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  1. khas engine

    I set the z value to 100 so I could see the item processing window. If you still can't see other windows try setting it lower. This script doesn't use switches or variables. The switches used in the demo are for eventing purposes only and aren't necessary.
  2. I've seen and enjoyed the rest, but haven't seen Blue Exorcist. What's it like?
  3. Welcome to the forum, DeadS0L. I discovered RPG Maker about 3 years ago myself. I love manga and anime too. Do you have any favorites or unappreciated titles that you think others should watch/ read? Me and my wife were discussing Russia just the other day, but it was about the fashion industry so I won't bug you with questions about that. I'm loving how many international users this forum has. What kind of painting do you do?
  4. Welcome to the forum, James. When it comes to rambling, your introduction post is a great place for it. If you want some good ruby examples (to help you learn) Yanfly has some nice scripts (and a lot of them) and Fomar0153 has some great scripts that do a lot, but are really short (which I imagine would be useful to those learning). Normally I'd offer you some tea or something, but I'm on vacation so I don't have easy access to my virtual beverages.
  5. I understand financial problems. I've been there to many times for comfort. I hope it works out for you not just for rpg making, but just in general because if you have to sell the pc to pay the bills times are getting rough. Best of luck and I'm with Knightmare if you do end up being able to stay I'll help him chop off your tail.
  6. Us old foagies got to stick together. *Kicks Knightmare* At least offer him a Rascal and prune juice is gross. Welcome to the forum, FTrapper. I never worked with 2k3, but imagine you will like Ace. This place is full of lots of different kinds of people and there is already so many good resources available, so you shouldn't have any problems getting the swing of things.
  7. Welcome to the forum Vega. I've seen a few of your posts already. I like designing games, but since I'm artistically handicapped I have to work with what I can find, though I find limitations expand my creativity. Careful this forum can be addicting.
  8. Welcome to the forum. I too am just a VXer. Doesn't Ace look like it will be so much better than VX? I usually make a joke that plays off of what Knightmare says, but he gave me nothing, like all the girls in high school.
  9. Welcome to the forum Kyle. This is a pretty happening place. How long you been a RPG Maker user? I've been failing to complete a game for 3 years strong. Its still pretty new here, but there is more than you would think, especially in the scripts and tutorial sections. If you're not familiar with it, the sister site that is for VX is
  10. Those controllers broke in interesting ways. I remember my brother was playing one of the Dragon Warrior games, got pissed and slammed it on the bed rail. No damage what so ever to the casing, but it wouldn't work. We cracked it open and he had managed to crack the circuit board right in half. We probably had to buy a dozen extra controllers for the NES.
  11. Welcome to the forum Michael. I've only been using RPG Maker (mostly VX) for about 3 years. I've never come close to finishing a game, but I find it fun to make things even if I don't ever use them. This program has given me more hours of entertainment than any video game has, so in my opinion its worth the money. But I always had mor fun making characters for D&D than actually playing, so maybe I'm weird. I remember Dragon Warrior 4. It had the multiple chapters with their own characters and then they all joined up later on right? If I got that right then I must say you started with a truly great RPG. If you have access to VX (or just get the 30 day trial), you should find the tutorial game RPG Maker School on It will teach a lot of the basics that should be transferable to Ace.
  12. This is all done in events, so you can add switch condition branches when you need to.
  13. I have a pretty good idea who requested this because this was what he wanted to do. I hope it works for him. That's a meaty script by the way. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who want to use this.
  14. Welcome to the forum. I don't think I've ever seen an RPG Maker game in true 3D, does that limit the kind of scripts you can use or even some of the basic functions available in the editor?
  15. Check out Fomar0153's Improved Item Selection Processing Script. It could definitely be of use to you. I had a new tutorial that was going to display a couple creative uses for it but my kids closed my project before I could do the documentation. Damn trial. I should get a chance to remake it tomorrow, I hope.