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      We have successfully upgraded our forum to the latest version! Some things have moved around but don't worry everything is still there, we still need to find updated versions of the plugins we were using previously to restore everything to the way it was. There will be a running topic in the Feedback and Support in case you notice something wrong. Before you do so please clear your browser cache and close your browser completely to rule out a caching issue. Thank you for your patience during the outage and while we get everything back to 150%  

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  2. First thing is figuring out what when wrong in the first place. Why did it mess up? I am not sure what would cause this. I assume it mis read the character encoding, but It might be something like forgetting to turn it to binary mode before moving the old database via ftp or something. Next, I wonder how the databases are stored? If it's something like MySQL or something with well know tools available, it might not be too hard to write a shell script for it. If not, I have no idea how you would do it.
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  4. Ace is on the look out
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  6. I'm going to reiterate a point I make at least several times a month: I am not a licensed psychiatrist. I am ill-equipped to talk anyone out of suicide. The least I can do is listen and be understanding.


    I'm going to have premature grey hairs at this point...

  7. I was able to post on my thread. I'll keep an eye out for any other broken threads.
  8. nope its gone i fixed it
  9. Whoa! The forum updated! How cool :D

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Meh. Potato.
      Needs to resume the previous layout, then I'll be cool with it...

    2. lonequeso


      It was transformed with rainbow magic. (and a pinch of Satanism)

  10. counting game

    I am the Princess of Purity. Yes, I am a real princess, though it only means that I am an heiress to the title of Purity and Balance... two hundred and sixty-six
  11. unrelated. I have a penalty from last year.... is it permanent?
  12. While I'm still working on the MV version, I'm releasing a patch for the current version. This fixes some of the bugs that were reported. Changelog: Game: -Animations are set to higher speed. -Tweaked Gus' agility. -Graphical Fixes. -Bug fixes. List here: http://northbridgemantis.azurewebsites.net/changelog_page.php?version_id=2 Northbridge: -Default Bug Reporting is set to the Northbridge Mantis server. -Enabled User Guide. Known Issues: -DP Bar may show garbage numbers during combat. It's not known what caused the issue at the moment.
  13. I'll check the phone update later. I may have just missed it to be honest. Will update later Also, I still can't reply to either my own topic or AceofAces. Did you also update the "sponsor" member group?
  14. Literally the settings have been flipped (previously disabled things were enabled, where previously enabled were disabled), that's why. It's fixed now, you should be able to post there. That also explains and fixes the problem of not being able to create threads in submission areas. To be honest I'm not sure, as that probably would be kind of tricky. At least at the moment, I have no idea how to approach that. You are a global, so you can cheat and post even in void. Oh, okay, no worries. There should be a blue dot before the topic title- clicking/tapping the dot should take you to the first unread post in that thread. I'm kind of lazy to turn on things on my mobile device to check that , could you take a look and tell me if that exists and works for you? Eventually it is possible to force it to take you to the first unread post when clicking the topic title. Exactly- settings got messed up a little- it all should be fixed now, hopefully.
  15. @Rikifive Sorry, never specified. I mean with the "unread content" search. The updates give me the newest information for threads, but when I click that response, I get taken to the OP of that topic and have to manually try find the reply. It's not a big problem - just more a convenience. @AceOfAces_Mod Nah, I don't have a reply box either. Seems members don't have permissions for your topic. On that note; I don't see a reply box on my resource topic either.
  16. Looks like icons are square again! I like it better this way myself, you can see more of um.

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    2. KilloZapit


      Well sooooorry that some of us don't have your fancy 3D holographic/VR display! Way to rub it in that some of us can't afford tech from the future! >_>

    3. lonequeso


      My buddy, Cable hooked me up =D 

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Square, Tetrahedron, either way it is still FOUR-SIDED. lolz

  17. Well there is no reply box on that topic for me.
  18. @AceOfAces_Mod I was able to post fine just now, although I'm normally able to reply closed topics anyways (not that that should matter as its not locked). Can a regular member confirm please?
  19. I know, I was only using the location as an example. It's the kind of thing you will probobly need to fix by reimporting over anything that hasn't been updated since the upgrade, or by a regex, or something. Assuming you plan to fix it at all.
  20. I tried to post something on my game's thread, but there's neither an indication of being locked, nor the option to post anything. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/33207-immortal-sins/
  21. I'm not able to eat my honey and not get a messy keyboard with the new forums. :cry: sad
  22. counting game

    265 Are you a real princess?
  23. counting game

    @Tarq You skipped 263. two hundred and sixty-four I'm not sleeping very well as of late, oh I hate this damned heat!
  24. Oh that- then yeah, it's a different thing. Apparently it didn't affect only location box - posts, usernames and everything else, including codes, got messed up as well if there were special characters in them. I just checked that on my mobile device and it seems, that there is a button for that. For example, let's assume that a thread has 22 pages and you're on the second page. You'll get the following buttons: << PREV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 NEXT >> Page 2 of 22▼ ~where << and >> should jump you to the first/last page.
  25. Mines is more a preference than a problem. On mobile, is it possible to have a 'jump to last page' option for topics 2 pages and over? Pages load slow at work and each pages uses up my data so just wondering. Not a major request, but possibly a future addition?
  26. 262. Bought Twilight Princess yesterday. Determined to actually finish this Zelda game.
  27. The announcements will be move back to the top eventually- it is all work in progress!! Late to the party as usual Riki fixed it.
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