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  1. Synopsis Dungeon Dodgers is a unique RPG Maker Game being created in RPG Maker VX Ace. The player assembles their team of characters and conquers dungeons. The players compete against other players around the world in leagues to become the top dungeon dodger. Features Leagues Bazaar (Global Shopping System) Immersive battles Much Much more... Current Team Dungeon Creators (0/6) Writers (0/3) Artists (0/4) Testers (0/16) - Testers will have access to the first release of the game and will be able to play on the beta server. Once the actual game goes live all tester data will be cleared. News & Progress Currently all networking and online features are complete. Progress until tester release: 37%
  2. Awh, I could've gotten ideas! But Thank you! At the moment he cannot take heavy processing as he has to read 60000+ lines of code.
  3. I've created an Open-Source AI his name is Craig (Computer Response Artificial Intelligence Genie), He was created using JavaScript, and RiveScript. there are many, MANY bugs already known but you can check him out here: http://craig.bitballoon.com/ and the source is here: http://github.com/Cleomedes/Craig feel free to contribute. It is certainly possible to incorporate him into MV, if anyone is interested in seeing that, I would be happy to work on that.
  4. how about switching pdr with base_pdr
  5. $game_actors[x].class_id
  6. try replacing value *= pdr if item.physical? with if item.physical? == true value *= pdr end
  7. VXA Timed Trial By: Yuuta Kirishima / Dexter Special Thanks: Galenmereth / Tor Damian Design What does it do? When trial has ended displays a message then exits the game. Also disables save if you allow it too. Terms of use: Free to use in commercial and in non-commerical Credit: Galenmereth & Yuuta Kirishima / Dexter Basically when time is over it displays a message and closes the engine, and if you want it to, deletes the players save if you want it. What Might someone use this for? Well I needed it for a demo I was releasing but its not the full game cause I haven't completed it yet. Commercial game might use it to create a free trial. Features: Allows you to set the amount of minutes in the trial. Allows you to disable saving. Download Github Notes Make sure you credit Galenmereth even though he doesn't require you too
  8. mlp

    The game itself isn't bad, I like the system and whatnot, the fact that you're a grown man scares me XD, If a demo is released I will play it in secret, It'd be kind of awkward if my girlfriend walked in on me playing this. All-in-all it looks promising.
  9. "and what directory was that"
  10. forum game

  11. forum game

  12. Music Generator (Made this for the purpose of humor) - Dexter Something I wrote in 10 minutes, RGSS3 Generates music from sound files Labeling it v-0.1 because the sounds are not good right now lol I actually managed to generate 1 decent track. Basically it generates music from sounds and simple math formulas, test it out yourself Instructions: Place all Sound Files in the Audio/SE folder Use the script call: GenerateMusic.play(loop) Set loop to either true or false if loop is set to True then the music will play continuosly (for now until the game is stopped or until another sound effect is played) If loop is set to false then the music will terminate. Downloads: Sound Files Script Terms of Use: The script is free to use in both commercial and in non-commerical, The sound files however are not, the website I got them from prohibits commercial use.
  13. On hold On hold to work on a project for IGMC Needed - Mapper Needed - Tester Support Bar: [url=http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/41138-blue-nexus-1-year-in-the-making/][/url]
  14. I'll study more into this