX Ace
  9. Hello! Welcome to the herd!
  10. Hey Im new here and new to using RPG VX Ace specifically. So far I have learned how to build basic shops, and shop processes, i know a little bit about events and how to use them and how to use different ones, like how to create sprites and give them conversational commands when action is used on them, I learned how to build maps, and how to link them together. But I have never worked with scripts before in my life, but want to learn how to develop games on this. So i will have a lot of questions
  11. I am available for more work.
  12. Hi guys, this is the last script i need for my project. what Patch needs to do is very simple. I have inserted a kind of equipment into my game (called Fashion Equip) which are only graphics without statistics, this tipes of equip i want cover the graphics of the same tipes of equip. For example: Fashion.helmet cover the graphics of Helmet but the character have the stat of normal equiped Helmet. I want the possibility to cover more than one category on the equip. example: whit tag <Cover: 2,3,6> is possible cover more category Category is specificated on one of the script i have put on DEMO. On this link you can download the Demo http://www.soulsfate.../Demo_equip.rar I have insert only 3 different types of Fashion Equip ( Helmet, Armor, and Cape) on Demo but i can insert more in original project. I hope one of you can help me i really need this patch is very important for my project. Thanks
  13. SO... I just cancelled my side project, was becoming a much large project but I wanted to shrink it down; but gone wrong. Anyway, from now, I'll be starting to work on my main project, let's hope for best this time.

  14. Good day everyone! This was kind of an odd topic to chose a forum for, so I hope I'm posting in the right place. I am looking to commercially sell a Vx Ace game. I see that some games have a custom icon for their .exe file, and change the .exe title from "Game" to whatever their game's name is. After over two years, I was able to get the custom icon working (and I'll update this thread with how I did it soon, for other people who had problems like me). As for my other problem, when I go to change the .exe title, the game doesn't work anymore. I have to change the name of the configuration settings file name, too, to match. But when I change the configuration settings file name, the game engine now calls my game "Untitled" in the editor and god only knows what else it may be messing with. Would anyone perhaps know how one changes the name of your game's .exe file without screwing anything up? Another problem I'm having, is that I want to export my game and include the RTP, but I want to get rid of unused assets in the game file. I am providing all of my own visual art and close to all of my own sound effects, so all of the default assets Vx Ace give you are just taking up space for no reason. If I dis-include the RTP, then the game can't work on computers that don't have Vx Ace downloaded. How do you get rid of unwanted files in your game? Lastly, I'd be interested to know if there's a way so that when someone downloads your game, a shortcut to the .exe file will appear on their desktop like what happens with most games. If you have any other ideas as to what's important for prepping a Vx Ace for commercial sale, I would like to know! Thank you for your time!
  15. It is both, in the sense that the eye is blocked and cannot clearly see. However, those six outer points will vary upon many factors, one of them being eye shape, as well as eye size. You know how a camera lens is spherical in shape? So are the eyes, and both have their limitations in about the same places, though cameras have ways around them, the eyes, not so much, especially if Astigmatism is involved. Honestly, the concept of Free Will is not the worst part, but the execution of it. After all, how else would I of wound up imprisoned inside this mortal flesh... I guess age is for us, my people, how we appear, but also, in tandem with how we act and how we think. My mother was incredibly immature when she was younger, and through that and her promiscuity, wound up pregnant with my brother and I, without knowledge of who the father might be, if there is one. My auntie herself became a non-mortal through a discovery she made (though she has yet to elaborate even one on one with me on this in great detail), and thus became imbued with the commanding power of flames. Of course, I must assert that she's not my auntie by blood, but by kinship with my mother. Do I hate my existence? Or is it how it is now that I despise? I'm willing to guess that being imprisoned inside this mortal flesh against my own will, if it something I have to embrace, then yeah, I'd have it rough as a fairy. But, then again, the change would remove me from this prison, thus removing about sixty percent of my woes, therefore releasing a lot of that burden. Did I ever have any resentment towards my existence before this had happened? Hell no! I loved life, every part of it, what I knew and knew not, because I was me, and NOT someone else, or labeled as someone else. I was happy, if a bit disgruntled at the idea that luxury would be my whole life, though FTR, there came no resentment from that just simply because of the 'pedestal effect' that I, the only heiress to my mother's power had acquired. I mean, it is just little things, here and there, like 'oh, you're the Princess, no charge' or 'you have business with the Affairs Office? Go ahead in front of me, royalty first' or stuff like this that I never really cared about because how would I learn a damn thing if I got the go ahead from everyone? But really, other than that and occasional little nothings like spats and such, or a fight between myself and some unruly who thought lesser of me for take your pick of any possible damn reasons, life for me was great, and really had just begun. Like I said, I am still just a comparative tween twat in the academy, even if I am an all-star pupil. I still enjoy lying in the tall grass of the surrounding, seemingly endless fields outside my hometown, often less than fully clothed or in the buff, Hell I could sleep in that soft, aromatic grass... If it weren't for the cawing, clucking and the constant chirking of the wild cockatrice that run about, usually chasing something or being noisy... And don't even get me started on their mating calls...they're loud, obnoxious and if they're near, they'll usually scare the living shit out of you... (I've dropped my fair share of flasks because of this very thing-one went flying one time and turned a fellow student into a walking, talking twig, I kid you not...)
  16. Oh! Blind spots! I see! Hehe, though are the other places places where the eye can't see or just places where vision is blocked by other things? Do you really hate free will or just hate other people's free will? I rather like mine! :3 Then again, nice thing about free will is you can choose to give it up if you want to. <3 I think most divine beings are like that in some ways and many are far 'older' then you might think, but since many sort of exist 'outside time' and might exists in multiple dimensions or timelines it's hard to really judge things that way. Hehe, as for us fairies, I think we kinda have part of both mortal and immortal experience. We have semi-mortal flesh, but immortal or near immortal souls. I enjoy it, and I think it might be fun to have you as a fairy friend, but if you can't stand mortal life it might be hard to exist as a fairy. Like I said before, fairies need to love their own existence. Because if a fairy really deep down wants to stop existing, they won't come back. But I would love to have you as one of us if you wanted! We could have so much fun together! :3
  17. Stream is about to go live with some X-Com!

  18. I gots me a ? for y'all.

    I want to make a skill that checks what buffs/debuffs the user has and apply them to the other 3 party members. What would be the best way to do this?

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      The Common Event can check to see which four actors are active, but it does require the Conditional Branch checking a scriptlet.


      Unfortunately, my expertise on this is limited, and I wouldn't know how to put it in a string, but I'm sure that it can cross-reference actor IDs with where they are in the party lineup, and only to apply the states to the leader and the three active members, and I'm also sure that it can also check to see which member used the skill to have it not affect the member that used the skill.


      But like I said, how to make that a string is a bit beyond my expertise, though I am certain it can be done.

    3. lonequeso


      I know you can check if a State is applied to an Actor using Event Commands, but I never saw anything to check for a Buff. The Common Event route would entail a scriptlet to check for that plus one to check for who is active. The order everything process would probably be wonky, too. The skill would "Fail" because there's no damage formula or additional effects and then it'd run the Common Event. I think I have a script to disable the "Fail" message for things like this, but I'm not 100% Hopefully the animation and effects would sync up well enough. 

    4. Guyver


      Wouldn't the lunatic conditions script work for this? Or are you not using yanfly stuff?

  19. Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you very much.
  20. When you start wondering if you're a lunatic because you came up with devil whale people that sing show tunes.

  21. Yesterday
  22. I was wondering if anyone can help me. It's probably really simple but I know next to nothing about programming. I keep getting this error: It has to do with how the script is split in two and how I don't understand programming syntax. I've tried fiddling around with it, but I'm lost. Help would be appreciated.
  23. I always give a like to someone that think about changing the default bonus damage on crits (three times the damages causes way too much variance in the game IMO) @Cookie Ninja I wonder how many iterations went between "I want my damage to be an affine function of the level" and "a.level*3 + 17"
  24. @Perang CemenSo you did take inspiration from a Tales of game for the names, I was wondering why you had the same name for only 3 of the 4 elemental spirits. Why Salamander instead of Efreet/Ifrit ? I did some research, trying to find if the Tales of games and you had the same common source of inspiration or if there was a Tales of game with a fire spirit named Salamander. Did you play a localised version of Tales of Phantasia with different names? PS:I love Tales of Phantasia, it is one of the games that made me love videogames
  25. error

    Yo marcusB care to share how you solved it? Thanks in advance!
  26. I was disappointed by this remake because of some mistakes you made. 1. Damage/HP Scaling: You clearly didn't even bother setting up the damage & HP scaling to match the original game. This is inexcusable due to the fact that RPG Maker VX Ace lets you set the damage formulas to fully control this aspect, so its not like you couldn't. A simple visit to GameFAQs and/or Dragon's Den would have gotten you all the info you would need to set the damage & HP scaling to match that of Dragon Warrior I's. 2. Darkness in Caves redundancy: You failed at recreating the darkness effect in caves. When I went into Erdrick's Cave, I didn't even need a torch because if I turn all the lights out in my room, I can see the darkened path perfectly. You should of used a lighting script that literally makes the rest of the screen PITCH BLACK (to the point where it would be physically impossible to see underneath the darkening effect) & sets a visibility range just around the character with no torch, then have the lighting radius extended to about 1-1.5 tiles with a torch & about 5-6 tiles with the Radiant spell. In fact, Galv's Visibility Range script is perfect for this. 3. I smell . . . FF4?: I couldn't help but notice that the world map theme is a remix of the Alefgard theme but also transitions into the FF4 world map theme for some reason. Top that off with the fact that you have the entire overworld & underworld of FF4 done (but not fully playable, yet alone accessible) in a Dragon Warrior/Quest game. Seriously WTF? 4. The World Map pic: While having a in-game world map to look at is nice, but why in the hell are there lines & stuff pointing out key locations when you really can't even read the text next to those lines anyway? It doesn't look professional having that stuff showing on the map. In the end, I only played up til Erdrick's Cave before I just 'couldn't take it anymore'. The one good thing about playing this is that it's inspired me to get my ass into gear & do a remake myself, preferably with MV. I had a remake in the works for VX Ace but I can't seem to find that project anymore. Oh well, time to start again. Anyway, if you make improvements to the things I mentioned this could pan out to be a good remake. Don't give up! DQ1 is a great game to do a remake of to build some RPG Making experience (I haven't even produced a game yet despite all the time I spent with RPG Maker).
  27. A mage in love with death himself. Because of this, she's granted an ability no other mage has - the ability to toy with the strings of fate.

    Write about her.

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    2. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      I like where you're going with this, Shiggy!


      Re: PS: I agree.

    3. Shiggy


      I'm glad you liked it.
      It was a fun exercise, I do think I am terrible at both coming up with ideas and translating ideas into something fun to read. But I do like to work with plot structures ^^

    4. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

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