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  1. You need to change the encoding for that page on your web browser to view it in japanese. In firefox it would be view =>character encoding =>then select a japanese encoding like SHIFT_JIS. That should clear up the gibberish.
  2. Thanks for the welcome and some love.
  3. Hello "Gwydian" here or "Big G" or just "G" for those in a hurry. Thought I would cease lurking unregistered and say hello. I am also caladier over on I am excited about the new engine release and can't wait to get tinkering with it. I am most excited about the tilesets per map feature though I anxiously await to see the wonderful scripts that will be released. For the moment the bug has bitten me again and I am motivated to keep on picking away at the story/design of "Strata" which may see action beyond resource gathering/creation in my spare time. Well good luck to everyone and nice to meet you. -G