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  1. First thing is figuring out what when wrong in the first place. Why did it mess up? I am not sure what would cause this. I assume it mis read the character encoding, but It might be something like forgetting to turn it to binary mode before moving the old database via ftp or something. Next, I wonder how the databases are stored? If it's something like MySQL or something with well know tools available, it might not be too hard to write a shell script for it. If not, I have no idea how you would do it.
  2. Looks like icons are square again! I like it better this way myself, you can see more of um.

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    2. KilloZapit


      Well sooooorry that some of us don't have your fancy 3D holographic/VR display! Way to rub it in that some of us can't afford tech from the future! >_>

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      My buddy, Cable hooked me up =D 

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      Square, Tetrahedron, either way it is still FOUR-SIDED. lolz

  3. Well there is no reply box on that topic for me.
  4. I know, I was only using the location as an example. It's the kind of thing you will probobly need to fix by reimporting over anything that hasn't been updated since the upgrade, or by a regex, or something. Assuming you plan to fix it at all.
  5. It's gonna be much easier to batch replace all the messed up text everywhere then expecting people to manually fix everything. But a batch replace might likely also break all the fixed text. Also: Mojibake is such a fun word. For anyone interested in the history of this kind of thing, this video is pretty neat.
  6. Probably gonna have to refix them if all the old text gets fixed maybe?
  7. I mean text inside code blocks. Like This Hmmm... looks like that's not effected.
  8. I am surprised there wasn't a fork project based on the old version or something. It probobly got converted to another character encoding and back or something. Either that or the encoding is just set wrong. I think you could probobly fix it without reimporting everything as long as no information was lost. Might need a script to run on the database though. I think it would be nice if you did. Does it effect old posts? Also what about code?
  9. Also: Has everyone noticed all the mojibake everywhere? Like in PhoenixSoul's location? Also also: Do the announcements, which is barely ever updated, have to be always viable on every page? Maybe that's a bit to petty.
  10. This kinda thing happens a lot when you upgrade software, sometimes you just have to give it time. I mean I liked the older style more too, but it's not really a democracy here, and there are probobly lots of reasons why upgrading was necessary behind the scenes too. Hehe, you know just the other day I decided to download a whole bunch of mods for a slightly newer version of Minecraft, and the hassle of finding what mods updated and what ones didn't is always a pain. Kinda reminds me of the forum. But you know, sometimes it's worth it for fun new features.
  11. Honestly crafting has sort of become a kind of 'ehhhh....' thing for me. I kinda like it in some games, but most just kinda mess it up. I never liked the idea of 'recipes', and liked it better when there is some dynamism to it. I kinda like Minecraft's crafting at times because of it's focus on arranging things in particular shapes, and you can substitute things. One of my favorite mods for Minecraft actually is Tinkers' Construct because it allows you to forge weapons made up of interchangeable parts. Also reminds me of the PSX RPG Vagrant Story which also had the idea of making weapons out of interchangeable parts, including gems. I think that's a much more interesting (and somewhat realistic) way of doing things. Vagrant Story even let you disassemble and swap parts at workshops. I think the Tinkers' Construct idea of melting down metal and pouring it into casts works pretty well. Obviously though that makes more sense in a Minecraft-like survival game though. Vagrant Story did let you fuse blades and stuff together though. I like the idea of something like that applying outside of weapons too, working on shields and bits of armor from whatever materials you have around, but I don't know how you would get that sense of design, like you are designing the object not just creating it form a recipe. Food and potions have plenty of games where they have a more dynamic spin on it though. Just having ingredients mix and react in to add to the whole isn't that hard.
  12. Wow apparently I am 6th place for likes? Huh...

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      Apparently we can like status updates now. Padding your stats =p

    2. KilloZapit
  13. There no longer seems to be a way to manually edit a post's bbcode, which is damn near necessary for me sometimes.
  14. Wow. Okay everyone stop. *paces around then raises a finger to speak and stops, then paces around again before rubbing her temples.* Okay. Here is the thing. This right here? This arguing on the internet thing? It's a game. It's always been a game. One with stakes, one that is important to people, one often with loose rules, and one where it's often hard to tell the winners and losers, but a game nevertheless. Games are meant to be fun, even when you lose. Games are meant to be safe, as long as you don't gamble on them recklessly. Games are meant to be something to not take personally. Yes even trolls can be a fun part of the game, to a point. That point being when they disrupt the game it's self. That's when the hammer gets dropped. And, maybe I am just adding another log to the fire here, feeding into another 'g8 b8' of shin's. But you know what Mr. Jigsaw? I do kinda wanna play a game. And I wanna win too, if only in my own mind. Sure maybe I will have to saw my own leg off or something. Or maybe you aren't as clever as you think you are. From where I am sitting, I was being reasonable and polite... okay maybe a bit sardonic. I said my bit about the topic at hand, even defended you a bit. I tried to be sympathetic about your motivations. But now? Now I think I am gonna have fun. You know, the idea of a 'internet troll' doesn't come from the mythological monster. It comes from fishing, where trolling is to move bait across the water to attract attention, hoping for a bite. Well I am biting! You caught me! Now you gotta reel me in. Strong enough for it big boy? <3 Maybe I should drop in a lure of my own? I can troll too. Should I escalate? Would that make you happy? You have given me plenty of juicy material. So juicy I wonder if any of it is true. I was half tempted to use it before I saw where it was going. Hehe, you almost got me there. Wrote up a whole paragraph and everything, before deciding not to post it. It would have gone to far. Clever clever. Unless you copied the technique from somewhere anyway.
  15. Sigh... Sorry I asked. Geez, why always all the hostility flying around?