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  1. Well, the simplest way is to create a waiting thing for the title screen to show the commands, like spending a few frames along the showing of the fade out of the logo. In theory, it works that way.
  2. We should be more active!
  3. This can be done in RPG Maker MV quite easier rather than in VX Ace. The thing with VXAce is that it doesn't support the mouse by default, so you'd have to use a Mouse Support for Ace, and most of the time some scripters don't like dabbling with something they aren't familiar with. Though yeah, in MV, most of the things you need would be easier to achieve.
  4. Welcome to my Plugin Shop. Latest Update: Open for 20 Slots from May 7 - 2017 to September 1, 2017 For commission inquiries, please do give me a message on my RPG Maker Central Profile or on my blog.
  5. There are already scripts (VXAce) and plugins (MV) that allows you to do most effects you see in CloudNovel, such as message busts and decorated dialogues. There isn't much of a need for you to actually merge CloudNovel and RPG Maker engine, as like MistleTarq mentioned, it is against the EULA and secondly, it isn't going to benefit you that much. Look at Galv's scripts, he made a few scripts and plugins that are dedicated to making message busts, visual novel style choices and even decoration on your messages, that's going to make you do dialogues like in RPG Shooter Starwish. That being said, I'd advise that if you're going to RPG Maker VXAce or MV, better take the chance to use those scripts / plugins by Galv to achieve the effects you mentioned. Hope this helps.
  6. Just to be sure before probably making a script for this is: Are you using another scripter's battle script of some sort?
  7. Glad it solves your issue and that the scriptlet helped.
  8. Are you skipping the title screen? Because if you're not, then you can use this mini script:
  9. I haven't checked, but it seems yeah that's not something built-in on MV as well. The reason behind you not finding a plugin that does so, is because Fomar0513 himself haven't written one or that he became inactive in the community. But, that doesn't mean you should surrender looking for one.
  10. I see. How did I miss that? Thanks for pointing that out. @Takeo212 - Please download this one instead: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ef3xfeef8taei48/Takeo212_SavepointItems.js
  11. The engine looks really interesting. Once it gets a proper English release and the engine is quite stable enough and maybe if you can show a demo of its capabilities, let's go from there. I'd be willing to spare my money on it, as long as it gives me what I need. I love how the node connecting functions from Blender and Unity is implemented in your engine.
  12. I checked Traverse's edit and tried to do it, I guess this should do it, and fixes the problem. So while I made the Scene_File lose the item being addressed, whenever we fail to save the file, we re add the item back. I tried to get the item that calls the common event. Saved using actual save and the item is still there. But if there are still loopholes, just give me a heads up and I'll check it. edit: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ef3xfeef8taei48/Takeo212_SavepointItems.js
  13. Oh wait, yeah you're right. My bad, I tested it better this time. It should work properly now. Should be working on the one with Scene_File instead of the one in Scene_Save. Updated file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ef3xfeef8taei48/Takeo212_SavepointItems.js
  14. Hi Takeo, I made a very simple plugin that does what you want. Check it out here: Takeo212_SavepointItems It allows you to consume the savepoint item only when you successfully save. Just tag your items with <saveItem> on their notebox and you're good to go.
  15. It works perfectly. Thank you very much! <3 You're welcome. Glad it helped. Enjoy game making.