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    My goodness, it has been a very long time I've came back here It's nice to see the familiar faces and new ones of this community~ To those who don't know me, I'm the Ghost Mistress of Hakugyokurou~ Alright... I'm LadyMinerva or Minerva for short x3 I've been a member of this community for almost 3 years~ (or longer) I'm experienced in designing and parallax mapping in the basic RM so far. I do have a current project here on the community that was a while back, but I've been on hiatus and a couple of life problems have happened so I needed some time away to regain my strength :3 Now I'm back and continuing where I left off and I hope to start a fresh new start with everyone here~ To be honest, from the very start; I have never made a formal introduction here so I'm like "why not? I got to start somewhere right?" xD Once again, it is nice to come back to the community and I hope everyone can accept a Ghostly Mistress here and again~
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    Only a day left until IGMC ends and I'm still doing the dungeons ;w; STAY STRONG... at least I'm TRYING
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    Purple Phantom

    Welcome back!

    Welcome back!
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    Yay devving! Got some good eventing done today. The sidequest I'm working on is coming along nicely. =D
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    Hey-oh! I love the look of them and the lay-out of the maps! Coming from a Parallaxing standing-point and what all you can do with it, there's a lot you can do to set a scene. A lot of it actually comes from lighting and understanding color combinations and why things look good together and why they don't. In lighting, there's objects in your scene that you can use to portray a mood or setting. Finding ways to draw the players eyes to things can really highlight what you want the player to interact with. It can also be used to show the player where you want them to go, such as lighting up the next room's doorway as a way of saying, "Go this way!". Now on to color theory and color combinations, in general you should always be looking for ways to find and incorporate complimentary colors, or compound colors. These involve colors that basically cancel each other out, or otherwise known as "opposite colors" they create sort of the largest contrast and on the color spectrum are "opposite" each other. This goes hand-in-hand in also setting a mood with just colors alone. For instance finding "warm" and "cold" colors can instantly change what the scene is about. I've made two quick examples sort of showing what I mean. With this image here, what I've done is find my lighting source, which is the TV. Using a dark blue overlay to show a creepy or darker setting, and then incorporated a game element of lighting up the next room over to show that the player should go here next. I then put static on the TV and added tiny spec's of white around the image for dust. Going back to complimentary colors, Blue and Orange, from the lighting of the next room and blue from the TV create a great contrast which you can see in a lot of games like Chrono Trigger. For the second image, I changed my lighting source to the fireplace and made it much more brighter. Then setting a warm orange overlay has changed the mood of the scene to something less chilling or unsettling. For what I recommend, I'd use "Adobe's Color Wheel" to find your complimentary colors if you're unsure of what works together and doesn't. (But, don't let this be the end all-be all for everything you do, always use what you personally think looks nice). https://color.adobe.com/
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    I half just want to make Aftermath be a DnD-esque game readily available on the internet, then make it an actual video game once I legitimately have the time to put in.
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    @PhoenixSoul Thanks! And yeahhhh, I think the temperature flip-flopping so much lately has been getting to a lot of folks here haha. @ECG Wolf Thank you! It's been a lot of fun figuring out how the different scenarios are going to play out. @Cap_H Lol! Thanks, and will do, hehehe. I plan on making an RMN page once I get a little further along - I'd like to have a demo ready to go first. ^^
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    This game looks like a lot of fun! I like the idea of have a lot of the game play deal with dialogue and interactions, with those interactions having lasting effects throughout the game. It makes you think about how you talk to people.
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    Me before coffee:
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    I may not post, but I'm always here. Watching. With my cup of tea.
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    You're welcome, no need to offer anything this time since it wasn't anything big. Although if Neon Black's script had been more complicated, honestly I would probably have not bothered to begin with, script clashes are usually a pain. EDIT: Just to clarify, if/when you replace the line in Neon Black's script, you don't put the stepping scriptlet in the script editor. (To begin with that scriplet just replaces the one line regarding @step_anime in the default code anyway - literally everything apart from that is the default code, which Neon Black's script overwrites, so replacing the line in Neon's script does exactly the same thing except it keeps the rest of his changes).
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    My inner six year old fell on the floor laughing yesterday because I got to talk to someone named Dick Wood
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    Well, the season for being spooky wooky is over, so now I am all bright and cheery again! I know some people might be disappointed but though being all dark and sexy is fun, I feel more myself this way... Bright and sexy! :3
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    Your birthday is on Halloween?!?! Lucky duck! You get cake AND candy today
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    Happy Halloween!
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    I hear you're in the market for Viagra pills
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    My profile pic at work is Charizard once again. Now I feel whole =D
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    You're name is Blue Typhlosion, but your avatar doesn't look like any Typhlosion I've ever seen.
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    You guys want to watch/play a game that scares even me? I recommend Outlast. Not Outlast 2, but Outlast (and the Whistleblower DLC).
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    Rolf! I am dying right now! http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/17/politics/navy-aircrew-obscene-skywriting/index.html This may very well be the single greatest event in human history!
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    New PC ordered, should be done next week. Finally.
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    oww the avatar

    oww the avatar
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    Once again this forum comes to my rescue! You guys rock!
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    Hey! Are you still accepting requests? And if so, could I put in a request: Description: I'm looking to re-create a simple minigame from the now closed Club Penguin. I've been feeling a lot of nostolga for CP lately, and was hoping to re-create a few of its minigames in my game. The minigame itself is called Thin Ice. The game itself is really simple, you move your character over ice tiles, which melt as you step off of them. The goal is to get to the end of the level (the red tile in the example video), but if you want a high score, you'll want to melt as many tiles as possible (with a bonus if you 100% a level). There's a few other mechanics that come into play, such as a tile that you can pass over twice, push blocks, a teleport tile, etc, but I'd imagine after you have the basic mechanic, those would be easy to add. I'm including a video below, but if you have any other questions, please do ask! Example (if possible): Here's a video of someone playing the game; Would you like GUI/pictures done by me?: If you're willing to, yes Art Style (must have a visual example(s))?: Similar to the video. You'd be playing the game on a retro arcade cabinet, so the art style is fitting. Also, although you certainly don't have to, I do have a player sprite planned, if you'd be willing to retro-ize it to fit the other aesthetics.
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    A bit late but here I am~ SpuddyFerret recently did a phenomenal job in composing whole OST (that link doesn't have all the tracks in it btw) (around 18 tracks in chiptune style!) in just less than a month, for my project that was supposed to be my IGMC 2017 entry but I failed at completing it within time - although I'm still excited in using these tracks for the project that I'll be redoing from start (yass MORE CHANCES TO USE SPUDDY'S MUSIC *insert evil laugh*) The big thing is that, she is very fast and DOES MUSIC FOR FREE she just asked for some pixel art in return but she really doesn't cost anything from you~ She's very fun (she sends you funny videos XD) to work with - she also understanding and humble to talk with (also thanks to her for suggesting me some name ideas for my project!) I highly recommend hiring her for some quality music for your games! I'll definitely hire her again (okay i'm broke lol and i really want to pay her for her hardwork lol lol)
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    Even the old laptop is dying..(?) If the hard drive will break here, I won't be able to get online at all, heh.. I told you technology hates me.
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    Yes, I suspected that would be the case. Neon Black's script also overwrites the same method for his own script. You can try this: # Find the line in Neon Black's script that looks like this: @step_anime = $game_player.step_anime # Replace that line with the one from the scriplet: actor.id == x ? @step_anime = true : @step_anime = $game_player.step_anime # Or the alternative one if you have multiple actors: # [x,y].include?(actor.id) ? @step_anime = true : @step_anime = $game_player.step_anime Also, this hack does not provide any way to make the follower stop stepping. You'll need to use a dummy follower or edit the script itself if you want to toggle it (not that it would be a hard edit, you would just replace the bit that goes "@step_anime = true" with "@step_anime = $game_switches[YourPreferedSwitch]" or something like that).
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    Sorry, I don't really know much about how the follower system, or for that matter graphic-related scripts (aside from custom dialogs / menus) in general, work. If anyone else knows how to create the graphical effects you're after but isn't sure on how to tie them only to specific actors, I can help with that part.
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    Purple Phantom

    Poor Tom

    From the album LPP Comics

    This is gonna be my new cover for everything once it's finished. (I'm gonna actually finish Edd before I colour it, don't worry. Dang, this is funny. XD
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    If I were an admin, I'd be sending these spammers and scammers to the Pit of Deletion. Screw you, no one wants your garbage. Kindly screw off so that we can continue our gamedev journeys in peace.
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    There's a guy who's using different accounts to giveaway a scam in the status updates.
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    This script does what you want: # Script that loads different graphic for actor in the status menu. # Graphic is loaded from Graphics/Faces/ folder as {actor_name}_status.png # If the graphic is larger (or smaller) than 96x96 it is stretched. # # ------------------- # Script by: vFoggy class Window_Status < Window_Selectable def draw_status_face(status_name, x, y, enabled = true) bitmap = Bitmap.new(status_name) src_rect = Rect.new(0, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height) dst_rect = Rect.new(x, y, 96, 96) contents.stretch_blt(dst_rect, bitmap, src_rect, enabled ? 255 : translucent_alpha) bitmap.dispose end def draw_actor_face(actor, x, y, enabled = true) status_file_name = "Graphics/Faces/#{actor.name}_status.png" if File.file?(status_file_name) draw_status_face(status_file_name, x, y, enabled) else draw_face(actor.face_name, actor.face_index, x, y, enabled) end end end
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    Divines...goodness... Took forever to setup the intro common event in my XP project, but damn it, the time spent was so worth it.
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    Well, my PC died. Along with that, my IGMC entry is also dead, so that's some more wasted work on my account. Couldn't it break a month earlier or later? I wouldn't mind that then. I'm really unlucky. I may be much less active for a month, eventually two, awaiting for new PC. Take care!
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    Purple Phantom

    Look Out Tord!

    From the album LPP Comics

    Tord, I'd side-step if I were you. That's a big snowball. Plus, seeing Tom fall face-first into it would be funny.
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    Bustsets are easier to make when you can study the characters and how they react to things. Oh well. I've been putting off these three bustsets for some time, now.
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    by Website ❧ YouTube ❧ Twitter ❧ DA-Group Abstract: Macabre, Profound, Stylized Genre: (Pixel) Horror Adventure Specs: Windows 7+, 35MB free disk space Rating: M 17+ (Violent References, Blood and Gore) Game Progression: 77% Recruitment: N/A Demo: [No Demo Currently Available] A child find's herself in a parallel dimension where human flesh is a commodity and all the citizens are raving mad. Will she be able to survive, and most importantly, with her humanity? Character profiles are intentionally vague. More profiles will be added. (concept and design) Zen (artwork and animation) Zen (music and sound effects) Zen (scripts) Zen (script resources) Shaz, Melosx, Traverse, Khas, Galv, Yanfly, TheoAllen, DiamondandPlatinum3, and Victor ❧ Various locations to explore ❧ Puzzles ❧ Chase sequences where the player can hide, trip over objects, and misdirect their stalker ❧ Intricate lore about the characters and the world of Fleshport ❧ 100% original images ❧ 100% original audio ❧ Easter eggs and references ❧ Shaz, Melosx, Traverse, Khas, Galv, Yanfly, TheoAllen, DiamondandPlatinum3, and Victor, for providing the community with wonderful scripts. ❧ All the helpful and supportive users in the RPGMaker forums. ❧ My fans, who have supported me from the start of this project. ❧ My family and friends, who are supporting me through this long, intimidating project. ❧ The people who created the games I love. Known Issues: [In Alpha] Thank you for reading!
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    Last day I got package, I don't know who sender but that day wasn't my birthday I also didn't order anything... The first thing in my head was inside that package is hazardous material... after charge enough courage I try to open it and then.... I give it to my neighbor, blame the courier they send stuff to wrong house. If I think about it again I feel like coward...
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    Is there a way to name an equipment type like this for more than two slots in VX Ace? (Accessory #1, Accessory #2 and so on)
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    Hi, my name is not dead and I'm very Amy.
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    Oopsies, my PC seems to be dying. D: I suspect the motherboard, though not sure. Basically it has troubles with booting - it tends to turn-off itself after 1-30 seconds preventing me from doing anything. After 3-25 tries, once it manages to survive these ~30 seconds, it works fine afterwards. It's definitely not power supply it seems, as I have plugged another one and there's the same issue. People say, that nothing happens without a reason when it comes to technology, but okay, why does it work once and the other times not? And why does it work just fine even for hours once it gets through the first seconds? My PC is like "Meh, I'm tired, poke me later, k, thx" and after poking him few times he's like "kkkkay I was just joking, geez!" . Welp, there's a chance, that it will decide to completely break, so yeah, I may eventually disappear for a while... Heh, I'm planning to buy a new PC and apparently my current one didn't like that idea and decided to teach me a lesson for not being loyal to it... So now I'm wondering on what build should I choose. . .
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    This forum seems to be in dire need of more positive and/or fun posts, so enjoy this random pic of the lament configuration my husband got me as a Halloween gift. Hellraiser has always been my favorite horror movie series, so needless to say I was over the moon when I opened up the gift and saw this inside.
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    I have so many script requests, damn.