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  1. Music from JBD artist. However they do a very poor job in their terms of use. Would love for them to try and censor someone so they get sued out of business.
  2. Well the best way to find out is by doing. I have had many successful KS projects, but my first was a fail, learned a lot from it. Best of luck.
  3. You plan on getting 250 backers?
  4. Ouch....I see a lot of things wrong here. 1. Physical items are not cost effective, plus add in shipping costs and mistakes. 2. Nothing rewards are just that, nothing, they will not interest anyone that has ever funded a game before, $5 to name a wep or a skill. I would spit in anger over that and leave the page right then. Keep in mind these days you can often buy the witcher 2 for $5.... 3. Collector's Edition...you are not a AAA, unless you have a well know series that is being sold on a market place this also will not work. People do not go to KS to fund AAA games, and if they did they would Fund AAA looking games not this. You need to have rewards that are grounded in reality. A shorter simple reward tier that shows you know what you are doing. Anyone can get a USB, AAA do Collector's Edition all the time. When I fund something I do it to get something I can't get ANYWHERE else. I like custom art for example. When I funded "Drifter" I got that game at a VERY low price. When I funded "Razor" a comics comeback I got some sweet custom art and a full digital file of ALL their comics. When I funded "Cute erotic comics" I got porn...enough said. When I funded "Castle Dracula" I got a shit game. The list goes on and on and one. If you can't beat ONE of those reward tiers then that should tell you all you need to know.
  5. Of course, my games are there.
  6. Never just one thing as my moods are always changing. Sometimes its money, sometimes the love of art, story, sometimes I feel about to get bored and NEED to do work. But its never the same thing.
  7. I have never taken a % payment for anything and never will. I have had a FEW people offer it to me and I always just laugh as it usually means the person has no experience/idea of what they are doing. % should only be with close friends. Copies of games have no value at all once you get into the games industry and see how things work.
  8. I have about 4 or 5 successful Kickstarter games, maybe more. When it comes to the $30 tier I just go all out. For $30 I offer ALL of my games in a digital download, then again I have made a lot of games over the years. When I am looking at KS rewards to back if I am not getting a GREAT deal then I do not even back it. The whole point is being indie gets you more, the indie should get the money he needs and the backer should get LOTS of cool rewards. But no physical goods, that is just a waste of time and money.
  9. The work speaks for itself, no praise is needed. I think you will also see this when you post this game next to others. I took a look at the stream, she is looking good and proves the point good art takes a long time to do. "pinnacle of awesomeness" I do not know about that but I think it will be the gold standard. Anytime you need a morale boost just look on Steam greenlight, thats what I do lol.
  10. I have both. I have Win 7 on my gaming laptop that is now my work computer and have win 10 on my new gaming desktop. Right now Win 10 is great if you do not play games, its fast, the built in anti virus is good and saves you a LOT of money! As for games....hell no. I am a gamer, win 10 #^$ games, you can just watch any number of youtube video game reviews for this... I am also a game developer with games on Steam, the mess that win 10 has caused is just crazy! I am going to keep win 7 on my laptop till the end of time!
  11. Every time I look at this game I shake my head because it looks so dam good. This looks better then EVERYTHING that is on Steam greenlight right now. I can't wait to see where this goes.
  12. commissions

    XP style char sprites? Why does nobody show my XP any love anymore lol.
  13. Yea can I get a idea of prices here. I am seeing you do a lot of great things but no prices listed. How much for a char sheet in XP style, single pose, BG, icons?
  14. pixel art

    The new pixel art looks great! I am VERY interested in your new animating. Do you have a blog or video that shows how you did it?
  15. -Bump- After many years of work my Caligula game is now on the Steam store for the world to enjoy! Success! http://store.steampowered.com/app/454570/