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  1. Thanks for all the posts here^^ I think i gonna go with the "Raise TP" (Defend as seperate skill) method. Just a quick idea that come to my mind: Weaker spells could actually restore some TP too. (Maybe with some passive skill/item or something.) I'm still open for more suggestions etc.
  2. So,while playing around with some test project i got a idea. Normally,TP would be used for some kind of special attack/buff. However,my idea is to limit the TP to 10 (Can be changed if needed). The only way to restore those TP is defending. (Maybe some skill like trading hp/mp for tp,a passive that gives TP every few turns or items could work too.) Lets say we got a mage with "Fire 1" and "Meteor" While Fire only need 1 TP (And maybe a few MP) the Meteor spell is much stronger,but needs 5 TP. (Stronger spells need more TP then weak ones) The reason i want to add this system is to bring some change to the normal gameplay and giving weaker spells a purpose too. I know this system is far away from perfect,and still got some weak spots, it could work. (Atleast thats my opinion.) What do you think about this concept? Feel free to post feedback,criticsm or questions.
  3. Hello I got two little questions while making a boss. 1. Is it possible to make a state that reduces the healing recieved by the unit? (Stackable,if possible) Which leads me to my second question. 2. Is there anyway to make more stacking de/buffs (that can have more then 3 stacks). Example: A state that reduce the attack and defense by 10 per stack. This can be stacked up to 5 times. EDIT: I posted it in the wrong section,could someone move it? D: I hope someone can help me with this problem.
  4. Tried on every site,but it still doenst work Rapidshare cant find the data.
  5. I gonna try the new one out EDIT: Download link on this site seems to be broken D:
  6. I dont know if you could need it,but i found voice clips form KH2 on my PC^^ If you could need some,feel free to PM me
  7. Welcome Inkatchi I hope you enjoy this awesome community
  8. Well,they are made to replace your group (In fact,they are your group) They are like normal actors..only with monster graphics.^^ I think i should add a lower drop rate for "Monster" Items and give them normal actor skills such as "Fire".
  9. I just found something Yanfly's "Death Common Event" Script could possible work,because the common event has a higher priority than Game Over. http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/death-common-event/ I will try to combine this script and Obrusnine's idea,i will post my results later^^
  10. I think there would be a problem if the whole party is dead,woulnd't it end in a Game Over before the ckeck could do anything? (What has a higher priority? Game Over or Common Events? It would be easier if the Common Event runs before Game Over)
  11. I plan to use weaker/stronger version of them,with different skills and normal-actor like stats Btw,they replace your whole group (1 actor + 2 monsters at the same time).
  12. Hello,i wondered if there's a way to give the actors something like "lifes". Everytime the actor dies,he lose a live,the actor stays "dead" for a few round,then he lifes again. If the lives reach zero,they cant fight anymore,and they stay dead for the whole fight. The only way to restore lifes is by using items or spells. (Note: The actor will be revived right after loosing a life,but if his live counter reachs 0,then we would get a "Game Over") I hope you can help me
  13. Well,like my update says,i gonna do a little Monster System for my game. Let explain it a bit how it works: Example Dragon appears! You defeat Example Dragon,and he drops a Essence. You go to a town,and use the essence (and maybe another item) to create your own dragon for your party. You can customize the Dragon with various items. (Mabye use him for damage? Or to protect your group? ) So..i gonna need to create a plot why that works etc etc etc
  14. I found something^^" At the starting village,we got 2 Events that acts like "Inn's" and a Priest that seems to heal you for free. So,there's no need for Inn's when we got free healing Could you fix that in the next version?
  15. Welcome Jacob,i hope you enjoy this place Cant wait to see your game^^