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  1. Personally I tend to like it when players and monsters play by the same rules, but that only really works well when fighting is less about mowing down armys of mooks and more about longer more tactical engagements. It dosn't make that much sense to make common enemies have the same capability of party members if that would lead to random encounters every step that are either long and drawn out or with glass cannons that can do lots of damage quickly but not take many hits. There is also the whole thing with healing skills and how that comes into play. For bosses or games that use more rare and meaningful battles though? It makes a lot more sense. When you have a battle between two pretty evenly matched sides, battles can become exciting chess matches with more importance to the tactical ability of what is controlling them. This I hard to pull off in a typical JRPG-style static battle screen, but it can be done.
  2. Is it just me, or is the site giving a lot of 'File not found' errors? Seems to happen whenever there is a '?do=getNewComment' after the link. Deleting it make the problem go away.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I've not noticed this personally. I'll keep an eye out though.

    2. Kayzee


      I think it was something funky with firefox that caused it. It works now.

  3. Thanks for all you've done for me.

    Something has come up that is going to keep me from keeping in touch here so...

    I greatly appreciate all you've helped me with, it means a lot but I cannot stand it when people make a laughingstock out of me when I don't deserve it.

    1. Kayzee


      Awww... Don't let meanies chase you away! I will miss ya!

  4. Yeah, don't let me get you down. I may have opinions, but ultimately I am just stating what I feel are relevant observations of other games I have played. This is your own brand new game, and I certainly can't predict how well it will turn out in the end. I think it's worth having a discussion over, but you are right. Paper is cheap, results is what you want.
  5. Yeah, needless to say I disagree with extra credits about player choice. That kind of thinking might work in the context of crafting a branching narrative, but actual gameplay is nothing without real choice. Heck, some have defined the whole concept of a game as nothing more then 'a series of meaningful choices'. That dosn't mean total freedom to mess around without rules, as that isn't meaningful. But it's equally meaningless if the choice is an illusion. Or to put it another way: If you are giving the player a choice in what party members they should bring, I think that choice should have some impact on the choices you make down the line rather then being either a binary right and wrong or not mattering at all. But that's just my opinion.
  6. I think it makes more sense to use party switching if you are going for a more 'all roads lead to Rome' style thing with many dungeon puzzles. Or in other words, if the puzzles are less about finding the exact right solution and more about what routes you take. I could imagine a cleverly designed dungeon that unfolds very differently depends on who you bring. Some rooms could be trivial to bypass with some characters, while being really hard to deal with with some others. Perhaps 'brute forcing' a dungeon by just tanking hits from traps or fighting monsters should be a way of overcoming most of the things in your way, but is a costly one. That doesn't mean you can't also just flat out making some characters or skills be required for some dungeons as well, but personally I think that's at least better kept for special challenge dungeons or optional side dungeons. I at least for one don't think I ever thought putting artificial requirements or restrictions on who I can bring to a dungeon ever did much more then annoy me. It's one thing to try and make every party member useful in some way. It's another to do so by limiting player choice. And BTW yeah, I agree with you that design to the common denominator or design by committee tends to ruin games. But at the same time that doesn't mean all game design ideas are created equal or anything. I think there is room for looking at opinions and preferences and finding your own little niche to slide into without blindly following trends because they are popular. Honestly, to me it isn't about how many players a game has, but their passion and dedication. All sorts of players can enjoy all sorts of games, from popular bog standard shooters to huge complex experimental messes like Dwarf Fortress. I am not going to say my preference doesn't lay in the latter, but even my grumpy hipster self sees that the former has it's place. The mistake the game industry keeps making I feel is to try and appeal to everyone or only the players of the most popular games rather then trying to appeal to the community of people who actually care about playing your game. But there is something to be said for just not giving a damn and just wanting to make a game you want to make too, especially if you are just doing it for fun or as a learning experience. Not every game has to be a big deal or be for other people.
  7. I always liked the idea of using skills on things in the map, but I always thought pokemon did it really badly. Not only for the whole HM mule problem, but also because whenever you revisit an area you have to keep using all these skills over and over again. Plus the only way you can switch your party around is to find a PC. It wouldn't be that bad if you needed one particular party member with a skill to solve a puzzle or get through some obstruction, but I think having to keep all these skills on party members in the active party all the time is really annoying. I actually thought about doing my own pokemon-like game at one point, though I didn't do much beyond thinking about it. An idea I came up with in the course of thinking about it was to not even have an 'active party' as such, and just let the player summon their monsters when needed as if they always had access to the PC boxes. That way there is no need to worry about having a party slot filled with a monster with just the skill you need. Of course that idea had major implications for battles too, but that's another topic. Not sure why at least being able to freely arrange your battle party while having other party members hang around outside battles somehow is a bad idea.
  8. You know I just realized... I have been messing around with random dungeon generation, so in a way I do use random encounters of sorts. It strikes me as a good compromise even in RPGs without random dungeons to use on-screen encounters but randomize where they show up.
  9. game

    How you get a restraining order. (Get it? Poker? Poke her? Hyuck hyyuck hyuck...) Here is one I know you will enjoy: Andrew Hussie
  10. I like having encounters as events running around on the map fine. Sometimes it can be hectic and annoying to be possibly swarmed with events as you run through the map, but that's still less annoying then just getting randomly interrupted. I still think all the Action RPG scripts for RPG Maker I have seen are pretty crappy.
  11. Here ya go, darling.

    Happy Yule, New Luna.

    Kayzee Yule.gchli

    Kayzee Yule.png

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I initially wanted to have the wings be a vibrant green-yellow, but that would of taken a lot more effort than I would of had the energy for.

    3. Kayzee


      I lave a layered version I can edit for that. :3

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah, I had to do a lot of copy, paste and cut for this one, and I just noticed an area that's not correct in hue...oopsie. lol

  12. Well, the season for being spooky wooky is over, so now I am all bright and cheery again! I know some people might be disappointed but though being all dark and sexy is fun, I feel more myself this way... Bright and sexy! :3

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Green garb. Red hair, green eyes.

    3. Kayzee


      Was thinking wreaths of holly and mistletoe, with red warm clothing, But that works too!

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I'm currently working on a piece for you. ^_^

  13. Fufufu... And a happy Samhain to all! Or Halloween if you insist on using the Christian name. But let's be honest dearies, how many of you, even if you are Christian, actually celebrate All Hallows Eve?


    I think not many, perhaps not even one. No... I think what you celebrate, even unknowingly by imitation, is our day. The day that begins the dark half of the year, when the barrier between worlds weakens and we who come from elsewhere come out to play.


    Fufufu... And the best part? Because humans like to dress up on this day anyway, we can be right there in the open and no one would realize. <3



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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Hyperbolic space is definitely an oddity...


      It would be a fierce force to reckon with should one ever get lost in it.


      As far as the Nexus that of which my home world can be found in...

      It is a bit more like a nucleic bubble in which no chemical reactions occur.

      Things like vital functions are not necessary, aspiration is null.

      Sure, one can breathe but it isn't necessary.

      Gravity is non-existent, one can move as they will.


      Well, this is how I understand it. Not having ever left my home's surface, at least not that far, I cannot say for certain.


      Yeah, circumstantial simultaneity. What a mouthful. 

    3. Kayzee


      One of the reasons us fairies use a magnetic sense a lot, being able to feel magnetic field lines around us to use as a guide makes it much easier. Being able to tell what direction you are facing is really important. Otherwise it's really really easy to get lost in hyperbolic space. I mean, Fairylands don't tend to be as tightly twisted up as that VR video, it tends to look more normal then you might think. I mean, you know how everything in the human world looks pretty flat for most people even though it's really on the surface of a round ball, at least until you see things vanish over the horizon? It's like that, only instead of things vanishing over the horizon they look thinner and more and more distorted. Most Fairylands aren't exactly perfectly hyperbolic either.


      It sounds to me like your home isn't really physical in the same way people here are used to. But it dosn't seem purely nonphysical either... Places like that are always interesting.


      I might call it synchronicity instead of circumstantial simultaneity, but as noted on that page that's a slightly different thing. Though they are really closely related in some ways.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      So, solar storms must do a number on you, huh?


      Anyway, when one thinks about the upper dimensions (the non visual ones), it becomes much more of a mathematical process than most would even be capable of trying to contemplate.

      Alchemy is a science that has reliance on the upper dimensions, to a degree, but it doesn't require an intricate knowledge of trigonometric functions to understand the basic principles of transmutation.

      Is the world round? Is it flat? I mean, the proof has already been given that the planet is indeed not flat, but round? That's still debatable. I'd think, more like an ellipse, but not quite a full ellipse.


      Well, like this planet, the sky is blue, the water is blue in the right angle of light, pretty much the same properties apply on my homeworld as it does here (but I'm almost sure the gravitational force is considerably less), though the seasons, like I said before, are much less severe, so the expectancy of temperate climate is much higher.

      I get what you mean by nonphysical/physical though; yeah, it would be an adjustment, sure, and since my homeworld is not bound to any universe but instead lies outside of one, conventional travel would be close to impossible (as in from my homeworld to anywhere in any universe).


      I was just noting the tongue twister; for all I know, while I am here time could be flowing in reverse back home...

  14. just add 'puts self.class.name' above the line giving you an error?
  15. The other day I had a huge nostalgic moment. I remember long ago, visiting a park as the autumn leaves fell. I think Super Mario World been released not to much before then, and Mario cartoons were one of my favorite things. I remember going in an old mill, and thinking it looked like a Ghost House. Then I remember walking and grabbing the leafs that fell imagining them giving me a tail. I think I visited the very same park and went in the very same mill.

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    2. Kayzee


      I also remember it was autumn then too, I remember caching falling leaves and pretending to get a racoon tail. :3

    3. PhoenixSylph



      She does! She lives all the way in new york and travels a lot, so i can't really see her. We are friends on facebook besides zelda we don't really like the same stuff anymore, but she supports all my work and stuff I do.

      She said if I wanted to sign up with an agency she got really excited, But they have high standards and I'm not insanely skinny tbh, they expect models to be unhealthily skinny like I've never seen her this skinny..she says it's stressful and a lot of hard work, doesn't sound fun.

      You are always expected to act and be perfect and can barely eat and be poised it's just..ugh..not for me.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      That's why my chosen profession in the performing arts is music. @PhoenixSylph

      At least, I don't have to starve myself to play the bass....or sing...