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  2. We all know how popular farming sims can be, but what other "jobs" are you interested in simulating?

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  4. The host is about to go live with some Binding of Isaac and then ??? for half stream! Maybe another demon art stream? Who knows!

    1. Kayzee


      I always miss these lovely sounding diversions, but I am not much for streams.


      Also, talking about the host and Binding of Isaac makes me imagine this streaming:



  5. You guys want to watch/play a game that scares even me? I recommend Outlast. Not Outlast 2, but Outlast (and the Whistleblower DLC).

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    2. Meep007


      Still got nightmares from that DLC... o-o

    3. Rikifive


      It has its moments with jumpscares, so that's understandable. :P 

      Hmm.. I've beat the game, but haven't played the DLC yet- I'll get back to this someday...

    4. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      @PhoenixSoul There are some good Let's Plays of it, too. :3

      @Meep007 I feel ya.

      @Rikifive lolz Ohboy.

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  7. Starting work tomorrow...and my sister's my boss lol


    That could be good or really bad. She makes my schedule so I piss her off and I'll have to work early mornings :o

    1. PhoenixSoul



      Just don't end up dating her or anyone she ends up dating under the same roof, or it is Disaster City. lol

      Sounds like a sitcom, doesn't it?

    2. Meep007


      lol her boyfriend lives with us...:lol:

    3. PhoenixSoul


      All that's left is the dreamy starlet upstairs...

  8. Is there a way to name an equipment type like this for more than two slots in VX Ace? (Accessory #1, Accessory #2 and so on)


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    2. Crescent


      aw, it's so nice of you! Thanks again for the list :D

    3. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      Phoenix beat me to it. XP That's a really good system for that.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      @Crescent Anytime, dear. Let me know if anything pops up you need assistance with. If I can't help, I'll always defer you to someone I believe that can.

      @Purple Phantom Yanfly's system is also decent, but lacks Multiple Equip Types. However, if one is using Victor Engine's Materia System (the only one that exists as far as I know), one will have to go with Yanfly's Equip system (or both systems in my case) because TsukiHime's system doesn't cooperate with too many of VE scripts...

  9. Hi, my name is not dead and I'm very Amy.

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    2. Amysaurus


      Something something dinosaurs something something pixel art something something roar

    3. PhoenixSoul


      You're likely starving...

      Not just for sleep either.

    4. lonequeso


      Art school is very labor intensive. Now you can rest until finals :)

  10. Yo, math wizzes!

    I've got a doozy of a problem for ya.
    x^v1 - (&a^1422 ** [g^x - &a]) // (HXCL^10 - [&f^-2]) = ?


    See if you can solve it. 67% of those that had entered in for Advanced Mathematics at the academy had no clue as to how to solve it, and I got it in the equivalent of three hours.

    1. Chaosian


      Might be able to solve it, thought // and & are new symbols to me - so probably not

    2. PhoenixSoul



      v is variable, corresponding with x; the operand there is equal to 1.
      & is a comparative variable; it compares to whatever x would be and in the first case is equivalent to g.
      g^x is an odd one, I got hung up on it until I realized that having no spaces makes the expression a versus variable. g and x equal 1 in this case.
      ** is simple. Means absolute multiply. The values must be multiplied together.
      // is not so simple. It does mean absolute division, but the end value must be equivalent to or greater than the result of the suffix operand. If it is not, then the end result is always zero/nil/fake/break.
      [&f^-2] was a mindf***er. I knew that &a was also comparative to x, but what really threw me was that there was no versus variable or comparative variable for f, until I looked at the following.
      HXCL is a universal call controller variable, it takes the highest integer in the entire master operand, in this case 1422, and absolutely multiplies it by a secondary call digit controller (1422 is four digits so the digit controller becomes 0.001). It then pushes that variable to f variable (unless f is defined as something else).
      Solving that, I knew now that f was equal to 0.1422.
      Next, to attack &f^-2.
      Since &f was equal to a float, it made sense to me to go ahead and move the decimal two pivots back. &f^-2 = 14.22
      One issue I had was with HXCL^10 because it is not supposed to be a higher integer than 9. So, I went into thinking about how this would play out if the operand made this fake. I decided to treat it as fake.

      Now, let us put the whole thing together.

      x^v1 = 1

      &a^1422 = 14220

      g^x - &a = 0

      HXCL^10 = 0

      &f^-2 = 14.22

      1 - (14220 ** [0]) // (fake - [14.22]) = ?

      14220 ** 0 = 0 (absolute multiply does not change this)

      fake - 14.22 = 14.22 (having a fake integer makes it not a valid number and therefore there's nothing to subtract from)

      1 // 14.22 = fake (the end result is lesser than the suffix so it is fake)

      Answer: x^v1 - (&a^1422 ** [g^x - &a]) // (HXCL^10 - [&f^-2]) = fake

  11. 9 hours of work to get this PC run for that one more time. Heh, and the whole Saturday wasted.

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    2. Rikifive


      Oh, it's okay. Eventually I'll disappear for a month or two. heh, hopefully not. :P Thanks.

    3. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      Don't disappear too long kay?;)


    4. Rikifive


      Well, I'll try! :D

  12. DAMN IT! Now that I have money for becoming a patron, for the additional graphics... Patreon says me to add a credit card to my Paypal to complete the transaction! T_T

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    2. lonequeso


      When you actually have to pay bills and stuff, you'll need a checking account at the very least. Debit cards are a good way to go. It's the same as checking, but way faster, and you can withdraw funds w/out going to the bank. Credit cards are only good for 2 things:

      • emergency purchases 
      • Building your credit rating- which will make it easier to get approved for home and auto loans

      That's how it is in the US. No idea how homes and stuff are bought and sold in Pakistan. 


    3. Crescent


      Pakistan is more like... um, I'd say there's less use of "technology" or something, not sure how I'll describe that in words - most people here don't use online payments and internet stuff. Hope you got the idea ><

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Well, where I call home, having cobblestone streets was a big thing when it was decided that such would be implemented (though having forty-four near-drownings in mudholes as a result of the water-loaded earth was more than enough to call for the cobblestone solution). So, technology is pretty far back in advancement in comparison to here, at least such was the case before I was taken from my home and imprisoned in this mortal flesh against my will.

  13. The host is preparing to go live with the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to join in and partake!

  14. lol

    I just noticed your location says 'Ridge Island'...

    Related or not, that brings me some serious nostalgia (if you're familiar with the Ridge Racer games)...

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    2. PhoenixSoul




      Just to the south by southwest by about sixteen hundred miles; it is just starting to get colder here now.



      The Ridge Racer games have stood the test of time, and are still popular now. I don't have a recommendation for a game to begin with, but if you like arcade style racing games that were strictly released to the arcades, Rave Racer (the third game in the series) is a good choice.

    3. Vis_Mage


      Huh, I'll have to take a look at that sometime. Thanks for the suggestion!

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Anytime, dear.

      Stay warm, 'kay? Fireplaces and hot chocolate exist for a reason... ^_^

  15. Oopsies, my PC seems to be dying. D: I suspect the motherboard, though not sure. Basically it has troubles with booting - it tends to turn-off itself after 1-30 seconds preventing me from doing anything. After 3-25 tries, once it manages to survive these ~30 seconds, it works fine afterwards. It's definitely not power supply it seems, as I have plugged another one and there's the same issue. People say, that nothing happens without a reason when it comes to technology, but okay, why does it work once and the other times not? :P  And why does it work just fine even for hours once it gets through the first seconds? My PC is like "Meh, I'm tired, poke me later, k, thx" and after poking him few times he's like "kkkkay I was just joking, geez!" .  

    Welp, there's a chance, that it will decide to completely break, so yeah, I may eventually disappear for a while... 

    Heh, I'm planning to buy a new PC and apparently my current one didn't like that idea and decided to teach me a lesson for not being loyal to it... 


    So now I'm wondering on what build should I choose. . . 

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    2. Rikifive


      Yeah, I've heard Win10 tends to throw unfunny jokes. :P But files on the secondary hard drive should be fine I believe. Either way, thanks, I'll keep that in mind.


      As for disc drivers - I literally haven't used any of these for years now, so... yeah... Perhaps there will be that one time in distant future... :P 

    3. PhoenixSoul


      One thing I know for certain is that one cannot completely rely on Virtual Disc software like Daemon Tools.


      But to each their own. 

    4. Rikifive


      Hmm it's not even that- I usually buy digital copies, but yeah, there may be that time I will buy a physical copy someday, you never know. :P 

  16. Last week
  17. This forum seems to be in dire need of more positive and/or fun posts, so enjoy this random pic of the lament configuration my husband got me as a Halloween gift. Hellraiser has always been my favorite horror movie series, so needless to say I was over the moon when I opened up the gift and saw this inside.




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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I actually don't understand the legend behind the so-called 'evil' of Leviathan; Leviathan is the Guardian of Water and is supposed to be protective...

      Gaturan is the denizen of destructive waters...but is by no means a non-mortal being, just incredibly powerful.

    3. Plague


      If I had to guess I'd think the name Leviathan in Hellraiser has more to do with the protective qualities of the mythological water guardian. Leviathan doesn't actually do anything harmful in the movies. It's there more as a watchdog of trapped souls and overseer of hell.

    4. Kayzee


      Well according to some it's at best a powerful sea monster who is not good or evil, and at worst a demon prince or representation of satan. Plus one of the three beasts who will rise up at the end of the world. So yeah, there is precedent for it being evil.

  18. Well, look what the cat dragged in. Welcome back!

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    2. Meep007


      lol no but this 2 year old tried to run me down with a lawnmower today (not a real one but still... )

      I'll be looking over my shoulder for the next few days :mellow:

    3. lonequeso


      Oh that's right! Kids like to beat you up for some reason :D

    4. Meep007


      lol you remembered that haha...yeah o-o


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    2. Rikifive


      But if you gifted a key to somebody, who already has the software, then can't you ask that person to send you the key back and give it to somebody else? I don't understand what the problem is.



      Either way, as we're talking before, I was waiting for weeks for a reply from one company. A tiny conversation with few messages took more than a month.

    3. Kayzee


      Here's the thing: When you have a centralized system, any system, there is going to be times where, for whatever reason, it dosn't work right. A bunch of times usually. There is a curve on which the investment in making the system more robust and able to handle more problems has diminishing returns. There is simply a point at which problems are no longer worth worrying over. What that point is is debatable, but the point still stands.


      My point is, people don't and can't solve everything automatically or invest enough in support to solve problems for everyone quickly. They don't have the manpower, time, or money to do so, not when millions or billions of people on the net are possibly screaming at them every second, justified or not. But, and this is important, that dosn't mean you should stop screaming. Because it's the only way anything ever gets done.


      Could there be a better way? Yeah, probobly. Even if no system is perfect people can still do better. Heck people have done better. But this kind of problem? This is the kind of thing you either need to accept is going to happen, scream and yell until someone answers, or refuse to have anything to do with the whole system to avoid.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee Yeah, this has already been sorted out.




      Okay then! Back to gamedev.

  20. Honestly, why can't DeviantArt clean up their act and actually *DO* their job? If my friend commits suicide because of a cyberbully, her blood will be on their hands.

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    2. TobiObito4ever


      I don't cry often, but this whole situation have left us entirely drained. My friend, especially.


      Still, I'm too stubborn to give up hope.

    3. TobiObito4ever


      Oh, Lord Odin please give me the patience to deal with this fucking nonsense of a situation.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      May Eden guide you as well....

  21. Poker Is like hidden ball trick or something...

    (My Poker luck is bad, so I won't add that to my casino he he he)

    (But my black jack luck is sometime good sometime bad that's what gamble is)

    (I still test the slot machine, I was trying to make it like slot machine in Lufia 2, but didn't work too well)

  22. Can someone help me with something? >w<;; I'm trying to figure out how to make it so rpg maker mv can tell if i hit certain buttons in a certain order.

    For example: 


    conditional branches: if: SHIFT
    ((>> the stuff I'm having it do if you hit shift.))

    conditonal branch: if: PAGEUP
    ((stuff if page up is pressed))

    conditional branch: if PAGEDOWN
    ((stuff if page down is pressed))

    I want it to read if I have to hit say,
    shift pageup pageup pagedown,
    it would do something in reaction but only if I did it in that order. 

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Thanks for the offer. I might have to take you up on it if this falls through...


      And of course, I'll be letting Plague know as well...

    3. PhoenixSylph


      Anytime!! D: I care dude. You've been nothing but nice to me! I want you to be okay T_T

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Not mad or anything...

      'dude' is something I do not like being called (long story that is not 'kid-friendly'), just on the record.


      At any rate, doing something for button combinations (in the same way as one would try to program their own version of the 'Konami Code') would either require switches, or a variable that increases by one if something is done correctly and set to zero if not.


      I've wanted to try my hand at something like this, but to be honest, I'd want to get very far in development before even considering it. I've yet to achieve such. Hopefully, I will at some point, if not in the nearer future.

    1. lonequeso


      Lolz! You're too cute <3 Which one did you try?

    2. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      Cola-flavoured gum from Japan. I still haven't tried actual cola. T_T BUT THE GUM TASTES SOOOO GOOD!

    3. lonequeso


      Lmao. So you decided to try cola flavored gum before the real thing? Too... much... cuteness...

      Wait till you try the real thing. (and when you're old enough to add some happy juice to it ^_^)

  24. I lovr your new avatar!

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Ah, ha.

      Check all three of her entries in the gallery.

      Her name is Saryn. Princess, Arcanus, foul-mouthed and tempered.

  25. Truth be told, I actually like playing horror games especially in the wee hours of night. (But I can't play any of those first person games; they make me violently motionsick.)


    Unfortunately, Dad wasn't too thrilled with my screaming when I was playing Close Your Eyes at 3 AM. Oops.

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    2. TobiObito4ever


      @Kayzee I heard there was one horror game that uses your own fear against you. It detects your heart rate and such. Have a fear of the dark? Have fun traversing the maps in total darkness.


      I don't know if it's out yet or not. *shrug*

    3. lonequeso


      ^^ If that is a VR game, it would be epic!

    4. Kayzee


      Well I for one find it hard to be afraid of something that I know can't truly harm me or cause any pain, so I doubt it would work on me. Then again, there is a certain amount of tension when you are vulnerable in some games, especially if death has some bite to it. Minecraft, for example, does a good job of making you light your way carefully through the dark depths of the earth, keeping your eyes and ears ready for any hint of attack. The dark is not safe, you know it's not safe, a slip up could mean dying and losing everything you have on you. Any unexpected sound can make you jump. I wouldn't call it fear exactly, but it's a reasonable substitute.

  26. Playing around with a new idea (finally!). Wont be in RM but may sneak some art in here :)

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