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  1. Nothing changed really. I did some database edits, but I get the feeling that's not it. Guess I'm just going to have to re-examine my scripts. EDIT: Oh weird it was working. I was testing it several different ways, and one of them doesn't apply the exp to subclasses. If you directly add exp with the "Change EXP" command, it won't count. Oh well, there are workarounds to that. Thanks for the help, and awesome script! Do you, by chance, know of any way to require it so that the player must have a subclass equipped?
  2. I imported the script, tested it out and it was working fine. However now when I load it up, for some reason the subclass no longer gains exp or JP from the main class. Any idea why this might be happening?
  3. Anyway to get the mana damage displayed with Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine?
  4. Getting an odd error that appears seemingly at random. I attached it, and here's the parts of the script I edited. EDIT: Dear god nevermind. I'm dumb. Great script. Thanks for it!