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  1. Hi! I'm Italian, sorry about no presentation i use rpg maker 2000 since 2002, recently moved into rpgmaker vx ace to remake of my project Town of the Dead ^^ Check out on my channel and subscribe if you want ^^
  2. Youtube | Twitter Hi all, the series began on my channel, entirely dedicated to mapping (mapping speed) with RPG Maker VX Ace, the first episode of the length of about four minutes illustrates broadly how to create a small interior of a house of a town in typically American / Modern style. Not inspire me to anything in particular jot down the maps as most pleases me and I will keep for my project Town of the Dead, in fact the videos are recorded during the making of the project. >> CLICK EPISODE 1 - HOUSE MAPPING INNER >> CLICK EPISODE 2 - HOUSE MAPPING INNER >> CLICK EPISODE 3 - LOCANDA MAPPING INNER >> CLICK EPISODE 4 - HOUSE MAPPING INNER >> CLICK EPISODE 5 - OFFICE MAPPING INNER >> CLICK EPISODE 6 - CHURCH MAPPING INNER >> CLICK EPISODE 7 - RESTAURANT MAPPING INNER >> CLICK EPISODE 8 - BAR MAPPING INNER >> CLICK EPISODE 9 - MARKET MAPPING INNER >> CLICK EPISODE EXTRA - SCHOOL OUTSIDE MAPPING >> CLICK EPISODE EXTRA - FULL SCHOOL OUTSIDE MAPPING >> CLICK EPISODE 10 - CITY DOWNTOWN >> CLICK EPISODE 11 - HOSPITAL ZONE OUTSIDE MAPPING >> CLICK EPISODE 12 - CITY EXTERIOR THE WOODS >> CLICK EPISODE 13 - CITY EXTERIOR PART 2 The episodes are in progress, be sure and subscribe to my channel to keep updated! Thanks for visiting and I hope they can be useful to someone ^^