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  1. Hi guys. Haven't been here in 2 1/2 years, and got the itch to see how you all were doin'. Special shout-out to RagingHobo for keeping this thing going, Amerk and Kaz for their management, and Galv for his hard work. Glad to see you're all still around. I don't use RMVXAce myself, but I do still dabble in game making. Has anyone here had any commercial success with their games? Or even just popular success? Interested to see what you've whipped up. Later!
  2. Warn level lowered.
  3. For future reference, there is a page to contact us without having to be registered. It's here: http://www.rpgmakervxace.com/about-us My email is loki.jotunheimr@gmail.com
  4. ...I have no clue what this guy's talking about. Multiple accounts??
  5. Old warn removed.
  6. Wrong forum and posting threads to advertise forums isn't allowed.
  7. Hey Felix, I remember you from way back on GGZ. Have you stayed in the RM community this whole time?
  8. Why are you leaving exactly?
  9. Despain, stop spamming. :|
  10. Let's end any and all discussion of furries. It's a subject I don't want brought up or talked about at all here. Just keep this thread to welcome posts for Prof. Meow Meow.
  11. Hi Teloch! Welcome to the site.
  12. Hi Tevak!
  13. Hi Amy. Nice to see you here.
  15. Hi Holder. Nice to see people from other sites interested in RMVX Ace as well.