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  1. Problem has been resolved. This can be closed now.
  2. I'm using Yanfly's Equip Core to allow multiple accessory slots. I have some 'Cursed' accessories that would lock their slot so you can't remove them normally. However, when I used the standard Lock Equip/Seal Equip traits, a single cursed accessory would actually lock ALL accessory slots instead of just its own. I guess I need a plugin to keep this from happening. It just needs to be compatible with Yanfly's Equip Core.
  3. I need a plugin for making critical hits ignore defense. I've had people mention that it might be possible to do with the damage formula but I have yet to come across a way to do that. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Why would you bring up a plugin about the Save Screen. That has nothing to do with the problem I'm having.
  5. I'm using Yanfly's Battle AI Core plugin to control my monster's actions. Yanfly built-in a check for elemental weaknesses, resistances, immunities & absorption for when enemies use elemental skills, but he never made a check for state immunities on an actor when an enemy uses a a state inducing skill. I have enemies that systematically inflict certain states on you before getting to damage dealing skills. But if the player character is immune to those states, they just keep on trying to inflict it without realizing that its a waste of time. Is there anyone who can alter the original plugin or make an add-on for it to make checks against the actors to see if a monster should skip using a state inflicting skill (no damage) if the the target actor is immune? I really need help with this one & any help would be appreciated.
  6. Actually I already got a plugin to resolve this but thanks for the offer.