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  1. RMVX Ace Lite (the Demo Version) has this script, where it shows "splashes" before the main game starts. I honestly don't have it, but Lite is free - so you could download that off the site and then copy the script in there and edit it to your liking
  2. I guess 15 is Base Damage, 23 is your MAT and 23 is the Target's MDF? Then I think it might go: (15 + a.mat * 2) - (b.mdf * 2) But I think you need to clarify what you said, because I'm pretty sure you know this already. Sometimes lowering final numbers helps with balancing out damage throughout a game much easier, ie: (Base + Magic / 2) - (Mdf / 4)
  3. I had some free time to work on some graphics, and have been planning on making everything from scratch (which sounds fun, but is a hassle to be honest). So here goes nothing: I tried making an original HUD. I started out with C's design, being the traditional HUD Display (compared to RMVX Ace on the bottom right). And then I thought - "Gee, that HUD is kind of obstructive, no?". So I made a HUD that's fast and easy to look at, because I want the Player to look at what is going on in the game - and not the HUD. For reference: GREEN is HP; BLUE IS SP; RED IS TP; and Yellow doesn't matter because it's a Time/ATB Gauge which is not currently within the game (and if it is, it'll be a pseudo-ATB plastered on a PCTB System). C is the first original HUD that follows the template of the RMVX Ace version, only that its a bit flashier (white cursors, and quarter segments) A is the revised HUD that is meant to take up less space and less time to understand B is a variant of A, but it's gauges fill and empty away from the center of the HUD - this isn't necessary, but it'd be really damn cool if I can pull this off in RMVX ACE So I made this topic to ask, would you play a game with a HUD that was like example A (and B). I have an edited screenshot of the game with these HUDs in place: Right now, the default dimensions of the Battleback seem a little too small for the custom Graphics I'm using. I planned on removing the bottom panel (that occupies half the screen) and changing it into a full transparent menu that is a wheel that is in the middle of the bottom half of the screen (the HUD above it is just junk): The transparent menu transforms (moves) in the direction opposite of the command chosen (Selecting Skill will move the main menu down, off the screen, branching into a circle with "Skill" on the left and "Magic" on the right. Then the skills in each of their categories. Everything else is self-explanatory after that (But selecting Items will simply open the Item list on the bottom half). One last thing about this concept, is that when it comes to the "Attack" and "Special" commands, menus will not come up because of how the database has been re-organized. There's just enough skills to make all 3 characters diversify into 3 play-styles [each], but not enough to encumber this menu concept with several layers of commands (ie. [special] -> [skills] -> [Path of Warrior] -> [Main] -> [infinite Uppercut]) is the highest amount of menu commands the Player will have to go through (5 Commands / Pressing X, B, Y, or C up to 5 times) This can be easily worked around with a "Repeat" Command or Custom Hotkeys - but I don't need that now. I'd like to make an animated gif showing what the menu is intended to do in action, but I'll do that another time. tl;dr version Simplistic, minimalist HUD that doesn't require much attention in order to playa Transparent command menu that allows for more space on the battlefield 4-button input for faster action commands I'm done typing useless information, I only made this Topic to show that I'm still working on this, despite major parts of the game being revised, and the fact that I have little to no time working on this stuff - I'm averaging 2 hours a week on my laptop now :c . Do you think this would be an improvement from the Default HUD? Do you think this style would keep the Player from sticking their eyes on the head? Would you be able to quickly calculate damage flow with this HUD? Should their be anything changed in order to improve upon this concept?
  4. Alright, now I understand what you're getting at. And the "Cherry Blossom" effect was the error. I made the fix that you gave, but realized that the damage and critical damage were the same - because I was returning the damage back to it's original value (damage is returned to regular value) instead of returning back to it's last value [after critical application] (damage being returned to its value after critical application). So I just changed the code to this: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Apply Critical #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def apply_critical(user, damage) user.add_state(49) if user.actor? && user.armors.include?($data_armors[105]) if self.is_a?(Game_Actor) if self.armors.include?($data_armors[137]) || self.skills.include?($data_skills[229]) damage * (2.5 + user.agi / 100.0) end else damage * (2.0 + user.agi / 100.0) end end Plus! Thanks for the advice about using " || " instead of or, it'll be very useful in the future! None taken, I know just enough to make more advanced damage formulas, fix basic things, and handle events with just script commands. The code is like math, its difficult at first - but once you know it, you know it. By the way, would I find "basic ruby tutorials" in the Help Section of RMVX Ace? (I know I can google it), but those sections are shallow and I've never taken the time to sit and read through the tutorials on this forum. I wish I had more free time to do so, but one day I'll get to it! Edit: I tend to learn the script by looking at segments of the Default Scripts and trying to figure out how they work and function, along with getting help from other scripters, that's the main way I try to learn Ruby Code. Plus, its a nuisance to ask for help for the same problem again and again. Thanks for your help, Pencil This topic is now resolved
  5. Okay, I'm getting a little frustrated with myself since my brain is off for Saturdays. I changed the apply_critical to apply_critical(user, value) and changed the code to this: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Apply Critical #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def apply_critical(user, damage) if self.is_a?(Game_Actor) if self.armors.include?($data_armors[137]) or self.skills.include?($data_skills[229]) damage * (2.5 + user.agi / 100.0) end else damage * (2.0 + user.agi / 100.0) end # Cherry Blossom - Increases Damage when critically hit user.add_state(49) if user.actor? && user.armors.include?($data_armors[105]) end But now I'm getting a weird error that isn't pointing me anywhere. I have the strangest feeling that the solution is very simple, and I can't grasp it for anything.
  6. Okay, now it's working - but I have to take out the "if item.damage.element_id == x". Which I kind of need in order to determine what type of damage reduction is going to apply. I can try to find a workaround such as Hime's Tags in the meantime. Thank you, Pencil. And one quick thing, how would I correctly call apply_critical since I messed it up: In the Calculate Damage, it is: value = apply_critical(damage) if @result.critical And its def is #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Apply Critical #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def apply_critical(user, damage, attacker) if attacker.is_a?(Game_Actor) if attacker.armors.include?($data_armors[137]) or attacker.skills.include?($data_skills[229]) damage * (2.5 + attacker.agi / 100.0) end else damage * (2.0 + attacker.agi / 100.0) end # Cherry Blossom - Increases Damage when critically hit self.add_state(49) if self.actor? && self.armors.include?($data_armors[105]) end
  7. Okay, so I fixed up the Vanilla Mule's code following your guys' help - and it works! But the main game's code is a whole 'nother monster. I tried to follow up with that, but for this one I also need the (user) class (and for some weird reason, I'm getting errors with apply_critical on the main game, but I'll figure that on my own). Main Game's apply_defense And the Calculate Damage going There are no Errors happening because of the apply_defense for the main game, just the apply_critical, but the problem is that the apply_defense isn't taking effect like it should be. (I tested it out on a Debug Battle with Target Dummies of 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 Defense, and they all receive the same damage)
  8. I just wanted to know what I was doing wrong. So here's a quick topic: Vanilla Game_Battler section for example #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Calculate Damage #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make_damage_value(user, item) value = item.damage.eval(user, self, $game_variables) value *= item_element_rate(user, item) value *= pdr if item.physical? value *= mdr if item.magical? value *= rec if item.damage.recover? value = apply_critical(value) if @result.critical value = apply_variance(value, item.damage.variance) value = apply_guard(value) @result.make_damage(value.to_i, item) end And I wanted to do the following #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Calculate Damage #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make_damage_value(user, item) value = item.damage.eval(user, self, $game_variables) value *= item_element_rate(user, item) value *= pdr if item.physical? value *= mdr if item.magical? value *= rec if item.damage.recover? value = apply_critical(value) if @result.critical value = apply_variance(value, item.damage.variance) value = apply_guard(value) value = apply_defense(user, damage, attacker) # <- New line of code @result.make_damage(value.to_i, item) end With the following def apply_defense(user, damage, attacker) c = (1000.0 - user.def) / (1000.0 + user.def).to_f c * damage end This is the basics of what I'm doing. With the Vanilla, the following comes up: And this error comes up with my main project If you need more information on the main project's code, I can show it - and any other info in general. (Sorry, I'm just tired and don't know how to what right now. Half of my brain is off)
  9. yes item.damage.element_id will return the object's element id small note your last check should be item.damage.element_id >= 3 not item.damage.element_id <= 3 or you could use a case statement Sorry for the delayed reply, I only have time to come here on the weekends now. For some reason I always get those <= and >= mixed up. I also have a problem with the game applying this modifier. I tested it to see that Actor 1 is dealing 38 Damage, then I #'d the "value = Phys_Defense(user,value,attacker) if item.damage.element_id == 1" to find out that Actor 1 is still dealing 38 Damage. If the code were to follow through correctly, the actor would be doing 64 Damage - instead of 38. The only scripts I have that are using def make_damage_value are Yanfly's Battle Engine and Hime's Effect Manager, and I looked at both and neither seem to be the problem.
  10. Checking a Skill's Attack Element ID from Game_Battler would be called like this, right? if item.damage.element_id == 1 Because I just need to get the Game to multiply the damage by using the following in the def make_damage_value(user, item) value = Phys_Defense(user,value,attacker) if item.damage.element_id == 1 value = Mag_Defense(user,value,attacker) if item.damage.element_id == 2 value = Ele_Defense(user,value,attacker) if item.damage.element_id <= 3 And the _Defense stuff was created following the template of def apply_critical(user, damage, attacker)
  11. I set my Enemies' Level with the LUK stat, since I never use it. This is the Pokemon Damage Formula, try: ((2 * a.level + 10) / 250.to_f * (a.atk / b.def.to_f) * 35 + 2) * 1.to_i
  12. - Godawful amounts of Grinding - Animeeeeeeeeeee Guys - Animeeeeeeeeeee Girls - Copy-and-Paste Characters - Walls of text I am a simple man, and these are my opinions.
  13. The bulk of the Passives don't really work right now because I haven't gotten around to scripting them in, I'm trying to get the general graphics done for the game, then I'll focus on the battle mechanics. It usually takes tinkering with the Game_Battler or Game_BattlerBase to get those effects (I believe Hime has a script that makes this process easier). It's been a long time since this post, so I edited and removed a whole bunch of content in the topic post - because the whole database of skills was redone. The Scripts in Yellow are the ones involved with these skills, so you don't need to look at the whole script. I don't have the Program on me right now, but a bunch of scripts were removed and added since last time. If you need help with passives, make a Help Topic and we'll help you.
  14. Jesus christ, "Yellow" reminds me of the 3rd Strike Online Edition's menu art:
  15. Aww, thanks! It's motivating to hear that I primarily use Paint Tool SAI, a lot of people use that program and make much better stuff than me, so I'd recommend it! And thanks again! Maybe I should try making more Pixel Art for here, no? Once again, thank you for the compliments I have a couple of things I might post here later next week if they're finished.