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  1. How does one only show a certain percentage of a picture with the percentage being that of the actors MHP. I've tried reading other peoples scripts, but I get really confused. class Deej_Hud_Window < Window_Base def initialize super(0, 0, 300, 300) self.windowskin = nil hp_background hp_bar end def hp_background bitmap = Cache.picture("HP_Background") rect =, 0, 140, 36) contents.blt(0, 0, bitmap, rect) end def hp_bar bitmap = Cache.picture("HP_Bar") rect =, 0, 120, 36) contents.blt(0, 0, bitmap, rect) end end I'm guessing it has something to do with and it's width, but I'm not sure how I would code a calculation like that
  2. I suppose I did come off a bit harsh, for that I'm sorry, Wraithblade, I won't however apologize for speaking my mind. Good luck on your project, mate.
  3. I am only saying what I think about what I have read so far, the only information you have here right now is (Your Life + Depression Monster + Loneliness Monster + A lot of writing) I can't really gather up anything more then what I said before with so little information. I'm not seeing much of a game, but more of a self biography. What reason will you give for a gamer to play this? "Hey, you finished this wall of text, I'm going to reward you with another" probably won't get the reaction you want. As a player myself, I don't want to read a biography of things that have happened in your life because of the old phrase "Shit happens". It happened in yours, it happened in mine, it happens to everyone, really, the things are all different, but everybody hurts. If I had a suggestion, it would be to turn your past into something brilliant, a story that has elements of your life, but no absolute connection, hidden meanings through out the game where people find them out and think to themselves about how awesome you portrayed it. From your last sentence, it looks as though you are taking offense to what I said way to much, I'm merely giving you a different opinion, something extra for you to think about.
  4. So basically the game would be nothing but text to read, like a visual novel or something like that? That sounds really.. boring.. It sounds to me like you want people to feel sorry for you.. That sucks. But you'll find that no one really does.
  5. Awesome! Nifty little script to learn from. It's a lot more simplistic then I first thought it would be. Good job
  6. Ahh, champion. Cheers man, this script is a Gem.
  7. That's a nifty little system you got there, man. I'm curious to see what you'll pop out with Ace.
  8. Would it be possible for you to make it so that both the HP and MP bars use seperate background images?
  9. I would say a bit of everything, you can't map if you don't know what your mapping, so you do a bit of writing to give you a start point, I would work on my monsters as I need them. I personally would figure out what systems I will be using BEFORE I start anything though, I find it easier to add scripts and event systems on a fresh project (You can set up the switches and variables you'll need and you won't have to mess around then) I haven't made a game, but I have been around this scene for a couple of years.
  10. ....Me too.. That's what attracted me to this post. The name reminded me of Wreck it Ralph. Welcome, a lot of skills are required to create a game, Writing and English are most definitely in that category
  11. They both look great, But I think I like the second one better, that bow is hectic. It sort of reminds me of Sylvanas (A Dark Ranger) from W3, good job
  12. Howdy people, I'm working on a script for a profession menu system (Not the profs themselves). I saw a different way of displaying the choices, I can't for the life of me find it again. I would like something like this; < First Choice > (if player presses left or right, it will change to something like this;) < Second Choice > I was informed that this might not be such a simple thing, but I remind you that this is so I can further my learning, if you do this script, don't feel any need to add anything spectacular, Just the most basic example you could think of. If that isn't possible, perhaps someone knows what this system is called and could throw me the name. Cheers
  13. Hey guys. I want to be a decent Jack of All Trades using RMVXA (Previous and Future Versions as well) and to do that, I need to study and practice all the different aspects, at least so I know as much as possible in all fields of work. Today, I have for you my first serious attempt at drawing. I would like critique on anything you feel that is necessary. I want to draw Demons at this stage, so I looked at the mouth and jaw of an Angry silverback and tried to somewhat replicate it, but more Demonish. Oh, I also don't have a rubber, so I had to Photoshop out some of the guide lines I made, but I didn't touch anything of the actual drawing. Here you go; Don't feel the need to be nice, I'm a big boy
  14. Hello again. I'm working on a script today that I believe would benefit from a bit of zazz. I will try to explain as best I can I would like a different type of scrolling for choices, I have seen it once before and it kind of looks like this; < First Choice > (If player presses left or right, it will change to;) < Second Choice > Is this simple to replicate and if it is, how would I do this?