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  1. At the top of the status update feed-"whats on your mind"tab
  2. nope its gone i fixed it
  3. The announcements will be move back to the top eventually- it is all work in progress!! Late to the party as usual Riki fixed it.
  4. I fixed the Forum Rules topic.
  5. You should be able to - I can and we have the same settings- the options are at the top of the topic now. Seems moderator options works ok
  6. Mine are working and we are in the same group= mind you took me forever to find the mod tools!
  7. I have decided to retire from the Forums due to some rather sad personal reasons in real life. Rikifive and Seriel have taken over as the Admins and I am sure everyone agrees that they earned this reward and will breathe new life into the forums. I will stop by and say hi- but my time running the forum (although enjoyable and fun) has come to a close.
  8. Bye bye - sad to see you go - but there comes a time when you move onto to different things in life and I wish you well.
  9. New area - Unity and Gamemaker
  10. Please feel free to discuss Gamemaker in this forum
  11. As our GAME PRODUCTION is non specific you can post games by any maker. Although we still have support for RPGMaker Ace and MV we also have support for other makers it therefore follows that any maker can be posted in the Game Production area. Of course you still have to follow the game submission rules,
  12. They should all work fine now as you have been approved.
  13. You were limited but now you can have 5!!! The button should be there at the upload screen.