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  1. Demo would be nice, although the tutorial is good Would credit you by the way for your hard work.
  2. Link broken I still would love to see.
  3. I forgot haven't posted here for a while so... @Rim I like the graphics/art style of the map and the tall characters Now My new title screen : Do you think it looks awkward to put light effects at night time?
  4. If you mean the houses don't have doors, just black shadow. I will fix that thanks for the feed back! @mist your game screen shots are giving me the creeps ofcourse that what your game is about! maybe it will be the first horror RPG Maker game worth playing for me. Hopefully as scary as it is, the story should be good.
  5. Title screen for my new game : Edit : Looks cool It should be one of the great future styled RPG game.
  6. Perhaps, I'm new to the RGSS engine couldn't figure out the choice window and such, still trying to find tutorials on how to use it plus Ruby isn't my best language more of a PHP/C# curly brace language guy. It looks like a great script for a start. When you figure out it would be nice to make a unique choice window but its great.
  7. It looks cool but .. I suppose this could be done using events. How about making the House shop better looking?
  8. Thanks , their is also another way which is to make sure "Enemy 1" Appeared. But yours is so much better because it activated any where in battle, even if "Enemy 1" got a death state. Thanks again. EDIT : It gives me undefined method error when I activate an item outside battle (with the conditional branch with the script you posted) :-/
  9. How do I make a common event only activate if I am in battle? for example I want to use an Item, in battle it should activated common event 1 BUT outside battle it can't activate common event 1. So I want to let the game check if I am in battle or not using conditional branch, how do I do that? Thanks in advance.
  10. Ace has enough scripts to do almost any thing I believe.
  11. Two game play videos if any one interested :
  12. My first reaction is : Wat? Not excited no offense but good luck I am sure other people (besides me) would love games that only has females and based on one idea and doesn't seem to show mystery.
  13. I might try this and then I will show you my opinion. Its look simple which makes it only a bit special.. but I will see