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  1. Thank you for this answer! I will give it a try once I get the time to sit down with RMVXA again.
  2. This one may or may not be simple...but I would like to see a mod where party members can be given zero or more "social skills" that can be used in certain parts of certain conversations that will steer the conversations in different directions. Available social skills are determined by which social skills that current party members have. For example, let's say that the first character in the party can "Lie/Bluff" and "Intimidate", the second character has no social skills, the third character can "Read Body Language", "Sympathize", and "Play Damsel in Distress", and the fourth character can "Bribe" and "Act Aloof". When parts of a conversation come up where the Negotiations box appears, it will contain "Lie/Bluff", "Intimidate", "Read Body Language", "Sympathize", "Play Damsel in Distress", "Bribe", and "Act Aloof". Conditional branches can be used to steer the conversation depending on which social skill is chosen at that point, A default condition can also exist so that the dev doesn't have to define an individual response for every possible choice. I realize that most of this can be done with eventing, but I would need to know how to create a window to hold the choices, assign choices to characters, and populate the window with the social skills of everyone in the active party.
  3. Ah...yes, changing that did the trick. @_@ I guess the fix was simpler than I thought. Ahh, okay. Yeah, probably might be best to put, like, a constant at the top of the script that will switch the script's built-in sort function on or off, and maybe build in some pre-defined sorting methods that can be chosen from in another constant.
  4. Awesome! Unfortunately, though, the duplication bug is still there. To reproduce the bug: 1. Call the script to open a dynamic shop. 2. Sell something to them that they'll add to their shop. 3. Exit the shop. 4. Call the script to open that same shop. 5. Sell something else to them. That and anything else you sell to that shop from that point forward will appear twice in the shop list. EDIT: Estriole, I fixed it! Holy crap, I fixed the duplication bug! (Well, WE did, actually--you did most of the work, I just found and added in some missing code.) When you added "if !chk = old_goods rescue false" to the end of the .push(array) in ESTRIOLE.shop_add_goods, you forgot to also add one to the end of the .push(array) in @buy_window.add_new_goods. When I did that, the duplication bug disappeared! All that's missing now is a way to sort the array by item type, custom category, and ID, in that order. EDIT2: Got that covered (sorta--don't think I'll be able to cover custom categories). At the end of ESTRIOLE.shop_add_goods, after the .push(array) line, add this: $game_system.dynamic_shop[shop_name].sort_by! { |i| [i[0], i[1]] } And at the end of @buy_window.add_new_goods, also after the .push(array) line, add this: @shop_goods.sort_by! { |i| [i[0], i[1]] } That will sort the shop items first by type, then by ID, whenever a new item is added to the shop.
  5. Well, I do favor convenience...
  6. Honestly? Not a clue. I was going by the fact that Fomar0153's tutorial on note tagging says it's "NOT REQUIRED NOR EVER WILL BE for a script." In either case, your solution worked! *cookie*
  7. I was kinda hoping to avoid using notetags, but if it works, hurray! Thanks!
  8. I need help creating custom features that can be applied to characters, classes, enemies, weapons, and armors. I have a particular feature in's one like one of Overlord Zetta's Evilities in Disgaea 4: skills that rely on one of his stats will substitute that stat for his highest stat. So, in an RMVXA game, if a character uses a magic attack, but his highest stat is DEF, then the skill will substitute DEF for MATK. Or if another character performs a basic physical attack, but their highest stat is LUK, then the attack will substitute LUK for ATK. I've pretty well gotten down how I will code the stat substitution method and call it from the skill formula, but I wouldn't know how to check if the battler has that particular feature. # If battler has Stat Substitute feature, replace stat with highest stat def histat(bat, stat) return [bat.atk, bat.def, bat.mat, bat.mdf, bat.agi, bat.luk].max if bat.stat_sub? return stat end And call it with, for example...well, let's say I want the Stat Substitute feature to affect defense as well as offense. I would alter the regular attack formula as such: a.histat(a, atk) * 4 - b.histat(b, def) * 2
  9. I would like to modify the default Attack command so that, if a gun-type weapon is equipped, AGI is used in place of ATK, or if a staff-type weapon is equipped, the attacker's MATK and the defender's MDEF are used instead. Would this be possible? Or, for something like this...would it be better to just write a custom script and call it from the formula box? EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out. I had to use a custom script. class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase def weapon_attack(a, # Use AGI instead of ATK if the attacker is a party member wielding a bow or firearm return a.agi * 4 - b.def * 2 if && a.wtype_equipped?((6 || 10 || 11)) # Use MATK vs. MDEF if the attacker is a party member wielding a magical weapon return a.mat * 4 - b.mdf * 2 if && a.wtype_equipped?(9) # Use the normal formula otherwise a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 end endAnd call it with a.weapon_attack(a, . Alternatively, if I want to go the Disgaea route and make bows count on both ATK and AGI... class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase def weapon_attack(a, # Use the average of AGI and ATK if the attacker is a party member wielding a bow return (a.atk + a.agi) * 2 - b.def * 2 if && a.wtype_equipped?(6) # Use AGI instead of ATK if the attacker is a party member wielding a firearm return a.agi * 4 - b.def * 2 if && a.wtype_equipped?((10 || 11)) # Use MATK vs. MDEF if the attacker is a party member wielding a magical weapon return a.mat * 4 - b.mdf * 2 if && a.wtype_equipped?(9) # Use the normal formula otherwise a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 end endThe reason the bow formula is as it is is that if you divide something by 2, then multiply it by four, it's invariably going to be 2x its original value. As such, (a.atk + a.agi) * 2 instead of ((a.atk + a.agi) / 2) * 4.
  10. Thank you greatly. I'm glad I was able to help debug. I tried just shifting it over to $game_system, but that ended up with some Game_Interpreter errors. As for the three methods of adding and removing items, weapons, and armors, I would like to suggest adding a fourth method for each, and making the first three methods for each just run the fourth method with the parameters you passed it, plus the type. For example... Something to that effect would be good for adding items/weapons/armors. It would certainly cut down on the number of lines of code. Makes it user-friendly, while still allowing those who want to do it the more direct way (with fewer subroutines) to just use shop_add and specify the type themselves. You could also go through the do_sell function and replace ESTRIOLE.shop_add_item(@sell_add_new_goods, ESTRIOLE.shop_add(@sell_add_new_goods,,0)and do the same with ESTRIOLE.shop_add_weapon and ESTRIOLE.shop_add_armor. I would also like to suggest, if possible, making it so that you can choose to have only items of specific categories show up from a particular list. So, for example, I can have a single master list of everything that can be sold, but can open up instances of that shop that only show the weapons, the armor, etc. Though, it may be better to just use separate shops for that...
  11. I was just about to make a request topic for a script like this! And Master of the Monster Lair was also the game I was thinking of when I decided I wanted to add a shop system like it. Thank you! Just one thing, it possible to make certain items not function with this script (such as items that are one-of-a-kind, so if you sell them, they can't be bought back, or items that have no purpose other than selling)? EDIT: I found a bug! Everything you sell to the shop after the first appears twice in the shop list! I noticed that if I comment out the ESTRIOLE.shop_add_xxx lines, then each item appears only once and immediately, but are not there the next time I open the shop. If I comment out the @buy_window.add_new_goods(@item) line, then each item appears only once and appears consistently on subsequent visits to the shop...but they don't appear during the same visit. But if I leave them both alone, then after the first item I sell, every other item will appear in the shop twice. EDIT2: Correction, the doubling only seems to occur if selling things to a shop that has already been created. Furthermore, exiting to the title screen without saving, loading the game back up, and accessing the shop does not restore the shop to its state at the time of saving. It's the same as it was when you quit the game. I believe THAT occurs because you set up dynamic shops in Game_Temp, which isn't saved in save files. This script has potential, but it needs a bit of work. Thank you for laying the groundwork, however!
  12. That...seems like a rather roundabout way of going at it, especially if you want most weapons to use a standard attack skill, and only want specific weapons to have special commands. This seems like it would work beautifully! I will have to test it out when I have time. Thank you a great deal!
  13. Thank you for the advice, everyone. When I've had a bit more sleep, I'll give those a try. dinhbat3, is that capable of replacing the default Attack command with the command specified by the script with proper targeting when a specific weapon is equipped?
  14. I found the way to use the first script to change the name of Attack (by using the New Command version of Selchar's script and changing REPLACE_ATTACK to true and REPLACE_GUARD to false), but that still leaves the targeting issue. It will force me to select one enemy, but then it will select a random target (or all targets) based on the skill used. I need to be able to use a staff that heals a single targeted ally to actually let me choose the ally. Honestly, I may need to look through Yanfly's Battle Command List script for ideas on this one.
  15. ...Oh...well... You get a cookie. And my deepest thanks. EDIT: This doesn't ~quite~ do what I'm looking for, though it's close. It doesn't accommodate weapon skills that aren't designed to work on one enemy (skills that target all enemies, a random enemy, an ally, all allies, a dead ally, etc.).