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  1. thank you
  2. rpg maker lv: noob
  3. no help says nothing about bit map
  4. Ok so first you talk to her Reduced 89% 876 x 579 (208.13K) and she tells you her husband is on the left side of town. Reduced 91% 1032 x 774 (575.91K) after you talk to him he says lets go my place. How would i make it so you go back his house but his wife is in a different spot and hes on the couch. would i use self switch or somthing? Could some one help me
  5. did that and still not working
  6. no its not the sample project and what do you mean by set up your skills parameters correctly in the database?
  7. After you get your first skill and you try and use it this happens. so i go here and it has somthing to do with the bit map help me
  8. i have no other scripts installed and i just used the game interpeter script fix
  9. i keep getting this when i start my game and i dont know what to do? can someone help me?