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  1. i have plan tp rewrite this to MV plugins (this might not converted but rewritten for better coding)... but currently this script is not my top priority...(there's other script that have more priority). sorry.... but i will do it eventually... edit: also... my hometown got struck by storm. and some powerline were cut. so we now having [24h blackout -> 6h electicity running -> 24h blackout] cycle for 3 weeks. so in 3 weeks i won't be productive at all.
  2. this might be ported to MV.. but not in short term plan. since i new in JS.... still making myself familiar with JS... don't want to write too many plugins yet in case there's a fundamental coding mistake i done. . current plan for MV: 1) Finish Decor and Build Series Conversion currently converting Build and Decor series... what left to do... Save Map Event Clone Event Event SIze Graphic Shift Build and Decor (20%) Decor Movement (0%) also doing some compatibility patch to mouseSystemEx... and some bugfix for 4 plugins i already released next script in line to convert (plan by order... but might depend on mood too): 2) http://www.rpgmakerv...ext-color-plus/ easy but useful scripts 3) http://www.rpgmakerv...t-system/page-3 battle royale might be a good addition to gameplay 4) http://www.rpgmakerv...ges-controller/ basically event Go To Page. to make eventing less confusing... then maybe will try converting EST Enemy Position (first part of suikoden series). but it is really hard to port... i might have rewrite it from scratch (this script is one of script created when i'm still newb in ruby. then maintained / bugfixed / improved as i grow as ACE Scripter... so the code is a bit messy ).
  3. first of all people will eventually move to MV.... in MV honeymoon phase... we can expect lots of plugin from lots of scripter (i even already write 4 . i post that in RMW though...). it would be the best time to do plugin request at this momment because lots of people is creating the plugin. be polite... make your plugin request as interesting as possible. explain why those requested plugin will be popular. after honeymoon phase over... it will slow down a little bit... since people most likely fixing bugs in previous plugin released. or adding something new to existing plugin. but i'm sure it still be better than ace... why i think it would be lot better than ACE... since now there's NO HIDDEN CLASS !!! in ace i struggle a lot when i script and requires to know what happen in that hidden class. that's why i cannot fix bug in conversion of SOV video player i done in ACE. it's because i cannot understand how the hidden class handle it. also... it's javascript... from what i see... many new expert in javascript is interested on making plugin on MV. of course there's also existing ACE scripter that didn't want to learn javascript... thus reducing the coder... but from what i see... most active scripter is releasing plugins as we speak... like tsukihime, hudell, shaz, galv, nio kasgami, doubleX, Zalerinian, yami, lecode, ME , and so many more veteran scripter from ACE... and finally... beside those active scripter... MV even make some inactive scripter like comes back... for example yanfly and ramiro... so MV will be better than ACE. i just hope that Victor, MGC, Mr. Bubble, Woratana, Moghunter and my fellow friend from indonesia TheoAllen will soon join MV . (sorry if they already have written a plugin and i don't know ) ACE Active scripter + ACE Inactive scripter + NEW JS coder = more personel to write plugins .
  4. as long as using it is not too complicated... i think it's nice to have a new way to manage our plugin. not to mention it's still early phase of MV and not too much of our script written yet (i only write 3 so far). so changing all of them is still possible. the longer we don't change... the harder it will be for change. edit: i have look at MVCommon a little bit. but it would be nice if someone give some example on how to use the methods inside those. since i'm new at JS. and the code can sometime unfamiliar to read.
  5. i discuss something similar like this earlier in this topic... might be useful for anyone want to perfect it. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/19502-vx-ace-dynamic-npc-system-cancelled/ it's not the same... but what we want to achieve is the same.
  6. @hime: agree... his youtube channel is quite popular... so MV will have good advertisement... i guess giving him the program is a wise choice. . MV will shine more than ACE i guess. i'm going to preorder soon i guess. 20 days remaining... don't know how fast will i learn to script in MV. since the language will change... hopefully you start scripting too hime . we all love your scripts. .
  7. i'm a bit confused... in the preorder page it show that... one key for both non steam and steam version if we buy the non steam preorder we also get steam version? which means 2 program? or we must choose only one... if we activate the standalone... steam version cannot be activated?
  8. it's really look like ACE... LOL... thanks for sharing the video... i'm currently still hesitate to preorder... this video might be the last push to preorder LOL... some point that interest me in the video first of all the mouse system looking quite good . the pathfinding looks decent. but before we test it with complex map we won't know for sure. (too bad the video prefer using ol' keyboard . the sideview shown in the video is lacking move to target... but i see some option in the system about attack motion... so maybe it can approach target before slashing... also... battle sprite idle animation, cast animation and hurt animation... nice. the character generator image looks WAY BETTER than ACE. i dislike ACE character generator drawing style. MV style is quite good (might be personal opinion though)... there's also faceset generator. nice. also... it's too bad the video didn't show the Plugin feature... at least the glimpse of it would be nice... but overall this video is good enough to ignite people interest.
  9. the closest battle system is XAS by moghunter https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rgss3-xiderowg-action-system-xas/ he even create memories of mana II using "rpg maker xp version" of that script. https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/projects/memories-of-mana-ii/ it really looks like SD3 in both graphic and gameplay. you can download it in his website too... that script not user friendly though. and the guide not in english .
  10. You could try using Omega7 map saver script which CONVERTED to ACE by YAMI http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/669-map-saver-script-conversion-request/ USE THE ONE that inside yami's post in spoiler box don't know it works with windows 10 or not. (i'm hestitating to upgrade to windows 10 because it might ruin some program like this ).
  11. hmm old eval inside eval... eval("old_eval('something')") filtering words success... go to old_eval old_eval("old_eval('something')") stack level too deep i think... didn't try it though . from the code above it only protect eval from Game_Interpreter. so Object.eval('something') could work...?? and since Object is inherited by all class that mean all class have eval perhaps??? maybe we should place the filtering inside class Object eval method instead
  12. I try eval inside eval in one of my script... in RM it return stack level too deep... so in that script i combine define_method and eval... but let's assume we can eval inside eval ... (it would be possible if we use different class eval) with string manipulation... as long the final string that evaled contain those words... it will get caught... and without those word in the final eval... it won't be able to alter method / class / module. some example: a = "ev" a+= "al('modu" a+= "le Test; end')" eval("#{a}") will get caught...
  13. there's a way using script call to create txt files for ALL scripts that used by that project i think this is the code : for i in 0 ... $RGSS_SCRIPTS.length p i.to_s + ": " + $RGSS_SCRIPTS[i][1] f = File.new("#{i.to_s} "+ $RGSS_SCRIPTS[i][1] + ".txt","w") rescue nil f.write($RGSS_SCRIPTS[i][3]) if f f.close if f end but in this script http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/24941-est-cs2-script-control/page-2 by me and caitsith2... it's already been prevented... it will wipe $RGSS_SCRIPTS variable after finish interpreting it... and any modification in scripts will make the scripts to scramble... (adding new script, creating new class, adding a single letter in existing script, etc) so... you can also add some protection against EVAL... and they won't be able to modify any class / module rough example: class Game_Interpreter alias_method :old_eval :eval def eval(script) check_eval(script) end def check_eval(*args) script = args[0] return msgbox "Protected!!!" if script.include?("module") return msgbox "Protected!!!" if script.include?("class") send(:old_eval,args[0]) if args.size == 1 send(:old_eval,*args) if args.size > 1 end end it will protect when interpreter script call want to eval something with "module" or "class" you could also add check like "define_method", etc. i didn't include that in our script... but i used that in my project. (some extra security for myself ).
  14. how about making this anti piracy check... when the game piracy detected... delete the project .
  15. did you already update the scripts to new version? v.3.4? yanfly plus mog script also might be making it not compatible. i try the script using yanfly battle engine and it works fine i try the script using moghunter battle engine and it works fine... but i cannot test using both because if i remember correctly they're not compatible with each other by default... maybe if you create a fresh demo (below 5mb please). with both battle system installed and already compatible with each other. then upload it and give me the link. but i'm not promising that i can fix the compatibility. since it's between two battle system anyway . ps: it would be better if you also put all your script in the same order in that fresh demo. but make sure to make it below 5mb. since my internet slow.