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  1. battle

    I don't have MV yet, sadly.
  2. battle

    That may need another script altogether, though, sorry to say. This changes the main damage evaluation code.
  3. youtube

    So I think I made these look more similar: Also edited the main post to replace the old graphic with the new one.
  4. battle

    Transform your TP-Gauge into a Guard Meter! The TP-Guard System adds functionality to TP to match the Guard mechanic found in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Dragon Age: Inquisition uses Guard as a second life bar that must be depleted first before it affects the character's actual HP. This script extends its uses to TP for that. It also rectifies certain qualms people have with the TP, adjusting its maximum value and manipulating percentage recovery. Added functionality allows you to add a notetag "<skip_guard>" to skills and items to skip the guard calculation so it directly affects the HP. This is perfect for switching up battles! TP may still be used as a battle resource. This script just expands on its uses. The script was inspired by DA:I as well as Mana Shields found in many other games. Demo: Terms of Use: For non-commercial use only! Email '' regarding commercial use of the script in your game. Always include "TheCaliMack" or "California Macky" AND "Maliki" if you decide to use this script in your game. Any variant of the script must have these Terms extended to it. That means you must use these Terms stated above as well as your own. Download the script from my RPG Maker blog:
  5. I was keeping it in 3 frames for RPG maker, but I'll see about making it smoother. Maybe adding more frames would be inevitable, though. I could always use Victor's multiframes.
  6. So I made a thing. Might make him dance next if I can find a good base to work with.
  7. rmvx ace

    This was a good-enough solution. A universal value seems to be sufficient, I'll work on transforming it on my own. I think this can be closed.
  8. I meant how would you design a sidescrolling area such as the image I just added. Will add here just in case: I was thinking of making my own tilesets, but what's the best approach to it? How would you 'draw' them in this case?
  9. So I was wondering how you guys would go about designing side-scrolling map tilesets, like building a wall, for example. How would you design them? Are there resources online? I think I'm trying to reach an aesthetic similar to the game Dreaming Mary (I think that was the title). Image sample to grasp the idea: Insights are appreciated.
  10. youtube

    I'm working on a fangame and I'm wondering if the style of the two portraits wouldn't seem too contrasting with each other. EDIT: Updated Graphic I was obviously working on Mark on a bigger resolution and crack-drew Cry's portrait. Does it seem out of place or shall I try refining Cry's to the same level as Mark's? It took me ages to draw Markimoo. )
  11. So I've worked on a script that lets me use tall sprites of a certain width and height instead of the usual. The dimensions of each portrait is 108x143, which is much larger. In the menu, it targets the face as squares, but in the status screen... Well, it wasn't that hard to redefine. Will start drawing the different youtubers. So far, I only have fixed faces for Markiplier and Cryaotic. I've worked on the main battle system but still need a fantasy-based premise for this. Whether high-fantasy or whatnot still remains unknown. Suggestions are open.
  12. Wasn't aiming for that. I just liked the names. Besides, half the scripts for changing jobs during battle crash the hud. I like how saboteur and synergist rolls off the tongue, you know?
  13. So would that be enough twists or would throwing in Mage Discrimination feel a bit much? The Conflict of Mages
  14. I'm guilty of enjoying Undertale too much, so I'll include some links to the song on youtube. Honestly, I just want to feel what these songs make me feel but in a different song. Here is to hoping you have something in your library of the same feel: 1) I Love You But You Leave Me No Choice Vibe: 2) Villain I Have Done Thy Mother vibe (Or just something Angry, dripping with hatred, rage, and/or intensity) 3) I am Filled With Hope and Determination Vibe: I'm justa fter the feeling. Hope you sort of understand what I mean when you listen to these.
  15. I guess the time travel aspect can end up a bit nuts-o. But I kinda wanted to incorporate it so that the 'seemingly' fourth-wall references actually are legitimate for a reason, but that sounds a bit too ambitious now that I say it and type it out loud. At any rate, at that second paragraph, did you mean the duke would have spies in the Resistance? Because that definitely would be a great way to make some inner struggle and should make the maintenance of a rebellion feel harder. Also, what would any of your thoughts be on just three party members, given two out of three are a gun-toting healer and an ailment-susceptible tank warrior?