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  1. (Hope I'm not necroing. I haven't posted in so long I forgot the necroing rules) Mine is super lame. When I was 10 or 11 or so, I was watching Chuggaconroy's lets play of Pokemon Fire Red and he mentioned how cool a "Ghost Arcanine" would be. My mind immediately jumped towards "Darkanine" (in all caps, naturally) and that's been my username on pretty much every platform since then. I've literally been using this username for half of my life at this point and that feels super weird.
  2. Posing with my two cute girls Or: How I decided to conceal my dirty shirt and messy board with an array of comic books.
  3. If you count have one object from any fictional setting what would it be? I might have to say the "Golden Tiger Claws' from Xiaolin Showdown. They were a Shen Gong Wu that allowed its user to teleport anywhere on or in the Earth they so chose. One of the biggest challenges in my day to day life is going somewhere. I live in the middle of nowhere with no car. My parents are usually to tired to go anywhere and my sister simply doesn't want to drive me anywhere. The last time I was able to leave my neighborhood (which trust me, takes extreme amount of effort in of itself due to the amount of hills, dirt roads and blazing sun) was two or three weeks ago when we went to Charlotte to check on my then-hospitalized Grandma (she's thankfully fine now). Just being able to teleport to a local restaurant, store or the local "geek club" as my dad calls it would make my life oh so much more easy. Oh, and going to places like Japan or Poland once and awhile would be pretty cool. If you could get a superhuman mastery over any earthly talent or skill, what would it be? (not superpowers, just skills)
  4. @Chaosian, @Phil-S I should've explained stuff better, my bad. Its not really a house but more like a really poor boarding school that the main characters were raised in. Theirs a tree in doors because one of the students (the main character) planted with her magic, its blue because she wanted it to be unique. Those windows are basically windows into pocket dimensions made by powerful sages. I hope I explained all the oddities in this imgur post. http://imgur.com/a/u6IvM I really appreciate the feedback though, thanks guys!
  5. First of all, thanks. I felt awkward when I was going to bump this thread yesterday and now I don't need too Second, your map looks pretty good so far. Those green tiles just pop out and look nice. I think adding more NPCs or town objects like wells would be a nice touch though Here's my recently finished map. I tried to emphasize the feeling of "these kids are poor, but they're trying to make the best of it"
  6. When I was younger, like 12 or 13, I was really into Chuggaconroy's videos. In one of his later Pokemon: Fire Red parts, he mentioned how cool a "Ghost Arcanine" would be. And so one thing led to another and I made a realllllly bad looking Pokemon OC named Darkanine complete with an awful fanfic. Still, the name stuck around with almost everyone I know online calling me a variation of the name. Such is life.
  7. @Cait a small Its really good! But I feel the tree's at the bottom don't quite mesh well with the rest of the map. Kaneshon basically said everything I was gonna type. --- Is my first attempt at Parallax mapping (in a few years, at least), it's not much but I like it. Its a small section of an orphanage that the four main characters live in.
  8. Hello! Ages back, I recall using a script for VXACE that allowed you to have a longer skill formula, as long as you wanted to use I believe. I can't seem to find it anymore (I think it was on RMRK but I didn't see it when I checked there). Here's a mock up of what I vaguely recall the script looking like. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Sure, sounds fun.
  10. Just started working on mine and made some pretty good progress so far. Right now me and my friend are trying to write the outline story and characters.
  11. @ Nyapurgisnacht Looks pretty awesome. Reminds me a lot of that one ocean-bound town in Pokemon Emerald.
  12. Little did she know, was that her life truly started here for the son of Shrek the Ogre and Shadow the hedgehog was being sorted on the same day. Shredow was a simple boy, being raised in the swamps of northern Scotland by his dad, Shrek and his mother Shadow.
  13. DARIAINE Not as bad as I thought it be, but still pretty mediocre.
  14. Amazing graphics. Bright and cheery, very easy on the eyes. Best of luck on the project!
  15. I'd probably have a better chance in the cold, but the Island sounds a hell of a lot more fun, especially if its populated by natives. Would you rather be thrown into a Roman arena with a hungry lion or another, more skillfull gladiator (assuming you're semi-skillful, of course).