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  1. Today
  2. About to go live! More Persona 2 tonight~

    1. Nekotori


      That was a cliffhanger </3


      The dog planned it all

  3. Yesterday
  4. So, I'm already attempting to initiate the changes in Lortrec: Uprising. The first thing I'm willing to change is the Battle System. A topic for it has already been created.

    1. lonequeso


      and I replied =3

  5. My Persona 2 stream went pretty well. Nice playing a PS1-era game again. Planning to hit it up again in tonight's stream. xD.

    1. Nekotori


      Oh boy oh boy, I need to watch the stream!

    2. RavenBlueIndigo


      It might be a full Persona 2 Stream again.

  6. MANGA FANS: Could any of you critique this front cover of a manga volume I drew?



    1. PhoenixSoul


      Dual Personality Crisis

  7. Today, one of my neighbor's cats passed away. I'm sad for my fallen comrade.

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    2. Sky Usanin

      Sky Usanin

      'Till Valhalla, feline partner.

    3. Crescent
    4. Kayzee


      May Freyja and Bastet watch over the feline soul, and spirit them away to kitty paradise. :3

  8. I watched the latest AVGN episode a little bit ago, and it was hilarious. However, one of the best parts was the intro. lmfao Pure brilliance.Pure hilarity.


  9. Last week
  10. Been learning how to do organic modelling x3, going super slow since im lazy and my attention keeps hopping to different things.. Anyone else does 3d stuff here ? :D 


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    2. lonequeso


      Me? When I say a long time, I mean about a decade, and I doubt I have any files still saved anywhere. Make Amy post stuff. She's the talented one =)

    3. Amysaurus


      @Wingflame Lol! Thanks! ^^ 
      I only have a student license for Maya (which runs out shortly after I graduate from college), so I was wanting to go ahead and get used to some free alternatives. I also wanted to try out the Sprytile editor tools to import my pixel art, so I need Blender for that. :D 

      @lonequeso Pshhhhhh, thanks. xD I definitely wasn't getting into my degree program for 3D (I'm more of a 2D/motion graphics kind of gal), but once I got past the modeling classes I started to really enjoy it. 

    4. Wingflame


      @lonequeso yeah i did mean amy xD havent seen any 3d stuff , or not that i remember.

      @Amysaurus oh same here, though idk how license works tbh , when i did maya in uni i used 2015 so i had 3 years of that ,  now im using 2017 and i got 3 years of that xD by the time this expires , ill move to 20-something XD. and oh i see o: .  never really dabbled with blender. i can never get into 2d , drawing just doesn't come to me naturally xD but then end of the day im a programmer so, cant be good at everything :P

  11. About to stream! Tonight, I will be playing Persona 2~

    1. Nekotori


      My favorite game of ALL TIME O_O

    2. Nekotori


      Welp that was an awesome stream :D

    3. RavenBlueIndigo


      Thanks! I'm enjoying the game so far! Looking forward to playing more~

  12. Sometimes, dialogue gets tedious and I mess up in context, or formatting out of pure boredom, and don't notice until like, a long time later...



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    2. PhoenixSoul


      @Purple Phantom When you're editing textboxes, pressing F2 brings up the preview window.

    3. Purple Phantom
    4. lonequeso


      I just click the preview button :/

  13. That moment when the entire story makes sense, but then goes back to being confusing in five seconds.

    1. lonequeso
    2. PhoenixSoul
    3. Strisk


      Even now when writing, i tend to forget the Character's Backstory and rather make a new "memory" outta nowhere.
      Like "Ah i was once in this village gathering apples" in the flashback, then "Ah, i remember the good ol' times in this village where i was fishing."

  14. happy independence day to our country ^^

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    2. lonequeso


      Responsibly? Where's the fun in that? Y'all can have the wine. I'll stick with my rum :)

    3. Crescent


      wine and rum is forbidden for me as a muslim :P

    4. lonequeso


      Cool. More rum for me.

  15. Ah, to be a  naive teenager again...

    1. Darkanine


      In a way I miss those years. Things seemed simpler. 

    2. lonequeso


      Much simpler. Now I have to be all responsible and pay bills and stuff. Screw it! Off to Neverland I go! 

  16. No, I don't like this 30 Like Limit per day, especially since when the day begins and ends is a complete mystery.


    It is in fact, a shameful attempt at censorship.

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    2. lonequeso


      I only ever maxed out on "likes" once. That was an interesting day. I wish it was sattire, but if there was one person on this planet who could actually be offend by a cap on "likes" it's PhoenixSoul. Somehow this is some blatant and cruel attempt to ruin her life. 

    3. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      Queso, that's.... really sad, actually.

    4. PhoenixSoul




      "You have reached your limit on likes for the day. You can continue likes in XX:XX:XX..."

      Makes sense to me, butterbee.

  17. Why the f*** is Harrow so ridiculous?

    1. lianderson


      You play warframe?

    2. Guyver


      Because battle priests are awesome.

    3. lonequeso


      It's just part of larger plan to drive you insane.

  18. 150 GB of storage is nothing anymore, but just a few years ago, it meant a lot...


    Ugh... :mellow:

    1. Rikifive


      Yeah, 150 GB is pretty much nothing nowadays. I don't have much on my HDD, yet there's 270 GB taken in total already.

    2. Darkanine


      I've been juggling 40 GB of space left for about a year and a half now. I haven't had much issue with it, outside of having to clean my download folder of dupe .rar files from time to time. Yet again, I've also sworn off video games in favor of books and movies, which helps with managing space. 


      Did 150 GB ever really mean that much in recent years though? I remember 5 years ago hardly able to balance 200 GB of space with tons of steam games and movies floating about.

  19. Hey! Look! Listen! I got myself a new laptop, and while it was a pretty penny to get, it's a 15.6 inch touch screen with 12 GB of RAM. With 1 Terrabyte of storage, I shall.... Still be working on my games XD

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Lucky. Well, at least some of us will make it. There's some hope...

    3. Rikifive


      Now you can play Minesweeper without FPS drops. :D 

    4. Rezanta


      All the minesweeper! ALL THE RAGE!

  20. Yesterday was also terrible... It's not about I can't make a joke but I really can't do anything, even using my own head.

    I can't be bothered to talk about what happen so please refer to a previous issue.

    and so with no time to rest... a new storm has approaching.

    and it's stuff like this where my ignorant classmates get excited for no reason that I'd like to be spared from.

    what more I'm being threatened.

    ugh... where my peacefully day gone?

  21. Do people get notifications of your posts when they follow you ?
    Someone liked one of my post so fast, it is almost creepy.
    ( I know s/he is not creepy so I hide his/her name ^^)

    1. lianderson


      Damn, my like was 21 min late. :(

    2. PhoenixSoul


      I believe only Status Updates.

  22. I am currently working on and tweaking the dialogues in my game so they are just like what I want them to be.

    This means going back to the very first NPCs you find and changing everything from there up to the point I am currently on. Ugh...

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Believe me, I know the feeling. I know the pain, but it is worth it.

    2. AnarelHaeran
  23. Getting creepy prank calls from your dad in the wee hours of night only works in horror movies.

    1. PhoenixSoul




      Nice meme, dad...

  24. My computer has decided to be an asshole to me, so I had to create a new Windows User Account. As of right now, all projects are on indefinite hiatus until I can get the issue taken care of.

    (Anyone else ever deal with explorer.exe suddenly eating up all your processing power?)

  25. according to wikipedia, the library of congress backups all of the internet all the time forever, until the internet is destroyed by space-ninja-pirate-alien-cybernetic-nano-bots.

  26. Spent more than an hour struggling with a bug with the gallery and it still refuses to work.. :angry: I'll set it on fire. :ph34r:

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    2. Rikifive


      Welp, that makes ~10-hour long playlist, so I think it's enough. :P 

      Mine are mp3, because there's no need for other.


      I only have specific videos, and they're nicely sorted.


      I thought you meant that AVG antivirus and I was like 'huh?', then googled that to find the true meaning of that. kek

    3. PhoenixSoul


      AVG!? Ugh, that dookie sucking malware...what a nightmare; I'm still deleting old traces of that shit's footprints. Mmm-mm-mm...

    4. Rikifive


      Yeah- it is one of the unwanted things, that like to sneak in from time to time. :P Now I'm carefully installing things, so I haven't seen that one for years now. ^_^ Perhaps it's a good software, but the fact, that it was invading me and flipping my browser upside down- me not like it. ..and that's how advertising can ruin opinions. -_-

  27. Does anybody have Holder's Animated Battlers? I need the script and the graphics for a game.


    @PhoenixSoul Maybe Wayback machine has something?

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