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  1. If I've understood your question correctly: I would just create a variable that tracks what time of day it is (so it would have a value of 1..24) and set a common event with a parallel process that +1 to it every hour (let's say an hour lasts 10 seconds, so it would +1 every 600 frames). Then, in that same event, have a series of conditional branches which check what time it is and tint the screen accordingly. So, something like: If "time of day variable" == 5, tint screen pale blue. To handle what time of year it is, do pretty much the same thing. Create a variable that goes up by 1 every time the time of day counter reaches 24. From there, another conditional branch can be used to check what month it is, what day of the year it is, etc. Hope I've explained this well and it helps. Any questions lemme know.
  2. Thanks, got it all working perfectly.
  3. Yeah, altering the default font would've made that screenshot much clearer. Sorry about that, didn't think of it. Thanks for getting back to me. I looked for "self.contents = Bitmap.new" in the 'Scenes' script with a view to replacing the lines like you suggested. I thought I'd tackle ActorQuickTool first (since it's the one in front of us). Because trial and error are my best friends when it comes to working with scripts, I decided to comment-out the line first and then test it without adding anything else just to see what happened: @item_max = @data.size if @item_max > 0 # self.contents = Bitmap.new(width - 32, row_max * 24) for i in 0...@item_max draw_item(i) end end end This ^ works for ActorQuickTool! SFonts all the way! To think, days of staring at code I barely understood to try and 'luck' my way into a fix, and the fix was as simple as that all along. With regards to "Window_CharacterSet", there is a "self.contents = Bitmap.new" line in there, but that window is already all SFont anyway, I think, so commenting-out that line doesn't do anything (but that's fine and dandy!) With regards to "Window_EventSelect", I'm not sure what it looks like either... I've commented out the "self.contents = Bitmap.new" line underneath it anyway, but it doesn't seem to change anything. I'll leave it as it is for now until I know where in the game that actually takes effect. There are a few other instances where the default font is used instead of SFonts other than the ones you found. The first is the 'Target Selection Window': And the other instance is the 'damage popup'. The only reference to it I can find in the whole of Pearl is this: # Short script call for poping damage text def pop_damage(custom=nil) $game_player.damage_pop.push(DamagePop_Obj.new(self, custom)) end (This segment is found in the Kernel.) BUT if I comment that whole snippet out, all it does is crash the game when it comes to showing EXP GAINED. Otherwise, damage popup appears normally (in the default font). I've tried using Victor's Damage Popup script and another damage popup script to see if either would override this, but neither did. (It was a long shot, I guess). Any thoughts on the latter two? Thank you SO much for your help, it's an intense relief to get this solved.
  4. I'm using Victor's SFonts and Falcao's Pearl ABS Liquid v3. When RPG Maker creates the custom windows for the Pearl battle system, it sometimes draws text using the SFont script (what I want) and then other times draws text using the default, aliased font: Above, in the Quicktool Selection window, all text EXCEPT the weapon's name ('Nuuk Staff') use the SFont script. Can someone explain why it does this so that I can have a bit more hope of fixing it? Thanks all.
  5. I'm using 'Pearl ABS Liquid v3' (not v2, as I stupidly put in the topic title). I'm using 'Custom Tool Graphic' to give each weapon and skill a unique attack animation. While the Custom Tool Graphic shows, the User Graphic is set to a blank sprite. The problem is that there's a delay between when the Normal sprite disappears and the Custom Tool Graphic appears, creating a single blank frame every time I press the skill hotkey (in this case 'F' for normal attack), so the animation plays like this in-game: (The first frame shows the character's 'idle pose' sprite, which vanishes while the Custom Tool Graphic plays. I've added a background so it can be seen clearly.) On it's own this is only a minor issue, but in the heat of battle, with enemies dashing around and damage popup text flickering all over the place, that single missing frame makes things visually very confusing. I've tinkered with all of the tool settings endlessly to try and cut out that single empty frame and tie the two sprites seamlessly together, but nothing seems to effect it. Here are the settings I have anyhow: Really hope someone can give me some help with this, this is an otherwise perfect script and I'm only just beginning to explore its potential. Cheers all EDIT: Note: I've tried using 'Custom User Graphic' for the attack animations instead of 'Custom Tool Graphic', but that causes the animation to play four frames, in the order 2,1,2,3, disrupting the flow of the animation completely.
  6. Is there any way to make this script compatible with Victor's SFonts? Or, if not, to use a bitmapped font instead of a default one? I've managed to find a work around for everything except the Damage Popup (so far): As you can see, the aliased default font clashes horribly with the bitmapped font I'm using for everything else. Thanks in advance.
  7. It sort of works, but instead of disappearing entirely while the weapon animation is playing, the character sprite flickers, clashing with the animation EDIT Nm - changed the tool animation speed, this seems to have synced things up nicely. Thanks for your help.
  8. Okay, apologies, I misunderstood you. I put this in the weapon notes instead of User Graphic = $Axe (for example)?
  9. That changes the graphic of the weapon, but not the character sprite. There are two separate graphics being used - the 'weapon graphic' (which appears when you use the weapon) and the character sprite. I want the character sprite to disappear when the weapon graphic appears
  10. what do you mean by transparent like when they have a weapon on their sprites change to something else? Just when they actually use the weapon or skill, I'd like the character/event sprite to vanish so I can include a custom animation with the weapon sprite. I'm trying to think of a better way of explaining it... This is what I want to achieve: Alex has the axe equipped. He's walking around as normal: Then I press the 'F' key to attack. The weapon graphic appears ($Axe) but the character sprite vanishes. Once the attack animation has played, Alex reappears. The reason I want this is: I wanna create a three frame attack animation for each character facing in all four directions and include it them with the weapons (so that the attack animation plays when the weapon graphic appears). Does that make sense?
  11. Is there a way to make sprites turn transparent when using a weapon or skill? I want to use custom attack animations for the characters as well as the weapons/skills
  12. In fairness to myself, copy-pasting blindly was the only way I had of doing it. Well, anyhow, SceneManager.scene.fadeout_all still only sort-of worked. It loaded the file, but not everything was as it was when I saved. I think I'll just bite the bullet and stick to the default load/save function. Because this way around, even if I get it working, looks like it'll be riddled with game-breaking bugs that I'll have no hope of fixing. Thanks for all your help anyhow, everyone EDIT Right. Now. I seem to have it working with: SceneManager.scene.fadeout_all DataManager.load_game(0) SceneManager.goto(Scene_Map) EXCEPT that if I save with a switch ON, when I load that save file the switch is OFF and I can't figure out why. It only seems to affect one switch in particular; the others load exactly as they were. I'm digging around for answers, running tests and wotnot, but thus far I can't figure out why this switch is automatically OFF when I load up. Question: If I have a parallel process event counting 1800 frames (wait 600 frames, wait 600 frames, wait 600 frames) and saved in the middle of that count, would the save file record where the event was up to? It's a common event, so changing maps shouldn't interfere with it, right?
  13. I gave it a try - thanks for your continued efforts here. Unfortunately, I got a crash. For 'fun', here's a cap of the event itself, just in case I'm doing something obviously wrong: (ps - this setup is for testing purposes, so I'm only handling one save file and save slot for now)
  14. I *think* I've tried the DataManager.load_game(index) line before, but it threw the game into a continual loading loop where it loaded the file over and over again without end. I'll give these a go and see if I can get something working. EDIT DataManager.load_header(index) worked perfectly (it seems) for checking if a save file exists or not. Thank you! However, DataManager.load_game(index) sort of worked, but with some weird, glitchy results. There was a momentary fade in/fade out and the screen 'moved' down a tile or two. My character sprite was left standing exactly where he was (next to the event that contained the script). Using the arrow keys moves the screen around, but not the sprite, who stays where he was as though I'm controlling an invisible second character :S Forgive my ignorance here (i know nothing about RGSS3 at all) - could it be that something else is needed script-wise to refresh everything in some way? Yes, this is what the Script box is for inside the Conditional Branch command (last option on Page 4). Any Ruby expression that evaluates to true in there will satisfy the branch condition. As for the actual code to use, you ought to check how the default scripts do it. The relevant objects you will want to take a look at are the DataManager, Window_SaveFile and maybe Scene_File/Scene_Save/Scene_Load (but it does seem you already know the code for making a save file). Is it likely to be one line or several that I'm looking for?
  15. All I want to do is use a conditional branch to check if a save file exists and then load it, all using an event (not the load/save window)