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  1. Hi cute bunbun! Looks like you have a new cute avatar! *snuggles*

  2. Bit quiet here where did everyone go :o

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Nekotori


      It is quite different when I came back. Like its way too quiet than it was 2 to 3 years ago (my time here that is)

    3. Chaosian


      There's a lot less just kinda new people wandering around, with 5-100 posts and the like.

      I guess it makes sense, RPG Maker isn't getting MORE popular as it gets older.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      About the only noise, is mine...lol

  3. I love Welsh cakes they look really good
  4. My new favourite. It's purple yay purple...
  5. At the top of the status update feed-"whats on your mind"tab
  6. nope its gone i fixed it
  7. The announcements will be move back to the top eventually- it is all work in progress!! Late to the party as usual Riki fixed it.
  8. I fixed the Forum Rules topic.
  9. You should be able to - I can and we have the same settings- the options are at the top of the topic now. Seems moderator options works ok
  10. Mine are working and we are in the same group= mind you took me forever to find the mod tools!
  11. I have decided to retire from the Forums due to some rather sad personal reasons in real life. Rikifive and Seriel have taken over as the Admins and I am sure everyone agrees that they earned this reward and will breathe new life into the forums. I will stop by and say hi- but my time running the forum (although enjoyable and fun) has come to a close.
  12. Bye bye - sad to see you go - but there comes a time when you move onto to different things in life and I wish you well.
  13. New area - Unity and Gamemaker
  14. Please feel free to discuss Gamemaker in this forum