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    SYNOPSIS: Cold, injured, and battered, Iris lay on the side of the forests river. Iris is a young child from a lost home, sexually assaulted, beaten, and neglected had seen things no child at this age should have to see. A group of radicals had slaughtered and burned the only people she could remember, she was the only orphan at St. Elias’ that escaped. As she awoke from being unconscious, she is hovered over by a figure, a stag the color of snow; however how could she see something so breathtaking when she is blind? Iris was born blind, she was dropped off on the doorsteps of St. Elias’ Orphanage; as she was a part of the community that was useless. Iris’ mother left her with the only thing she could feel connected with, a necklace with an ‘M’ engraved. Who is ‘M’? She feels as if this stag is her guardian and names him Michael after this letter, Michael tries to lead her as a guide to a place she could only feel safe as she felt when she was in her mother's arms. During the nights as she lay her head down, she could only dream what she could picture in her head, silhouettes; one in particular holding her as the gunshots rang, piercing through her delicate eardrums. As the hot, red glow spread, of what she could only feel was the flames that encased the distance, the one who held her wept. Who was the weeping savior, why did she only remember this memory before the orphanage, and how can she find out who they were? By: Emily J. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So beyond the synopsis, I Dream of Silhouettes revolves around two characters, Iris, who is blind, and Micheal, a stag who Iris stumbles upon. The society in which Iris lives looks down on and executes the disfigured and dysfunctional. So with Iris being blind, she was abandoned at an orphanage outside of the city, as to avoid infanticide. I can't give much else away, but I can say that this game has a heavy story based around friendship, family, hope, and sacrifice. It comes full with an Action System in which the characters can fight and perform actions throughout the map as to make interacting with the multitude of puzzles and enemies simpler. It comes with full voice acting, custom menus, and custom graphics. The game will NOT be RTP based. This game is created by the "Quad Squad", a close group of friends who are skilled and talented.
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    YAY! The return of Status Updates!
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    Overview: Engine: RPG Maker MV Genre: Mystery, side-scroller Game Progression: Case 1 progress, ~7% done Recruitment: Pixel artists, menu designers Synopsis: Chance knew from the day he was born that he was bound for greatness. Unfortunately, Chance was horribly misguided in this assumption. In the far-away city of Los Cactus, there have been murders most foul. Monster-kind is being shunned from the streets, the blame for these murders falling on their shoulders. An election on the horizon threatens to jeopardize their position in the world even further! Just who will step up to save them?Unfortunately for the monsters, that person is Chance Thomson, a hopelessly errant detective who struggles to tie his own shoelaces! Monster-kind's only hope lies in he and his new partner, a mysterious lady named Grace. With her help, can Chance shape up and solve the mysteries surrounding Los Cactus?Play as Chance in a collection of mysteries against tricky foes and cunning set-ups! Piece together clues to discover the villain's narrative, and do your best not to nab the wrong guy! Meet a wide cast of colorful characters, from zombie waitresses to your very own Slime Friend™, and try to break a very inconvenient sleep cycle! Characters: Gameplay Features: Screenshots: Credits:Of course, this project wouldn’t be possible without the help from my wonderful team, and many of the generous contributors in this community: Want to show your support? Here's a banner!:
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    -It's fixed now. You should be able to toggle them. By the way, every e-mail notification is now disabled by default. Not everyone likes to get tons of e-mails, so that should be optional. I know it has many cons, but as @KilloZapit said, the 'reasons' were only visible behind the scenes. Basically, the previous version is no longer supported by devs, so that started to generate problems over time. I also liked the previous version more, but at least the system is kind of more stable. Only if you'd see mine... It was sooo long and totally broken. That's because special characters/symbols got replaced by these during the downgrade upgrade. No, they don't have. That's another side effect of the upgrade - these used to be displayed in specified areas, but they decided to go wild and appear everywhere. Fixed. Mhm, as I thought. Back when I was a local mod, I had assigned areas- these tiny settings overwrote my permissions and basically turned me back into a local mod, because everything was disabled besides the ability to moderate few areas. The same thing applied to Seriel and Charlesthehurst. Since they're admins/globals, where each admin/global has the same permissions, I just removed their specific ones and threw them under group settings. That means, that Seriel and Charles should be able to moderate things, as they should now. There are another specific restrictions for local mods (to set them areas to moderate), but they seem to be fine, so I didn't touch them. Everything should be okay now. Do you mean status updates? Yeah, that was a shame. Fixed- recent status updates are displayed on the main page. Along with that, 'recent posts' and 'who's online' have been added as well. That's true. Eventually if double spacing is a pain, it can be disabled I believe, so that it would be just like it was in the previous version. Ayyyy I didn't even notice at the beginning! Fixed- Signature tab should be available in Account Settings. I knew I forgot about something.. No they aren't intended to be anonymous - everything should be displayed now.
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    Also: Has everyone noticed all the mojibake everywhere? Like in PhoenixSoul's location? Also also: Do the announcements, which is barely ever updated, have to be always viable on every page? Maybe that's a bit to petty.
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    I think someone else might have posted about this earlier, but I'm not sure if their way was the same as mine. After an error with a script, I tried using events to create a transfer between driving a vehicle and an interior. With some help from other members, I was able to create a way to do it. In-Game Screencaps: How It Works: I hope this is helpful to some people! If there's anything anyone needs clarified, please say so here.
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    Alright all, far enough. Kindly return to the topic at hand, that of the FCC and net neutrality. Noise about the philosophy of trolling or whatever this is doesn't belong in this thread and, from the posts I'm seeing, may be too inflammatory for the forum in general. And, ofc, practicing it is against forum rules Shin
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    There no longer seems to be a way to manually edit a post's bbcode, which is damn near necessary for me sometimes.
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    @Lord Vectra It'll be because we need to upgrade the Awards plugin
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    Purple Phantom

    Patient 0

    The test subject in question was a girl of about 15. Due to an incident involving some bioweapons rather recently, she'd lost the ability to walk. She'd been taken into the underground facility and put into lockdown, in case any other symptoms arose. Charlie glanced at her colleague. "Are you sure about this?" she asked him. He smiled that daring smile of his, brushing his nearly white hair back with his fingers. "I'm sure," he replied charismatically, "This girl will no-longer be wheelchair-bound once this kicks in." Charlie sighed, hoping he was right. She watched as he strode into the room and talked to the girl, then injected her with the syringe of liquid. Nothing happened... ...Minutes passed... ...And then, the girl stood up.
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    This is me.

    © Lazybones the Purple Phantom

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    The main character of my game. I'm kinda lazy to draw next character...

    © For CG to Rfrf and Sprite to me Perang Cemen, don't steal or I'll bite you.

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    Here is my progress and plans for World of Chaos. Note: Imma do this on the 1st of every Month (I truly mean it this time lol) NEW FEATURES Evented Crafting System The crafting system is evented, and therefore, will be original. Minigames Minigames have been added. They are all card games at the moment. We may/may not see a variety by the end. PLANS Dialogue Reform I intend to clean up the dialogue a bit and flesh the characters more. Right now, they are kind of bland; you don't want to see them. Mapping Reform Going to try to make the maps less box-like.
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    Hey nosy blog reader~ Just found my old concepts for one of my main charries from Tales of Eadris and wanted to give you all a laugh. This also shows my lack of creativity... ToE is a medievil-esque fantasy genre RPG. This was my first ever concept for Leina, a quiet girl. Very meh. Okay, yea, bad design haha. My next design was; I like this design to be honest, but considering the game type/genre... this outfit doesn't really fit in... Also, can you tell I like Tomb Raider? xD My final design was; Her entire design changed, as well as her race. She originally was a simple human, but became an Elven hunter/thief. I also had a similar... phase... with Faeona. Her original design was stupid. I don't have the old file anymore, but trust me on it. She looks better now. Marina's design came so nicely. I got her design pretty well based for her first design and her final was just a detailing of the original. I love Marina <3 What similar stages did you guys come across? Are you still developing your characters? What characters are you having most trouble with? Is there a favourite amongst your cast you just can't help but like more than the rest? Find out next time, on Dragon Ball Z!
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    It's gonna be much easier to batch replace all the messed up text everywhere then expecting people to manually fix everything. But a batch replace might likely also break all the fixed text. Also: Mojibake is such a fun word. For anyone interested in the history of this kind of thing, this video is pretty neat.
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    Then it can be changed, if that will be demanded. Not sure, but I've noticed, that few existing things got auto-double entered (*next lines* replaced with *next paragraphs*)... As for code... What do you exactly mean? I haven't checked that one yet. Gotta go to work.
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    Status update!!!
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    They always have been there. (along with the same options at the bottom, that are indeed gone) Also, when you can moderate, you can see options in everybody's posts- edit, hide and delete. Now that's why I know, that I can't moderate, because I can't see anything. I can moderate in Ace section though. It may have something to do with assigned mods to areas, that used to be in IPB3. It probably kinda messed up things during conversion. If you'll go to to ACP -> Members -> Staff -> Moderators, you'll see extra settings applied to particular members (us, staff members). I've noticed, that everything is disabled there, but I can enable that myself. That's kinda funny. I can't see you on that list, kaz, probably that's why you have the settings from the group restrictions. Either way, there is need to do some cleaning later. In the meantime, I've secretly modified how the 'Location' is displayed under user profiles in posts. Previously it was for example: LocationUK, now it is Location: UK, which looks better I believe. Also I've added extra few buttons to the editor, because I use these a lot. (remove format; spoiler; inc/dec indent and also brought back changeable font). That's probably an unexpected side effect of the upgrade, considering, that there are forced e-mail notifications in some cases, that even I don't like. That will be fixed later.
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    o.O This was forever ago and was a bit of a failed experiment. Still, we could always try again. Only problem I have is my lack of internet so I could only really communicate via this site on my lunchbreak/ when the boss isn't looking (or in a library or coffee shop on the weekends). Still, if that isn't a problem for others I'll set up a group PM later.
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    All looks very good. Struggling to find some stuff but, as you say, it may just not be in place yet.
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    I recently helped someone with a skill equip problem. He was using Yami Engine Symphony - Skill Equip It may not be exactly what your looking for but maybe it will do for the FFV skill equip. Also found https://rpgmaker.net/scripts/273/ but it is also a BGM only player. 253
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    Wow apparently I am 6th place for likes? Huh...
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    Wow. Okay everyone stop. *paces around then raises a finger to speak and stops, then paces around again before rubbing her temples.* Okay. Here is the thing. This right here? This arguing on the internet thing? It's a game. It's always been a game. One with stakes, one that is important to people, one often with loose rules, and one where it's often hard to tell the winners and losers, but a game nevertheless. Games are meant to be fun, even when you lose. Games are meant to be safe, as long as you don't gamble on them recklessly. Games are meant to be something to not take personally. Yes even trolls can be a fun part of the game, to a point. That point being when they disrupt the game it's self. That's when the hammer gets dropped. And, maybe I am just adding another log to the fire here, feeding into another 'g8 b8' of shin's. But you know what Mr. Jigsaw? I do kinda wanna play a game. And I wanna win too, if only in my own mind. Sure maybe I will have to saw my own leg off or something. Or maybe you aren't as clever as you think you are. From where I am sitting, I was being reasonable and polite... okay maybe a bit sardonic. I said my bit about the topic at hand, even defended you a bit. I tried to be sympathetic about your motivations. But now? Now I think I am gonna have fun. You know, the idea of a 'internet troll' doesn't come from the mythological monster. It comes from fishing, where trolling is to move bait across the water to attract attention, hoping for a bite. Well I am biting! You caught me! Now you gotta reel me in. Strong enough for it big boy? <3 Maybe I should drop in a lure of my own? I can troll too. Should I escalate? Would that make you happy? You have given me plenty of juicy material. So juicy I wonder if any of it is true. I was half tempted to use it before I saw where it was going. Hehe, you almost got me there. Wrote up a whole paragraph and everything, before deciding not to post it. It would have gone to far. Clever clever. Unless you copied the technique from somewhere anyway.
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    The forum rules link does not work for me.
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    Thanks for the compliment about Zuko on RMW, he's one of my faves too. I probably won't go on RMW again (I prefer this place) unless I must though.
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    Hey, whoa. Don't talk about yourself that way. You do more good in the world than you know. In fact, just by being here and talking to me you make me feel like one more person cares about me. That's a wonderful thing. And I care about you too, so don't be so hard on yourself.
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    Ugh, please stop all the being mean to each other. No one's life is perfect, everyone has their troubles. Why are we tearing each other down about it? We ought to be supporting each other and having fun on these forums so that when someone does come here, they can at least feel a little bit better in general. I came here to promote my game and to support other creators. Let's do that, please. That's what the forums are for.
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    Thanks you two! I went ahead and updated the top post Here are some screenshots from my project:
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    HA! Shows what you know! I would just waste it in other ways anyway!
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    You're kidding... It's a PC Visual Novel/RPG thing. It's about a hero named Luka who has a dream about the goddess Ilias who wants him to become a hero and slay the monster girls who attack humans, but Luka wants to coexist with the monster girls, which Ilias doesn't approve of. Not making that up. Of course, monster girls usually attack humans because they feed on human sperm, so it's a game that can be fun to lose. <3
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    If it can retain stupid rapists doing bad things and help by countering some prostitution network (for example, if a dude go to the prostitute of his street every week, it might be worthier to buy Harmony for him on the long term and less dangerous in term of sexually transmittable malady, so the prostitute and all his network lose money, u see what i mean ?), i think it's definitely worth it to make this project real. Yeah she's a women, gonna do some feminist war etc. But to be honest... TO BE HONEST : Do you really think it's worth fighting versus that when it can save girls by acting as an anti-rape ? I really don't care about this thing even if i think it's not really good for the image of the women. But who cares fighting this when you have something really useless known as Kim Kardashian and some others celebrities like that which make a really REALLY bad image of women and do it without helping in anything at all ? For me feminist lose their time fighting this. So here is my conclusion about the sex part of this thing : Yeah it's bad for the image of the women, but it could be more usefull than any bitch-celebrities which makes some bad images of the women too. About the mechanic and Artificial Intelligence part, i'm interested about what she can do, what are her limits ? Can she won a chess game versus a noob ? On the other part, do they managed to didn't have any sound coming from mechanisms when it moves ? If yes, how ? There is a lot of questions and it could be a huge step for all the robot industries. (next step : do some laws for robots ?)
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    Hmmm... Is their love a puzzle and that's why it has a puzzle piece background? The boy does look a bit confused. :3
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    As one can see, I'm a very fragile individual, capable of going to pieces at the slightest provocation. There really is no cure or treatment for this short of immaculate and constant love and affection, which is a harem-based fairytale that is unrealistic, so I'll likely never heal, but I'll be damned if Joe Jackass Motherfucking Cuntwipe Hackershithead gets to win because he was able to screw myself and someone else through their mischief. This debacle has scarred me, and since there is no chance of healing it... This broken doll is going away.
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    CARD GAME BATTLE SYSTEM by Thaletos Description: This script allows you to battle through a playing cards game. Actors now have cards that they will use to battle. Cards are stored in decks. Each actor has it's own deck that can be modified inside the Deck Menu. Only one actor can participate in battle at once. In battle both the actor and enemies will play hands of cards in turns that will determine the skills they will use. Different card styles will result in different type of skills used. For the battle rules and a more detailed description read the head of the script. Instructions: Instructions are explained at the head of the script. This is not a plug-and-play script, it requires lots customization, so read the description and the instructions carefully. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear. Screenshots: Skills menu Deck menu Selecting cards in battle Battle screenshot Although cards are shown here by text, you have the option to assign an image to each of them. (I don't have images yet, that's why the text is shown) Terms of Use: Free for non-commercial use, just give credit. Please don't use in commercial proyects. Script: Version 1.4 ~ CardGameBattleSystem.txt Demo: CGBS - Demo Notes: - This is my first script so it's likely that there will be some bugs, but I'll do my best to fix them. - I appreciate any kind of feedback. - I wrote this script because it suited the project I'm currently making. I hope someone finds it interesting too. - I must also thank this community since the little RGSS3 I know I learnt it by browsing these forums.
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    Nah, nah. What I was meant is, let's over the Kirimash's avatar topic. -w- Everyone; just HUG each other! :3 Probably the first time I used a meme in a post. XD
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    I feel like this conflict between you guys (Chibae and Kirimash... and others?) keeps popping up around this forum recently. These keep degrading into arguments and nitpicks at each other and it has to stop. You don't have to like, agree with or even get along with each other - but if you could please try not to cause grief and stay out of each other's way that would be beneficial for everyone. If you don't like someone's post or action, ignore them. If someone breaks the forum rules, report it. If you have constructive criticism, make sure to say it in a nice way. Keep your posts topic. I don't believe it would be right to add a restriction to the entire community in response to one person doing something that annoys another. This is a forum to talk about RPG Maker related stuff, get back to work on all your projects!