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  1. @Lord Vectra It'll be because we need to upgrade the Awards plugin
  2. @Tuckie, it's still nice to share feedback on other's pieces, even if it has been a while, it might bring forth more conversation and learning for others this way. With regards to your track, it's certainly got a rather original sound to say the least, the use of various phone samples is pretty cool. Although it might be a little to far for me to handle, If this is looped as a track, it could start to fatigue listeners ears. I'm not sure whether you used a compressor on this piece, but it feels a little "pumped" that could just be me.
  3. sopport

    Galv's Variable Timer is one of the best timer scripts that I've used, it's something that I've used in my time based project. It provides all the functions needed, and more
  4. I've merged your threads together, please only have ONE thread, for all of your music.
  5. If you message the creators I'm sure that they'll let you know either way, what their terms are, I'll take a peek at the ReStaff folder and try and see if I can find the TOU for the others.
  6. Question, can cover/arrangement music counts as well, or only originals? Provided you leave feedback on others work as well, of course you can
  7. Unlocked at OP's Request
  8. I'm gonna jump in here just to say, that event was co-created by Phillip (from RRR) he's still around in the community so do try to credit him, as well as Shaddow
  9. Yup, this is pretty much correct Adding a link that is useful to the post (such as a request for free resources meaning a link to someone's resource website) that's fine, we don't mind that. Coming over and making one single topic saying something like: This is the most frustrating, and disappointing thing to see on the site, as I said before, this is a place to make a community, and (as someone who runs an RM related business) I get that advertising on forums is great and useful, that's fine. But at least make some effort, don't just swan in making one post, to advertise your work and then bump your post every three days going: "I'm still available for commissions/art/ to join my site, come to my website" It certainly doesn't persuade people to come to your site, make yourself known in the community, make at least some form of effort, if you can't do that, and make a thread worth looking at. then just put it in your signature and hope for the best.
  10. To be honest, that's far from awful, it sounds really awesome. It's catch bouncy, and the notes compliment each other with none (if limited) dissonance. It's a great start, and the tune doesn't get boring, which is brilliant! Great work on that considering that it's your first 8bit song! As a battle theme it is slightly lacking in the power behind it, at the beginning, I'd suggest adding an octave below bass note in the piano. In the main section, I'd suggest adding 2 lower octaves on the main piano section, to give it body, and depth, I'd suggest with your strings if possible, adding some variations in the dynamics, to give it a little more life to the strings, as they feel a little flat and lack life, and are giving a "shotgun effect". Changing the velocities should help slightly. I've got a little WIP that I've been working on recently. it originally was going to be a Café theme, but now I'm beginning to think it's a more VN school theme.
  11. forum game

  12. You are required, to leave feedback to other pieces, before posting your own. This is about helping others just as much as receiving help. Before re-adding attachment, please edit your previous message with feedback. (You can re-attach it by using the Full Editor)
  13. In the simplest of terms, this place isn't an advert board. There is difficulties enough with members signing up just to post one link, to send you off site to some other forum/place. We're creating a community, where people can create games and make friends. not sell/advertise their own forums/websites etc etc. Signatures are actually a great to advertise I use my signature to advertise my website and thanks to the addition to my signature the majority of links to my own website makes up a good portion of my websites' traffic. Although, you may not look at the signatures quite a few others do!
  14. music

    They normally have great discounts throughout the year, that cut it down VERY nicely
  15. I'm pretty much gonna continue on with the advice of the other musicians here. Start with your tune, you want the tune to be catchy and memorable, especially if it's for a main town theme. You want that theme to stick in their heads, so that when they've left the town/village they go..Oh I need to go back to that place with the Harps and Piano...(for people who are completely un-musically trained). As the others have said, lower your tempo, don't go over 120BPM, personally for my slower tracks I don't normally go over 100BPM, cause I prefer the slower style. But that's all subjective. Also, start using your major scales more, a good solid start, is (if you're composing via a keyboard) leave them black notes alone. (just to start off with) keep yourself in the C Major Key, a lot of the time, this helps keep you on the happy and joyous sounds. It's also easier to play for people who aren't as confident on Piano.